October 9, 2011

celebrity plastic surgery. prettier or not? you decide it!

Honestly I'm not supporting plastic surgery,
 or hate it too. in some people it makes them prettier,
but there is also other exception too.
but as long as their happy, i don't have any rights to judge them too.
so what do you think?

American Queen of Plastic Surgery, Heidi Montag
"The Hills" star said she's not addicted to plastic surgery because
she hasn't gone under the knife 10 separate times.
And yeah, okay, she did have 10 surgeries done in one day last November.
But she claims that because she had them
all done at once, that proves she's not an addict. =_=

than the next is Megan Fox and Paris Hilton boobs implant, 
i think they both looks hotter after the plastic surgery

all megan face surgery definitely make her
prettier and also sexier, well done megan.
if she go to transformers casting
before all her surgery I'm pretty sure she cant get the cast.

The last one is one of my favorite designer Donatella Versace
i think this is what we call plastic surgery gone wrong.
I'm sorry to say this but she look more like human in 1990.

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