March 28, 2014

Whats inside girl's mind

we girls such a creature who always OVERTHINKING about every small thing,
we keep worry all the time, sometimes we are being too whiny.
 even though we're not always say it out loud but there's pretty many stuff
which bother our mind all the time such as . . .

- does my hair look bad?? i should wash it before i go out sigh~
- omg exam tomorrow morning but i dont want to study
- should i buy that cute top yesterday, what if someone else buy it and it sold out
im gonna regret it later

- how to make him pay attention to me
- why that bitch standing too close to my crush??? stay away he's MINE
- does my nose look oily like frying pan?

- that girl's hair look amazing how can i make my hair look like that
-i'll curl my hair tomorrow so it will look beautifully wavy like that
- fuck it im late and too lazy, let me just ponytail my hair, its so happening on runaway (excuse)

- that chanel bag is so cute!! why cant i be donald trump's daughter so i can buy everything
- #WatchingMovie OMG he is so hot! why actors wont date normal unfamous people, for example ME?
- i want a cute flat tummy but i dont want to exercise, i mean its TIRING

- i'm running out of money but i want to go shopping
- should i cut my hair or not? what if i dont like the result
- should i text him or waiting for him to text me first?

- i should take my diet seriously . . . OMG cakeeeee (>O<)/
- how to make that cool nailart, i want my nails to look like that
- why my legs are so fat??? i hate it

- i need more shoes
- today sunshine is so hot, i hate it
- why its raining i need to be there ASAP, and here goes the traffic

i guess thats all pretty much things that bother girl's mind daily lol
sometimes we need to stop overthinking and complaining about shitty things.
we wont get wrinkles too soon right?
lately if i have anything that bother my mind if i can do something about it, i'll do something to
make me feel better about it. but if i cant do anthing about it just STOP WORRYING and COMPLAINING.
i know its not as easy as it sound but i have some

here are another list
"How to reduce girly complain in your mind"

1. Sleep early so you can wake up on time.
you have more time to wash your hair, do your nail,
mix and match your outfit, and put on make up slowly in PEACEFUL.WAY

2. Wake up early, go outside for a walk (wearing sneakers)
if you are being at home for long time
sit down in front of your laptop too much,
or it feels like your campus / offiice hour leave you no time to exercise.
wake up early, bring your music player and headset, make exciting new playlist,
go for 20 minutes walk and jogging specially in early morning
when air is still so much refreshing.
when you experience something new, it will make you feel fresher,
set you up in a good mood. if you are lazy to go by your
self ask your besties to accompany you,
if you live in Jakarta, go jogging at Senayan in weekend.
let me tell you a little secret. if you are lucky there are several
cute guy jogging at Senayan. i mean who want to look for unhealthy chilidish boys
in a club, im sorry boys i prefer healthy guy who loves exercise ;)
jogging hv so many benefits as we all know it clear your mind,
make your legs skinnier, and also your tummy,
make you healthier you dont get sick easilly if you do it at least once every 3 days.

3. wear colorful outfit or colorful accessories, its all about color psychology dear.
when i feel lazy or wake up with a lot of shitty things in my mind i like to wear something
calming or refreshing to bright up my day like yellow, or light blue.
when im in bad mood i always avoid dark color. i feel like it makes me look more misereable lol
sorry for black color lovers.

4. talk to your besties. everytime i have trouble im not that type of emo kid who want to be alone
and wear dark eyeliner and took selfie. i prefer to meet up with my bestfriend or call her/him and tell them everything. even though it wont solve a thing at least they cheer you up ^^
i love my besties :*

5. "enjoy ME TIME" spoil your self with your favorite product. for me i usually burn some aromatherapy oil and candle that i bought from Bali, streaming classic jazz from youtube,
while put on my favorite face mask.

white polkadot sweater, and brown studded boots

USA caps, Triangle Batik Necklace,
Stardust bracelet set, brown clutch
twitter and instagram : @PopaGoods

purple tie dye stocking


so thats all that i want to share with you ladies,
i hope you like this post. i'll see you again on my next post.
i'll try to make new post every week and post it every fabulous friday!
visit me on twitter @ayu_adiras or my instagram with same username.
bye bye~


  1. cute outfit! very colorful and I love your nails :)


  2. Such a pretty look. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. You look so pretty&cool♥


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  5. So chic look! Like entire combination! Sweater is so puffy and gorgeous! Cute hat and interesting purse!

  6. omg ! this look so cool for a hangout!! can't wait for your next post.

    p.s : i followed you.

    Style and Write

  7. such a cute necklace, nail polish & snapback! love the look, darl!


  8. we are totally in love with this look!
    Un abbraccio,
    Eva e Valentina the anarCHIC

  9. Love the combination of your outfit!
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  10. Love your outfit!
    And also love your snapback and boots!

  11. You look so cute :) very pretty :)


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