March 11, 2012

i would kill for this dresses

this one is really simple and elegant, i think about to bring this
photo to my designer friend and make it in nude color version.
but with no 'tail' on the back so i could wear it for
maybe.. emm to my friends wedding occasion.
IMO the 'see through' detail on the shoulder is so DAMN PRETTY.

THIS ONE, awww what can i say. the shilouette &
layers just CANT GO WRONG.
this is my most favorite wedding dress so far.

i love the colour palette, purple on the (what is it called?) 'tail' or something?
ok i choose to call it tail, its beautiful soft purple.
the ruffles and sparkling details just make you feel like princess when you wear it

its diraz post about wedding dresses again, i know.
i told you that i'm kinda obsessed with it. sorry >u<
the last one looks so soft and light.
dont you think she looks like swan princess? >w<
i'm dying wanna try this one!!!

 i have so many fashion photos specially beautiful dresses from
soooo many random website.
its my TOP 6 favorites. the numbers doesnt seems right.
i want to posted 5 photos before.
but i cant decide which one should i remove.
anyway still sorry for my poor english in every post.
yeah i'll go to english class if i have free time.
just bear it for a while and dont mock me please.
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Love, Diraz.

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