June 12, 2012

Brand New Medium Hair Cut

this is my waist-length hair before i cut it,
actually i already had intention to cut my hair from long hair to medium
since 6 month ago, but i never really do it because i'm kinda afraid that i'm gonna regret it later.
but finally i did it!!  

rolling my hair fo a while before i took the result photo,
and TADAAAA . . . .  

do you think it suit me well? ^w^ 
i'm happy with the result and even my head feel lighter hahaha
oh and i'm wearing barbie lens in all this post except the first one,
on the lens box it said "grey color", but it turn out black when i wear it. -__-'

when i am in my home or dance practice with my friends 
i always tied my bangs like this, so it not get into my eyes,
i didnt cut it because i'm growing it, i want my bangs as long as my back hair.
i have no idea why emo kids always cover their one eye with those stupid hair style.
so i guess thats it, its been a while since my latest post. i think i need to spend more
time for my blog. >.<' leave some comments and follow me.
give me your link if you want me to follow you back.

kisses, @DearestDiraz


  1. cute :))


  2. Hello cute! :) I always do that to my fringe too~ I can't stand hair on my face!!
    You're so cute~~ <3 keep writing


  3. gosh your hair is so sleek & pretty <3



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