June 7, 2014

That Demon on INFARE III

another event review
this time is Indonesia Fashion Care III,
its a bazaar by fashion bloggers, and some online shops.
new items and also pre-loved items start from IDR 50.000 - IDR 900.000 (5$-90$)
fashion blogger usually have many items that we only wear once or twice
for photoshoot, or its just un-bassic item if you wear it again and again
it would be too obvious and maybe people will start wondering if you dont have another item.
lol but to me i wouldn't mine wear my favorite item a couple times,
but sure we girls all have that items that we want AT THE MOMENT
but then after about a week
or a month we are gonna be like "why am i buying these?"
if you know what i mean girls.
so yeah all pre-loved items in this bazaar are still in good or great condition.

bracelet set by PopaGoods IDR 49.000 (about 5$) check out my collection
right here, basic tank top i bought it on my campus bazaar only IDR 55.000
so cheap right??? >w< my ankle heels errr i forgot either charles and keith
or Amante, black and white jacket by Promod, nailpolish by Face Shop

demon headpiece i bought it so randomly when i stuck
on traffic. suddenly Jakarta traffic isnt feel that bad
a guy sold it for IDR 25.000 but i bargain to IDR 15.000 (roughly 1.5 $)
and he gave it ^O^ there's a little lamp inside those demon torn,
i can turn it on and it can blinking. isnt it wonderful >w<
i know im happy for stupid cheap things hahahaha

my sist Lintang with her cool darth vader jumper
by Forever 21

Lintang look from head to toe ^^ wearing orange
high heels and colorful bracelets

thank you Grazia and Gadis Magazines for free magazines sample. ^^

check out my collection PopaGoods right here ^^
IDR 39.000- 89.000 for bracelet set. and also because im
that kind, i give free shipping for JABODETABEK area.
ikr im so kind lol

this one isnt on INFARE, its Lanvin display that i passed by at Plaza Indonesia
i love that cool colorful decoration, i'd love to move those mannequins
and pose right there inside those window display >.<' hahaha

this is the crowd, look how colorful it is, so many people with unique style came to this events ^O^
photo credit margareta's blog mine is blurry >.<

i order a delicious orange jelly to charge my energy before hitting the bazaar =3='

when i first step in i found this familiar face >u< 
a couple months ago i accidentlly met this girl Jeje aka Jessica
very randomly at some mall on Valentines Days, 
now there she is i met her again, she has fashion brand too named
Egency together with my new friend called cathy

chit chat chit chat
love how  it looks like we were planing to wear black and white >w<
im so adore jessica's cute furry hat, and cathy 's witch hat
(click on their name to visit their i.g and check out
their personal style)

look at Egency collection, i personally think its very structural, functional,
so cool with clean cutting. it looks simple but sophisticated. love it
you can check out Egency collection on instagram right here
price range around errrr im not really sure maybe around 
IDR 150.000 up to IDR 280.000

floral pattern sunglasses IDR 50.000
this booth selling so many pretty flower crowns,
look at those pretty faux flowers ~(*O*)~

quirky metalic shoes in silver and gold

when i was window shopping suddenly someone poke my shoulder,
thisssssss girlllll Mariska i haven't seen her like maybe 1 year or 2 years. >.<'
we were in the same dance group back then we used to met at least once
or twice in a week. but since my friend so busy in her medical faculty,
and im busy in architecture thingy so yeah. i miss youuuu
she came with her boyfie arent this couple looks so cute together?? *winks* ;)

Vania,  lisamargareta, me, and im sorry i forgot to ask
cute babe name on the right :'( please comment
if you know her so i could tag ^^

its funny how i know this girls in a restroom, well restroom is
a comfort area for girls right? we can fix our self, boost our
confidence after check out our self
in a mirror, why not making new friends in a restroom hahahaha
 (click on their name if you want to check their fashion blogs)

those animal print jacket cought my attention. though i already have 
coat with similar pattern >.<

strike a (weird) pose at The Stupid Kid booth
another cool local brand with pastel concept, they have many girly
dresses too bad i forgot to capture their dress collection, but you can see @TheStupKid 's
shoes down here.

