March 9, 2014

i love my life

hey girls, lately ive been busy running on my new shop.
i collaborate with some of my friends they are jewelry designers and
also graphic designer. i do alot of stuff, i keep running EVERYWHERE
from jakarta, tangerang, bekasi, bandung to meet some people.
but i really enjoy it! i mean its fashion how can i not happy about it.
hahahha so these are quick update cos i dont want to feel bad leaving my
blog even though it isnt THAT popular but i love my blog.
cos im following so many cool people around hehehe

uuurgh i took this photo about 5.30 pm and it was cloudy
so i didnt get perfect lighting hiks T.T
i usually dress up with so many colors on me, but these time im kinda in the mood
for black, white, and grey ^^
and i just transfering to new university cos i dont really like my old one.
my new class start on monday, i hope i can make alot of new fantastic friends >w<

just in case if you are curious about my brand just click right here to visit
my shop on twitter, my brand called "PopaGoods" its going
MUCH BETTER than i expected specially on instagram.
i really enjoy shopping for my shop and also creating bracelet design
with my friends. if you want to visit PopaGoods on facebook click here here
i think it will be ok if i advertise a lil bit on my blog hahahaha
these outfits and necklace are from my shop

and of course selfie, we are girl we need selfie in our life hahaha
lately i dont know why i hangout alot too, usually after photoshoot my photoshoot team
are so lovely. we went karaoke.

these are my last karaoke team, we went karaoke for 4 freakin hours.
hihihihi and yesterday was my birthday, i've got some gifts and lovely bday greeting
from all lovely people around me. i couldnt be happier

closing my post with my bareface with stupid happy expression when i received
my bday present hihihi doesnt look as nice as with make up right? ^^ so yeah lately my life is about living in fashion stuff, meeting
new people, and receive lovely present and bday greetings. 
im so freakin happy. i hope all of you have a wonderful day like me too.
i was planning to make a quick post but actually its getting not as short as i expected before ^^
hihihi byeeee XOXO



  1. happy belated birthday !! wish you a lot of luck, happiness and other great things in life :)

  2. Good luck on your new shop! :D


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