October 3, 2013

Entrepreneur Book Review : Merry Riana

So yeah to some of you who know me pretty well you are gonna shock if i say
that i actually read some business books i mean the whole book from the start til the end.
i am a person who barely read before and my BF has some business books
he guarantee that im gonna like it. since all i read is fashion
magazine or health magazine
but for the last one year i read a couple books from
Donald Trump, and Robert Kiyosaki,
some traders book, Bong Chandra's book and some thing very fenomenal
in Indonesia specially last year which called "Mimpi sejuta dollar" from Merry Riana.
i found some similarity between Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Bong chandra that
they want to tell us How to think step by step, dont give up easily when we meet
trouble or financial break down we should find another way .
and how to be on top you should do this, and this, and this.

when it come to "Mimpi Sejuta Dollar" or if you dont understand indonesian
it mean "one million dollars dream" by girl called Merry Riana,
my BF didnt recommend it, but since it such a THING in indonesia last year,
we decided that maybe we should read it.
i get it that she's such a success business woman from nobody to somebody.
her family got financial broke down at the moment when she must
enter university and all her struggle. all business books gonna tell you
their "broke moment" from another books there's some point that i could learn from it
since at least chapter 2.
but specially about "Mimpi sejuta dollars" i read it about 80% from the start
and i swear IT ALMOST FINISH, im wondering "WHERE IS THE POINT?"
she always repeat "dont give up" like 100 TIMES, but she's
not telling anything how to not give up.

i KEEP asking this book in my mind from chapter to chapter
this book is VERY focus on how pitiful she is,
from the start til the last chapter of the book i keep HOPING to find something
that i can implement in my life, or in my business.
but all she tell us is
look at me i am sad, lonely, poor girl just like cinderella in Indonesian version.

im so unlucky, but i have a pure heart, i wont give up, im success
and finally i married a guy, and i am freakin richer and richer baby dolls~
you gotta adore the way i am struggling with my life. lol
it such a dissapointment that i dont get anything from it. it such a regret for me
cos i bought "Mimpi Sejuta Dollar" book and literally wasted my time to read it til the end.
 i could spend it to but another business book
from another intrepreneur who really teach us "HOW", not someone
who kinda errr . . . can i say "too focus about WHO I AM"

i mean she's intrepreneur i expect something educating not a fairy tale.
the most cliche thing that make me dont like this book EVEN MORE,
everytime she's telling her unlucky story, the book said
"im not telling this to make you feel pity on me its just the truth" but why you keep REPEAT IT
like its not enough to tell us how unlucky you are for once or twice???? GEEZ.
maybe the last 2 chapter is about her happy ending but from the start is about
"im so poor" Why dont you try to read at least a half of it if you dont believe me?
or think this is just another "hater post" but lemme tell you its pretty good fairy tale story
if you looking 
for something beautiful and romantic.
 i dont blame you if you like it,
but if i need stupid romantic stuff i already bought . . .

the whole twilight series dvd.
just like one of random quote that i knew

"Look like a lady, think like a man"
peace out ^^v

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