September 6, 2014

Skinny chick at the park

"i always so lost and clueless as a person,
but when its time to dress up i always know what i want to be." 

cap and necklace by PopaGoods, shoes by Zara
top and skirt from random boutique at Mall Ambasador, Kuningan.

Faundation and powder by Revlon Color Stay, eyeshadow by Victoria's secret,
lip tint by Faceshop, mascara by Maybelline Volum Express
(even though doesnt make much different on my short asian eyelashes but
yeah i wear mascara everyone lol) beside my make up is quite good enough
i also using photo filter from vscocam application on my i phone. 
i recommend vscocam app the filter is beyond cool. but why this small-font-article keep on going
it supposed to be just me mentioning some brand -u-'

 i am still amateur in make up thingy,
i dont have a bunch of different kind of brushes, i run out of eyeliner and never
put an effort to look for it again hahahaha
 everytime when me and my friend get ready
together she always trim my eyebrow cos she just cant bear to keep seeing my
messy eyebrow, if makeup artist put a false lashes on me i feel like
there's a caterpillar on my eyes ~_~'
and  i never trim my own eyebrow by my self in my ENTIRE LIFE
thats just how careless i am. i already got some complain
back then from my mom, my auntie and my granny they keep asked me why
i never put on make up just like my other cousin since i heard it a couple time
i guess yeah i should learn at least some basic. lately i am getting better cos
i watched some videos on youtube by makeup guru such as Goss MakeUp Artist,
and michelle phan not THAT GOOD but at least better hehehe
. even though i still think makeup is tiring -__-'
how can boys keep looking good without make up, its just unfair.
i know in this post seems like me blabbering unimportant stuff, the fact is YES ITS TRUE.
why you keep reading? LOL no just kidding girls. its just
so many things going on in my mind right now before
this photo session i didnt sleep at all, im trying to find any inspiration for topic,
but my brain just wont work with me so i just type whatever that comes in my mind
dont get bored with my post ok ;)
 i hope you guys like this outfit post, thank you for visiting my blog <3

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keep awesome girls!
xo Diras.

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  1. love your necklace, love your skirt, OMG I love your style!
    your blog is so attractive <3

    thank you for visiting my blog, Would you like to follow each other?


  2. i have been a follower for a couple months now ... and i would say that i love how you mix boyish piece with girly pieces and make a unique look !!

    Slumber Talk

  3. amazing outfit !

  4. gorgeous outfit!! love ur skirt so much! i just followed u via gfc,spread the love back ;-)

  5. You look so pretty dear :)

  6. Such a sweet and edgy look, love your shoes so much!

    Visit my blog:

  7. Such a sweet and edgy look, love your shoes so much!

    Visit my blog:

  8. Black and white is always a good choice and your romantic skirt is really beautiful!!! Kisses,

  9. yuhuuuuu you have adorable body! every outfit will always fit on you! :")
    dont worry, im amateur in makeup too anyway.

    nice shoes, nice shirt.. ♥

  10. This post is truly inspiring!! thanks for sharing this sweetie!!

    New style post now posted sweetie! ♥

  11. awesome outfits! love it from head to toe!
    i love your blog and you have such a great sense of style <3 good job! keep blogging, xoxo

  12. RAD!!! love it!

  13. Adorable look, love the sneakers!

    xx Hélène

  14. Beautiful!

  15. you look really cute :)

  16. Amazing look! I love the skirt!

  17. Hello, your dress is beautiful and you have a performance identic a model

  18. You look so pretty! I love your new hair colour!And yes, you are like k-pop kid lol.
    Do you mind to follow each other? Please let me know :)

  19. aww, you've got awesome style and I love that you stopped by my blog. I'm digging the cap in this outfit too :)

  20. nice!!!

  21. I love how you combine the kinda girly outfit with the street wear elements! Wouldn't have thought of that but it looks fab!! the shoes are my fav part x3

  22. Hi dear, Your blog is so lovely and stylish. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know and I am instantly follow you back as soon as possible. Thanks. Have a nice day :)

  23. Black and white combination is always a good idea and I really like the way you mix styles!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

    See you xx

  24. I really like the color of your hair and the skirt is wonderful!

  25. I love your outfit and the blue accessories. I like your makeup too, good learner!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  26. cool! love your style <3

    anywayI just followed you, follow me back? :) thank u xoxo

  27. It's great how you mixed feminine pieces with more masculine items! Love how your necklace matches your nails too!


  28. hi dear! what a lovely blog!and your style is so cute!!
    let me know if you want to follow each other!

  29. Nice dress, I like it! :)

  30. haiii diras, kamu cantik bnageet!!
    lovee your shoes so much so cool ^^
    anw i was followed you on ig :)

  31. hello sweetheart !

    I`m here first time and I wanna to come back for read your great posts like this!!! WOW! And your pics.. love it! You inspiring me a lot! Thank you for that!

    So I wanna to know how about follow each other? Let me know, I always come back.. I wanna to be a little inspiration for my readers and I hope this dream will come true :)

    Have a beautiful day sweetie

    and keep in touch



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