June 16, 2012

Kendall jenner feat keylie jenner

Personal Style Kendall Jenner

i'm personally not a huge fan of kardashian family, because errr
yeah i admit it that they are famous and sexy but kourtney, kim, and khloe's style
are extremely make me

they are like "lets put heavy make up,
wear mini dress go out." SOOO BORING.
BUT!! since lately all media are exposing Kendall and Keylie.
they look so fresh, chic and the most important is they dress up like their own age!
good job girls, dont make your older sisters become your style & makeup inspiration.

Kendall and Keylie jenner for Sherri Hill
campaign and runaway

This one is my favorite picture of them. love those high heels too!! 

She looks stunning in this white dress o(^w^)o
if i could choose between both of them,
i think i prefer kendall for her model-like-figure ^^

this one is for teen vogue as you can see,
love the combination between that pretty blue skirt and pink dress.
keylie looks so pretty & chic in this outfit! i put an effort to make this post,
all photos copyright belong to their respective owner.
so.. hope you like this post!
and dont forget to leave your comment
and i apologize for my bad english too >.<

xoxo,  @DearestDiraz


  1. She's really developing her personal style. She looks so natural on the runway

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