June 14, 2012

My random girly stuff

which is your favorite one?
i like those strawberry hairband :3
those polka dot background is my bed covers <3

i bought this bubble hairband at "strawberry" for IDR 13.000 each.
Strawberry is indonesian accessories shop. sometimes i visit it when i
look for hairbands because they have adorable price 

my current pink nails by faceshop. FYI i always wear nailpolish almost everyday,
i have so many nailpolish collection. ^^

my owl necklace
the left one is from my shop it called Flower Power its 20% OFF from IDR 64.900
the right one is my own collection, i know you're gonna love it
but its not for sale, sorry tehehehe

my makeup, this is all that i have seriously.
i'm only wear makeup maybe once a week.
its only lipgloss caramel color by PAC martha tilaar,
foundation by Estee Lauder
and also loose powder and concealer by CandyDoll
i only bought them because i love the model & their packaging are major cute.
and here's the model Tsubasa Masuwaka.

if you think she is not cute, you're not a human! >.<

i love Tsubasa Masuwaka !

kindly leave some lovely comment.


  1. thankyou for liking and comenting my new post.
    btw i love the make up products ♥
    lucky you could by them

  2. i never wear make-up and I just bought them -__-
    I also love tsubasa !! <3 Super love :D



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