October 8, 2013

Aztec Invasion Weekend

GoGirl Passion Expo 

So im attending GoGirl Passion Expo at Gandaria City last weekend,
there were some fashion bazaar, so many culinary booths i tried some
pudding, ice cream, and also cupcakes.
the traffic is MAD~ since there's 2 events in this mall.
which is Go Girl and H&M brand new store launching.
there are some famous musicians, some passionate patissiers,
fashionistas oh WHAT A DAY.
but my favorite part is GoGirl event decoration! >w<

i'm wearing massive tribal top, and off-white tutu skirt,
because my top already full of pattern,
i pick something more neutral for my buttom part.
i got a bit dillema about should i wear any necklace or not,
but i decide to pick head accesories than necklace
 as you can see those rose head piece on my head.

i have pretty many bracelet collection,
so i wear some of them. i dont have any bangles because my wrist is too
skinny for bangles its gonna loose. (skinny world problem) >.<'
i also wear my hello kitty watch, which is sparkling cutely <3
everytime i check out the time all i remember is
Hello Kitty is such a cute lil bitch.
and i forget that i should check out the time
this watch is too sparkly distracting but i love it anyway>u<'

my sleeve-less top has A LOT sequins on it!
come with royal green and red tribal pattern.
i bought this one long time ago from Forever 21, but im barely wear it.
i also braid my hair for chic look.

This is my head piece detail, i bought this one for my last valentine.
but it turn out i didnt wear it on my v-day date. 

strike a pose everywhere at GoGirl Passion Expo >u<
those magenta high heels, i ALSO bought it for my last valentine
this one by Marie Claire and I DIDNT WEAR IT on d-day AGAIN.
because its hurt so much you girls gotta understand
the pain of new high heels. (T.T)

GoGirl has pillow with their magazine cover printed on it.
so creative, look nice and shopisticated for decoration
 but the fabric isnt comfy enough to be cuddling companion on rainy day.
it made from plastic or something.
but sure it looks nice as my background lol XD~

H&M Launching

From GoGirl we are going to H&M brand new store.
i can say that H&M is one of my favorite street wear brand.
i was wished that H&M could open their store in Indonesia from fuckin 2 years ago
and FINALLY ITS HERE. watch out zara you've been all over Jakarta,
there's a new serious competitor right here!
since you guys has same concept. 'affordable urban office look" concept.
i think Forever 21 is safe because they has totally different concept of design.
H&M opening their first store at Gandaria City, and next year they are
gonna expand their store to Grand Indonesia. it would be nice
if i could check out Forever 21 and H&M collection at the same mall.
because honestly Gandaria City isnt really my favorite place.

H&M waiting line, i already predicted it since H&M campaign is ALL OVER Jakarta,
and of course their advertisement all over website.
this is only a half of waiting line btw.
yeah they are so MAD about H&M.

one of victoria's secret ex-angel Gisele Bundchen for H&M.
she's pretty but im kinda wish they will pick younger model
i dunno maybe such as Barbara Palvin or Cara Delevingne.
and those campaign isnt really THAT cool for me. she's pretty but those
photograph i mean her expression is average,
her gesture is average, those clothes are average. its just plainly average.
i wish something more spectacular than this one. dear H&M maybe you should take
a lil sneak peek to Guess campaign. seriously you guys is a big fashion brand,
be creative!

Messy hair braid is just messy, im not styling it from home,
i just braid it in Gandaria City toilet because i felt my hair is all over my lipgloss lip.

 how's your weekend dolls? i wish you girls
had a wonderful weekend too.dont forget to follow my instagram ( @ayu_adiras )and also this blog! 

bye bye (^O^)/



  1. my favorite outfit of yours!


  2. that Astec top is so much funnn!!!
    greattt post!

  3. Love the skirt!


  4. love the bag + your hair style with that rose..pretty !!


  5. Nice printed top!
    Thanks for visiting my blog =) Maybe you would like to join the giveaway? Hope to see you there! ;-)

  6. nice post! <3

    please visit http://sheilachristie.blogspot.com/ for daily dose of glam for your nails!


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