July 7, 2011

time for edge

i like the first photograph with clown concept,
he's one of my friend, fashion designer student from jakarta.
i love the second one too, he looks so edgy. black just never goes wrong :)


  1. This is Charlotte! Thank you so mutch for commenting on my blog! Wow your friend seems super cool, is the dress next to him in the first pic one of his designs? Your blog is super awsome and your style is... Superb! Keep blogging!
    And check my blog!

  2. thanks for ur comment charlotte, yeah the dress next to him is his design. of course i'll check ur blog too ;)

  3. cool photography :) I like the second pic best =D

  4. RE: No I've never tried Candy Doll foundation :T I'm really hesitant to give it a try cuz there are only 3 shades and I don't buy foundations unless I've actually tried them... so... we'll see :)

  5. please let me know if someday you make tutorial about it frances :D you have nice makeup blog >w<b


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