May 8, 2012

Dog Does Disco Carnivale and Little Sweet Surprise For Me

cool 7 month siberian husky huh? :)
btw i wear little white dress, with black basic blazer 
(actually i stole it from my mom closet), black ankle boots and
grey blue plaid fedora.

this chow chow is BIG, i'm a bit afraid to touch it.

female mini red poodle with me trying to impersonate her.
the owner is really friendly and pretty btw. she have 2 mini poodle the other one is black.
both of them are really shy, not like the other dogs they just sit
beside their owner and wont go anywhere.

me looking for more doggy to play with ^u^

a kiss for beautiful friendly shetland sheepdog

-Cute bear insinde the mall- 

So about last month i attended "Dog Does Disco Carnivale" at Central Park, Jakarta.
with my friend Lintang & my boyfie
(he wont let me take photograph with him because he's in badmood i guess)
but ANYWAY that was really fun, the festival start from 11 am til 8pm
i came at 4.30 pm because the traffic almost killed me.
usually it take about 10-15 minutes from my place to Central Park.
but the traffic made me stuck for 1,5 hours (T.T)
i was so excited to attend this festival because i want to have puppy fo 7 years
straight and i never have one because my parents doesnt like pets.
AND YOU KNOW WHAT when i typing this post,
suddenly my boyfriend is coming, ask me to close my eyes

 & look what i've got!!! 

Cant you believe it ???!!! 
its 2 month female maltese puppy
*dancing randomly* i'm so HA
i decided to call her "Ariel" isnt it cute?


  1. Aww looks like you had fun times :-)

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  2. oh ini di central park ya?? i wanna go there too...
    you're so happy with your puppies there! and the little bunnies here is so cute!!
    nice to meet you dear ;)


  3. cute puppy !
    anyway, I went to TA that day . The traffic was really make me badmood -_-
    I love your blog ! :D
    Mind to check mine ? ^^

  4. So cuteee!!! =D sure to follow each other, I've already followed, hope you can follow me back.

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  6. sory baru follow balik :s
    baru sempet ol blog
    wah ternyata orang jakarta juga yah ^^
    nice to know you pretty ^^

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