October 4, 2013

bigger boobs and prettier face issue

Adriana Lima

we all know that sooo many models and actresses did their plastic surgery,
i would love to discuss this issue. this is the famous Adriana Lima,
one of sexiest woman on earth, im not really sure about her face which part that she changed,
im only sure she did something on her lips to make
it fuller and of course she did breast implant.
for this case i can say she did a good choice, her new boobs look nice on her.
and also her lips look sexier right now.
we can she the second photos of her, she wear push up bra and it make her boobs look
even BIGGER. but i actually prefer her first photo in white bikini,
her boobs doesnt look too much. with that surgery she doesnt need any push up bra anymore.
but maybe for boys you guys
gonna love her in her push up bra. dont lie to me hahahaha
and then next . .

Victoria Beckham

This is is her first breast implant, im gonna say BIG NO to this one,
it doesnt look right. definitely she pick wrong size. her new boobs doesnt suit her small figure.
she just look like the most expensive hooker at vegas with those balloons.

and im so glad that she changed her size to smaller one again.
as you can see not as small as her natural size. she changed it from 34A to 34DD to 34B
she look like a normal human being right now. and she look classier with those size.
i heard rumour that she want to be in Vogue magazine cover,
but anna wintour said she could be in it if she take off her implant to smaller size. i dont know
if its true or just stupid rumour but victoria pick a right decision
to change her implant into smaller one. so im gonna say YES for her latest size.
and from england we go to Ukrainian model

Valeria Lukyanova

this is her before after photos, her before look actually not really that attractive.
this girl went through so MANY PLASTIC SURGERY.
her pre surgery definitely look pretty and nicer than the first one.
she's really famous being called as Life-sized-barbie,
this is her style dressing up just like a barbie.

her make up OMG, and look at those waist this is Valeria look less human.
BIG NO WAY to this one, her make up is creppy, her boobs is too big,
her figure is plainly awkward to me so no no no.
her pre-surgery face look already nice without those creppy make up.
i would love to wear those make up maybe once in a year on haloween.

Song Ah Ri

maybe some of you not familiar about this one. she's Song Ah Ri a model from korea.
actually i cant get her photo before surgery but im 100% sure she did soooo many surgery.
not like american girls who usually get gigantic boobs,
asian girls ususally more focus on their face. Asian girls usually want
dolly innocent look, and also bigger boobs but in normal size that still make sense.
 Some of my friends get their eyes done.
usually asian want bigger eyes and higher nose, but i think
korean has their own standart about beauty.
i admire some korean "ulzzang" girl so i found some similarity
korean standart of beauty for girls is V shape jaw, full forehead, big eyes,
higher nose, i dont know how to put this delicately but im gonna say those
weird eyebag under their eyes, and also bigger boobs.
so many american models injecting filler to make fuller lips just like adriana
lima, but asian girl not really care about fuller lips.
girls in asia want porcelain dolls or anime-look-alike.

for Song Ah Ri i can tell she got injection to her forehead, her cheek to make it fuller and chubbier,
eyebag surgery, jawline surgery, and breast implant.

her jawline look super V but i think it still acceptable, i think its just another point of view
because im not from korean. those eyebags just doesnt work for me.
except her eyebags she did a good job.

for me i understand that basicly every girls want to look pretty, and get insecure easily
so as long as it doesnt look to weird i think im ok with it.
usually if you get something done and another girls know it,
and if she think you look better and prettier right now, there's some kind of insecurity
that they wont admit. i mean not everyone can afford plastic surgery.
i read some famous blog or famous youtubers who got something done on their face,
they got many haters and also fans. usually another insecure girl who think,
"its not fair she's getting prettier and im still pretty much my self, i still cant afford it,
since i dont even know her let me just bash her online"
so they wrote hateful comment such as
"you got so many plastic on you my barbie is jealous"
stuff like that, if you ever wrote something like that its just
showing that you are jealous of her. i mean im natural i dont get any surgery,
but as long as they use their own money not from my wallet,
and as long as they doesnt bother me,
why should i hate her? why should i hate any girls who did something on their face or boobs?
because if you think you are uglier than her,
it still doesnt give you any right to do cyber bullied on someone.
or hating on someone i mean, if your face not attractive dont make your heart and mind get uglier too.

"If you think you are great, there's no room for jealousy"

xoxo, Diras.


  1. Great post! when I first read about Valeria, I was horrified! She looks so better before her surgeries! She unfortunately looks hideous now as youve mentioned!

    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  2. interesting post ! some pics are very scary haha ;D
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    If yes, let me know when you´re follow me & ill follow back :)

    Happy weekend !


  3. the photo of life sized barbie is scary,,


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