March 11, 2012

attended Java Jazz Festival 2012

Me at Java Jazz Festival, after watched Trio Lestari performance

its indonesian singers group ( Glenn Fredly, Tompi, Sandy Sandoro)

i'm personally REALLY REALLY ADORE Glenn Fredly's voice

& songs. this is the 2nd time i went to concert.

yeah poor me :'( when my mom in Jakarta, she wouldn't allow me to attend concert.
(she work out of town right now)
and btw Glenn is that one in the middle 

this one isnt my photograph anyway, i took it from^^v

i didnt get the angle. hope the photo owner dont mad at me >.<

Trio Lestari's Stage, yeah like you can see.
my spot is exactly in the first line of crowded ^^v

SO MANY PEOPLE came to watch Trio Lestari performance.
and seems like everyone know Glenn Fredly's lyric just like national anthem. LOL
but i cant even sing because i'm too speechless watching Glenn.

international performers on Java Jazz 2012

Rio imitating Stevie Wonder >u<  

when i watched Dave Koss,
but there are 3 tall men right in front of me :'(
i cant see his perform clearly from my angle.
this one is dave koss's stage.
i didnt get dave koss close up photo, they are all blur >.<

i went to  Java Jazz with these two men,
Rio Leowanda, my BF's friend he's a photographer
& of course the right one is Ai my only one, tehehe ^^ )

me & my boyfie too tired & sit down when "Kotak" performing.
they are indonesian rock band, btw what the hell happen
why they are performing in jazz event. seriously.
no offense, they are pretty good rock band but they
just didnt belong in this event. >.<
people said they make colaboration with saxophone players
get out from this event "Kotak". i dont have their photos
because i wont take it.

playing with indonesian musical instrument,
its like piano when you hit those cream wood board,
every board represent one tone.
that women behind me said its from Bengkulu or Sumatra or something.
i'm not really good in geography.
Jack Daniels Booth

there are several photo booth in this event,
this is one of them.^^

Me on Rolling Stone Photo Booth ^^

it such a looooong tiring fun day,
i think i will come again next year.  hope you like my post.
xoxo Diraz.

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  1. you look super pretty ♥
    i love the hat!
    how lucky you are can attend JJF


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