August 29, 2011

oh little black dress

yeah yeah its another day in Plaza Indonesia, as you can see i braid all my hair to right
side but it loose, and it look a lil bit messy but i was too lazy to fix it up :p
i like my lil black dress i think this item can make you effortlessly chic and pretty.
and also i wear my 12cm high heels, if you know me you'll always see me in
high heels or sneakers. a few days after this  'plaza indonesia day'
i went out wearing flat shoe for my very very first time.
i always checkin when there's a mirror beside me, and i feel like
i want to go home as soon as possible. it ruin my mood,
 i really didn't feel comfort at all. =__='
i'll upload some photos from the ''flat shoe day' later.

keep fabulous girls, xoxo

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