March 27, 2014

3 victoria's secret angels, and their street style

"Chic Look"
Ming Xi

i think Mingxi is my number one favorite asian model.
she's also walking for victoria's secret 2013, her real name is Xi Mengyao.
Elite Modellook 2009 finalist. Walked exclusively for Givenchy Haute Couture January 2010,
in March 2010 walked for Givenchy.
she has that CUTEST SMILE and cute eyeshape.
her street style is AWESOME. this girl know how to dress up casually in a cool way,
and doesnt boring at all.

Mingxi rocking cute pair of horizontal cropped top and skirt, and that blue
bag is simply stunning
love that hair flip <3

looks comfy and effortlesly chic with denim outer and playful sunglasses

that red outer is a bit hard to mix. if i have that item im gonna be confused how to
wear it, but this is smart combination.
wear it with basic color so the red outer look stand out.
and doesnt look "too much" Nice look!!!
if you are curious about her click HERE to follow her cute feed on instagram.
and then next . .  

"Sweetest Rock Chic"
Malaika Firth

Malaika was bor 23 March 1994, she's kenyan born british.
after her mother saw a TV special about the model agency.
Firth attracted attention when she was booked as the first colored skin model
in almost 20 years to appear in a Prada advertising.
im so IN LOVE with her unique face >O<
check out her lips perfectly balance her ouval face and look at THAT EYES
and glowing skin.
she's such a cutie!!! i really adore her

this is Malaika on latest Victoria's Secret backstage.
Firth was encouraged by her mother to try out modeling,
after watching an episode of "The Model Agency", which featured a documentary
about the Premier Model Management Her mother called up the agency
and arranged a meeting with them. After attending an open-call casting,
Malaika was signed on the spot.

cute flat tummy that everyone wants, i need that black basic boots
specially its been raining all the time for this past 3 weeks in Jakarta.
black basic boots is a good investment you know, you can pair it with
everything like jeans, shorts, even little black dress and skirt. 

that plaid scarf makes her looks shopisticated, i adore this look!
click HERE to check her official instagram.

"Swag Queen"
Cara Delevingne

Everybody's favorite model Cara Delevingne!
Miss Delevingne was born in London, having 2 older sisters
she was featured in Burberry Spring Summer 2011 campaign and also
become the face of burberry Sping Summer 2012.
Cara's distinctive character and her bushy eyebrow are her trademark,
usually girls models are very boring and act pretty as we all know,
while cara's different personality make her stand out among other models.
she's also walk for Victoria's secret runaway. she looks nice but IMO
she's a bit skinny for VS image. i prefer someone with healthier look on
VS such as Adriana Lima, and Candice Swanepoel.
i know i am skinny too i should defend skinny side but hey
its Victoria's secret standart. 

Miss Cara street style trademark are beanie, or snapback cap.
and i can tell she likes sneakers on her daily outfit.
for colors just like another models she like
basic color such as black, white and grey. sometimes she wear 1-2 colorful item
and still mix it with basic color. i never see cara's street style wearing colorful thing from head to toe
just like Agyness Deyn. To me so far no one can beat Agyness in colorful style.

i love that grey outer, if i have that outer i'll mix it with little white dress,
or do it just like cara in this pic with white tee and jeans. but i prefer denim with light blue color
better than black and ill pair it with black ankle boots with heels
instead sneakers cos im just plainly short like a hobbit lol

this is pretty much my daily look. i also like to wear denim short with tanktop 
considering Jakarta's weather is SO HOT. in Indonesia some girls actually prefer to wear sweaters
on bright hot day cos they dont want to get tan. Mostly girls in indonesia are obsessed to
get whiter skin. If you want to start a business let give you little advise.
sell products which have brightening effect. people will buy it right here even boys.
i heard some of my friends (boys) want to visit doctor to inject vitamin C so they look whiter.
while white people love to sunbathing to get tan skin. your neighbour's grass is always greener huh? >u<'
sorry OOT to much hahaha btw click HERE to follow Cara Delevinge's official instagram

thats my comparison of 3 raising models
i personally loves Mingxi with chic look because even she's just like
another models who wear mostly basic color but the way she combine her items is smart
and always interesting i never get bored looking at her street style photos cos
she keep changing her look from rock chic, to effortless chic, to pretty chic.
so many different concept but always look good on her. 
not all models can do that.
yes Cara is also awesome but IMO her type of swag look getting a little bit
 too mainstream lately. let me know what do you think and who's your favorite?

xoxo Diras


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