what a cool silver silhouette!!! ^O^ 

and again hahahaha
check out The Stup Kid pastel collection on instagram in one click away
the owners are lovely ladies who are really friendly
answering my questions about their products and also let me camwhoring
with awkward pose with their decoration >u<

this one is Aw Wardrobe, local brand by Andreas
its nice to see so many local indie brand specially in Jakarta with nice concept.
Aw wardrobe concept is colorful, quirky somehow kinda
remind me to 2ne1 style. they have plenty cool
jackets, and snapbacks

i was having fun hangout with Lintang and make a new friends at INFARE III,
its really interesting to see so many different styles either on a local brand or fellow bloggers,
actually this bazaar isn't that big, only 25 booths by some online store or fashion bloggers.
if i could make suggestion actually i kinda expect there's some
performance by errr idk maybe some indie accoustic band. i think
it could light up the atmosphere even more (^w^)/
i mean live music and fashion such a good combination right.
but in this event they play top 40 songs with music player.
i bet all of you fashionistas who live outside Jakarta are jealous of this event
right? hehehe i read many comments on @infare_ instagram.
so many fashionistas request if the E.O could make this event outside Jakarta
like in Bandung, Surabaya, or Bekasi. 
t think its possible if the E.O want to do it, but maybe with another brands
and blogger. i mean im sure the promotor wont bring 25 brands by plane
to Surabaya maybe Bandung and Bekasi are still make sense.
lets think realistic >u<'

Lately i've been "galau" so making a blog post and writing aka "curcol"
really help me avoid stupid love life drama. actually there's some events that
i'd love to attend and share the story with you guys
 but i hangout ALOT lately and i my body kinda wont work
together with me. i skipped class alot lately cos i feel too tired,
last week i watched Spiderman, Xman, and went to Maleficent premier
cos my friend invited me. i havent make my english
homeworks somebody help meeee!! hahaha
i know i know i supposed to put education on top of everything but
whatever can you see my demon headband is so interesting??? hahaha

if you are a student and also busy with all your sparkling fun days,
LET ME KNOW how to keep both of them on schedule.
my grade is actually still good but
at this moment, i still havent do my tenses homeworks. (T^T)
why are we paying teacher to give us homeworks? WHY?
i dont understand. maybe later i'll blog about my campus style.

signing out from INFARE III report ^^
if you are too lazy to read my blog you can visit me on instagram
and twitter with same username @ItsDiras

Indonesia Fashion Care III bazaar sponsored by #OOTDINDO,
Gadis Magazine, Grazia Magazine, Cita Cinta magazine, and CLEO.

xo Diras.


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  2. Arghhhh why there's so much cool events thereeeee;_;
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  3. Aww, you are such a cutie! I love your look! <333

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  4. finally you posted this event on your blog. Glad that we met accidentally at the restroom. Yeap new friends again. Met up in real life.... kekeke

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  5. This event looks so cool!
    Your outfit is awesome (^O^)

  6. Omg I know this event ,unfortunately I can't come
    You're super cute ,I love your ootd


  7. acara kaya gini emang super banget serunya yaaaa,:))
    Halo from Borneo:)

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  8. Isn't it nice to bump into someone you haven't seen in a while? It's great you guys had a chance to see each other again and it looks like you had an awesome time at this event ^.^
    ßerry ♥ Stylish  

  9. I love your look!<3
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  10. the event looks so fun. your outfit is so cool too.

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  11. You look fierce and cute combined together! The event looks great!

  12. Totally love your look here :) and thanks for sharing the infare photos too..would love go to the event next time


  13. You look had so much fun and you look so cute <3

    Chic Swank

  14. Looks like Infare was a blast. I wish I was there! xx


  15. very nice post.. you're so lovely.. :)nice style!
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  16. This Bazaar is really a great idea!! :D
    I love your clothes (^^) You're really cute!
    And some nice pictures :3

  17. the event looks soo cool! too bad, I didn't come because I live in Lampung :(
    btw, love your outfit ;)


  18. Aaaa infare was so much fun :')
    btw the cute babe on your right is tamara emillia check her blog: http://tamaraemilia.blogspot.com/

    cheer, michelle

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