June 27, 2014

Hair bleaching

Hello all its Diras. i have bleached my hair last week.
this is my first appearance on my blog with this hair.
i didnt update my blog last week sorry for that, i've been busy
with homeworks and classes. its almost final exam or as
indonesian student call it UAS.
I've got quite many assignment deadline (TwT)
this is a quick update from me,
actually im about to upload this look as
TREsemme style seeker hunt road to new york
but i have no idea why they link wont work so i cant upload
my photo on their website. but soon after
they fix it i'll join the crowd for TREsemme contest hehehe
wish me luck >w< even though too many cool blogger out there and there's
no way i could beat them hahaha

my hair looks blonde under direct sunlight right? hehehe
its such an attention whore color,
some friends told me it look too distracting hahaha
but hey...to me fashion and style is about surprise
it isnt about rules right? 
i havent decide what color next after this bleaching process,
but im pretty sure i'll change it later maybe blue, or purple or pink?
give me some advise maybe? ^^v
i heard many opinion specially from boys,
they prefer my natural dark brown hair, i knowww
it looks more normal but i really bored with my hair and i have no guts
at all to cut it shorter or even medium. so you guys should miss my dark
hair for a while okay ;) having weird hair color is on my "To-Do-List before you die"
i already checked it now hehehe

triangle necklace, and pink peplum top are gift.
thank you dear someone, i love it. 
but its from Forever 21just in case if you are curious.
those pearl necklace is from Borneo Island.
so far away from Jakarta eh? :)
and my leopard coat is also a gift, thank you to my auntie.
so many lovely people keep give me nice stuff hahaha
i love them keep spoiling me anyway >w<

bandage skirt from my brand PopaGoods and so does
my bracelets and ring. click here to visit my shop on facebook.
i just launching new sweaters collection yesterday.
they are all affordable and i guarantee they are awesome hahaha
i'm sorry for bragging my product so much
its just something that i love to do.
dont you just love when your hobby become your job right? ;)

more detail ^^

btw about my hair, i dyed my hair at Salon near my place.
they are using L***** platinum hair bleach.
it was REALLY HURT on my head.
idk either those product is sucks or my scalp is sensitive,
i wont use that product again FOR SURE. 
if you ever bleach your hair by your self and
if you tried some nice hair bleach product please let me know,
cos i dont satisfied with this result i want it to be lighter.
cos i read some review if you want massive hair color like 
royal blue, or neon pink at least you need to
bleach your hair twice. so yeah right now i REALLY NEED
recommendation or any review about hair bleach.

this is how my hair looks indoor. it looks like caramel brown
i love how it change so bright under sunlight.
my friend told me i look like K-POP KIDS ROTFL
no offense im not that addicted to k-pop
but im also not a haters. i am more neutral about it, but i am not k-pop kids
hahahaha da hell you guys.
lately i doesnt find any interesting event that i would love to attend >.<'
if you know another awesome music or fashion event let me know
and maybe we can meet right there im such an event junkie ^O^
ok then i'll see you on my next update.

meet me on instagram or twitter with same username
bye bye girls keep awesome!
xo Diras


  1. Love your new hair color.
    You are so pretty.
    Would you like to support each ohter by follow for follow on GFC and G+? let me know


  2. Nice blog! Im now following you! Follow back if you want :)


  3. love your hair! you look so beautiful <3
    good luck for that event!

    Ruby and Rosa

  4. Great color dear :D


  5. cool hair color!


  6. Love your hair pretty!

  7. You look beautiful! I love the coat and the skirt!

  8. Wow so nice outfit!
    You're really so pretty (>w<)

  9. Nice hair color! Good luck for the event too ^^


  10. So cute and pretty!


  11. You look supercute!

    - Kristine B

  12. you are adorable! your hair looks great xx

  13. pretty hair and nails! and i freaking love the rainbow mouse pointer! <3


  14. thanks for commenting on my blog! you are insanely cute! selemat :) xoxo


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