August 29, 2011

my very first time me hangout with flat shoes

as you can see, yes i wear my flat shoe to the mall.
i went out with my boyfie, he accompany me to buy some food.
i really really didnt feel comfort this day.
i try to hangout with flats. and my day went flat too :'(
it ruin my mood. til my boyfie mad at me too because i cant stop
angry and complaining about ALMOST ANYTHING that i can see,
i'm just not used to it -__-' but when the camera on for my blog,
1, 2, 3 the smile coming (>u<) 
and after that i became gloomy again.

1. full photo flat shoe

2. half photo flat shoe

3. YUP i crop it all! >u< see its better this way

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