April 4, 2014

Seducing Mickey with eau de parfum

 another beauty product review!
this time im gonna discuss about parfums,
sorry if you waiting for street style post hehehe i'll post street style post
after this one, i hope you'll enjoy beauty product review too 

first of all i would love to admit something, this afternoon actually im not really in
the mood to make blog post i just want to took selfie hahahahaha
but if i only post selfie pic its gonna be boring as hell so yeah i supposed
to share some information to all of you and im kinda trying
to make it more interesting so i bring some playful headpieces,
and thats the story about how "Minnie concept" comes out. 

1. "Sexy Little Thing Noir Tease" 50 ml
eau de parfum by Victoria's Secret

one thing that capture my heart when i look at it for the first time,
LOOK AT THAT BOTTLE!!! comes with pink pump and puffy black lace on it,
if you take a look at it closer, there's also lace on the bottle pretty much like fishnet stocking.
to me packaging is important!! just as important as the smells.
i collect every cute stuff which comes with cute packaging and this parfum is also pink,
my first favorite color <3

even the box is cute!! the box says
black vanilla, frozen pear, blooming gardenia (as top notes)
"flirt, play, tease! show it off in this thrilling twist of juicy fruits and seductive floral"

what i smell as top notes are
vanilla, peach, and gardenia.
the first thing that im thinking about when i spray it for the first time is vanilla.
 it smells sweet, and calming.
and for middle notes are lychee fruit, praline, red apple
and a little bit musk but not too strong like grandma smell lol
i tried BodyShop musk parfum i swear it smells like you need to be 50 years old before
use it. but this Noir Tease it smells musk but not too much its just musk in a right level.
you know what i mean
Noir Tease is 80% sweet & sexy, 20% fresh because of that
frozen pear, red apple, and lychee.
let me tell you girls Noir Tease fragrance is just the right parfum that you would
wear on your first date with a hot guy ;)
it is TOTALLY SEXY SUMMER fragrance. 

what i hate about this product,
the smells DOESNT LAST LONGER AT ALL, geez!!
you know VS brand is a bit pricey, it supposed to stay last longer. ughhhh
this one is about 55-60$ (Plaza Indonesia, 2013) i dont exactly remember.
Noir tease comes with travel cap, so you can replace that pink lacey pump
with normal black cap BUT when i replace it with travel cap it STILL spill all over my bag :'(

when you open the box, TADAAA inside the box is even hot pink.
after i spray it, it last only 1,5- 2 hours.
over all i rate this parfum 3.2 stars from 5.

2. Victoria's Secret Bombshell
eau de parfum 100 ml

Victoria `s Secret Bombshell appears in the September of 2010.
another spring summer fragrance from VS
contains top notes of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid.

what i smells on top notes are grape fruit, passion fruit, and it smells more floral than Noir Tease,
and musk. it smells flowery fresher than Noir while Noir Tease smells sweeter.
middle notes are vanilla orchids and jasmine it also has some kind of woody notes and strawberry.
if im in the mood to smells "more mature" i use this one :)
even seems like Mickey like it <3

"Sexy today, sexu tomorrow, sexy forever" Victoria's secret

Victoria's secret angel promoting bombshell eau de parfum.

look at these cute pink stuff standing side by side lol
Bombshell bottle is also cute, comes with those black bows, i dont know if you can see it,
but bombshells bottle is clear on top of it and getting ombre pink to the bottom with stripes on
the back. <3 bombshell parfum stay last longer better than Noir Tease.
the price is roughly 89$ for 100 ml (Plaza Indonesia, 2013)
it last about 3-4 hours on me. i rate Bombshell by Victoria's Secret 3.7 from 5.

3. Siren by Paris Hilton

Siren by Paris Hilton is her ninth fragrance for women.
 It is announced as a light fragrance, which reminds of the clouds with its gentle notes.
Top notes are frangipani and apricot; middle notes are honeysuckle, orchid and lotus,
base notes incorporate sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

what i smells are honeysuckle, apricot, peach, and  flowery like frangipani
very easy to wear this is my daily smells if i have a class or meet up with my friends
i love to use this one. it brings good mood and playful feeling,
a bit sweet without being too sugary like Noir Tease.
vanilla notes in Noir Tease is really dominant, but not in Siren.
Siren smells 80% fresh, 20% sweet flowery.
but after about an hour it dries down more sweeter than fresh.
this one also another spring summer fragrance, day fragrance definitely not night fragrance.
i dont know everytime i visit parfum store i always end up buying spring summer fragrance ^^
Siren available in 2 size, i bought the bigger one, the bigger one comes with mermaid charm like
cellphone charm in gold color.

the bottle looks simple and elegant, but i throw away the box cos the box isnt pink
and  un-interesting at all. i bought this around 45$-50$ 
(C&F Parfumery, 2012)
it last about 3-4 hours on me.
i give it 4 stars from 5. people say its one of the best parfum by paris hilton.

My headpiece detail well actually those minnie headband belong to my friend, 
she bring it for new years eve party and left it at my place >u<
hahahaha yeah i pretty much borrow it

ok then thats it, bye bye to all of you and also Mickey, MUACH!
i'll see you again on my next blog post, i'll try to capture some OOTD pict
again when i am not busy, thanks for visiting my profile let me know either you like
beauty product review or street style post or maybe both hehehe
xoxo :*



  1. they look great, thanks for sharing!

    xx fameliquorlove

  2. Omg I love your headbands!!! Looking so cute <33


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  4. woww!really nice parfume review:)
    but i like woman use VS cause they smell good :p


  5. Cute head piece dear :D


  6. Nice choice of perfumes! Ribbons suit you adorable!
    You have such a lovely animation with Mickey Mouse :)) So sweat post <3

  7. why are just soo beautiful *.* like a KPOP star...
    Love your blog :3
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and IG? :)
    Just let me know <3

  8. thank you so much for your impressive comment :))
    I follow you too of course <3

  9. pretty helpful review..will try one of them for sure..and i like your heabands.
    follow u via G+, Gfc and Bloglovin, hope you add me too
    keep in touch


  10. you are so cute >.<
    and aaah i really want that vs bombshell perfume so bad ;(


  11. great review! and you are so adorable xx

    Letters To Juliet

  12. loving the bottles & how you portrayed yourself as Minnie Mouse <3


  13. i always love VS' perfume!
    love your review, thanks for sharing:)


  14. hihi, same as me, I love VS's perfume collections too ^^


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