November 12, 2014

Free The Nipple

These issue is such a thing in fashion industry, Free The Nipple
some women disagree with american laws where it is illegal for a women to appear topless in 38 states in US. In fashion runway it isnt a surprise if you see a model wearing sheer top showing their nipple since quite a while, but since Free the Nipple campaign become quite a thing lately
designer shows their support even more than before.
The 'Free the Nipple' campaign is an equality movement that uses social media and film to fight against censorship laws in the US which is two biggest website facebook and instagram.
show some nipple you are not gonna log in for a while :D

This is Scout Willis caused quite the stir when she strolled topless through New York City to protest internet censorship, but it seems like she's part of an even bigger movement.
On Sunday, about 20 male and female inspired by Scout Willis took to Washington Square Park in the name of the same cause, proudly parading around topless and trying to recruit more activists to join them.

Meanwhile Wioletta Komar said she was forced to feed her baby outside in the rain after being told breastfeeding was against Sports Direct's company policy. Nottinghamshire Breastfeeding Mums Network organised the mass "feed-in" protest at the store in Clumber Street, Nottingham.She said the shop assistant saw her start to cry after telling her to leave.
"It was the way she spoke to me and her whole attitude - she was just so rude, and I felt so upset and embarrassed," said Mrs Komar, who has not breastfed in public since then."I still feel depressed about it and can't forget about that bad experience."I can't understand why a baby has to be punished or being hungry and why I need to feel like a criminal when I just want to feed my baby son."Sports Direct declined to comment.
i think It is unlawful for a business to discriminate against a woman because she is breastfeeding a child, meaning shops should not ask breastfeeding women to leave. because of  Wioletta Komar's case where Sports Direct told her to leave the shop cos of breast feeding 40 protest were held, hundreds of women were breastfed in some Sport Direct stores

Here's the thing i live in Indonesia, the largest moslems country but to me personally.
i think these are example of discrmination to a women. every human being have rights
to express them self through fashion. every mothers have rights to breastfeeding their
baby in public. what is it about nipple that make you guys so afraid?
maybe it causing temptation and it is a sin according to religion?  i respect people
who think that way. but people who are afraid of sexuality shouldnt DISRESPECT other
who don’t think that way.
if you call some women are exhibitonist because showing their boobs, if you think
they are starving for attention from boys YES THEY ARE but those are their tits, their image, their reputation, their own problem. if you dont like their tits do they force you to keep looking?
if you are so innocent you dont like anything sexual, cant you admit you never
watch porn or thinking about sexual thing even a bit? If you say yes,
you are a big lier.
why men can show their man boobs with hairy chest but women cant?
even though i am not gonna go out topless, it isnt because i live in largest mostlem country.
its just not me, there's an element of 'surprise' in every women.
to me sexy isnt just about wearing sexy clothes. you can be sexy by
the way you think, by the way you act. but to some other women specially mother
with hungry baby THEY HAVE FULL RIGHT to breastfeeding in  
public. to exhibisionist women in US who wanna go topless GO FOR IT.
These are some celebrities photos who support Free the nipple

rihanna's tits on CFDA red carpet

Cara Delevingne's twitter who give support to an activist Scout Willis who walk around topless
at NYC street.

of course 'the hardcore' Miley Cyrus. she wear tank top with boobs pict printed on it.
i know this isnt like my usuall outfit post but i just wanna give my opinion about these issue. i hope you guys like this post, let me know what are you thinking. are you disagree with me, have you ever go out braless? hahahaha drop some comments let me know what you're thinking
LOVE, Diras.


  1. i love Cara so much!
    thanks for the info!
    I really thought people these days became so liberated!

    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  2. Such a nice post. ;-)
    Lovely greets...

  3. Yes, i heard a lot about this. The only thing i can say is that, its their body they are free of whatever they wanna do with it.

  4. wow! hahaha, i cant close my eyes see those pics! XD

  5. Cool post & pics!
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  6. I wouldn't be comfortable walking around topless, but maybe times will change! I don't know haha

  7. so... where is your 'free the nipples' pic?

    (I'm not serious)


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