January 8, 2014

movie and hot british model review

let me introduce you to my latest celebrity crush. if you doesnt know him yet,
well girls since now on you gotta check him out. this british guy named Jamie Bower.
he was born in London, 22 november 1988. a model, actor and also singer.
His mother, Anne Elizabeth (née Roseberry), is a music manager, and his father, David Bower, works for the
Gibson Guitar Corporation. before we adore this sexy bastard we need to thank his parents first
who bring such a lovely guy to this world hahahaha 
the first time i knew this guy is from one random twitter account that i follow.
she's always reporting fashion news and she tweeted Jamie's photo for SID magazine.
which is this one

my first impression is "wow this guy has unique face he's gonna be
major success in modelling" and then i googled his name and it bring
me to one of his latest movie which is The Mortal Instruments City of Bones
and a couple day later one of my friend tweeting Ariana Grande song from
youtube which is "Almost is never enough" and i saw him again on that video because it turn out those
song is one of The mortal instruments soundtrack.
this guy keep coming up around and i tell my boyfriend that i want to watch
that movie, and a couple days later he download it for me and we watched it together.
at the end of the movie i really like it, the kiss scene is beautiful hahaha
but my boyfie hate it because he's kinda expect more action instead some kind of
teenager romance scene. feel free to click here for City of Bones kiss scene , but in case if you want to watch this movie dont click it i wont spoiling it to you girls.
if i must be subjective im gonna give this movie about 6.7 from 10.
quite entertaining enough to spend lonely time.
BUT IF YOU ARE A GIRL, and you already watched Twilight series and you like it,
you gotta love this one too, i give it 8.5 from 10.
you gotta watch it! >w<

and these are Jamie Bowers for Burberry Spring summer 2014 campaign.
isnt his smile is adorable <3

This is my favorite photo of him. it makes my heart melt i mean look at those smile hahahaha
after some fangirl research i found out that Jamie was played in 2 movies that i already
watched but he didnt play as the main cast so i dont realize it was him.

The Sweeny todd with Johnny Depp
and also 

Caius of the Volturi from the one and only TWILIGHT. hahahaha
fuck i dont recognize him with those hair style, in twilight i just remember him
as a vampire with too many hair gel.
let me admit some more fangirl fact of me, two days ago a dream about Jamie Bower
kissing me hahahaha dafuck i wish i have a dream recorder so i can replay it when
i awake.

dear jamie a hot guy shouldnt smoke >.<' in case if all these photos havent make you
satisfy yet???!! oh you girls is so hard to pleased, last but not least click here to
stalk him even more -----> Jamie Bower's twitter
this is pretty much my movie/model review,
i hope you girls enjoy all these photos just like mine!

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xoxo Diras.

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