January 15, 2015

Diras for Japanese Station

Sorry for late update, on december i had mid test, i've been doing new music project
with one guitarist so i keep practising either with him
or just by my self since i am an amateur singer, i was racing with
school assignment too, and i also got sick for 10 days.
so yeah right now i finally make a new post. my very first post in 2015.
saying 2015 sounds kinda fancy in my head hahahaha
i decided imma talk a little about my agency called Japanese Station.
it is a website, its all about japanese news, culture, j-pop, culinary, entertainment,
pretty much everything about japan in bahasa indonesia.
but it also has talent agent so i am kinda the face of Japanese Station,
or as we called #JSNavigator
"what does JS Navi doing?" just like another talent agency
we are doing photoshoot, broadcasting, modelling,
branding, fashion show, come to a festival specially Japanese Theme festival,
performing on stage, having some fun, 
so far i havent performing as JS navigator on stage but back then
i had quite a couple experiences as performer.

this is my selfie with my broadcasting partner, we had live streaming
on website for an hour every weekend. its really a new thing for me,
i learn some broadcasting thing, how to interact with audience, 
i asked some advise from my friend called Mr Willz from "Clubsky Trax FM"
cos he such a pro. he also airing on radio primetime called "Morning Zone" by Trax FM
i should thank him so much. i listening his program a lot to learn.

this one is after fashion show for japanese brand called Olive Des Olive.
this is my VERY FIRST collaboration with Japanese Station talent before i finally become
one of them. cos the creative director offered me.
i think i am lucky cos most of them get in by difficult audition
meanwhile i got in just like that. i've got some LIVE STREAMING INSULT cos of that
when i was airing on website. i think one
of JS Navigator big fan doesnt really like the fact that i just get in that easilly.
but i keep trying my best even tough i am new please kindly support me and love me too ^^

this one is Japanese Station campaign for christmas 2014 and they also make a video.
if you are curious you can click here
and it will lead you to the video on youtube.

this is when i was visiting Japanese theme festival, i didnt perform but i am about to
see my girls #JSNavigator performing. i need to learn more how to do live show.
since i was NEVER EVER perform as a solo singer. honestly it really freak me out.
even tough im gonna perform with my guitarist, but still i am the only one who sing.
back then i used to be with my group. so everyone please wish me luck,
if i have perform schedule i'll always let you guys know on my social media specially
official twitter and official facebook. my manager made those account for me,
thanks to Tarina xo.

the last pict as my annoucement that Japanese Station launch my
very first photopack. it have 5 pictures in one pack featuring Donna.with official logo, 
without all those stamps. i kinda insist to use stamps but my manager doesnt really pleased about it
hahahaha for more information about my photopack you can directly mention @JSNavigator
just click the username.

Official facebook in Bahasa and english

this post sponsored by

my pictures captured by Genny and also Raja Aria Octivano

christmas edition make up artist by Renata
based in Jakarta. for any inquiries LINE : 707renata
she's really good in Japanese and korean look makeup!

special thanks to my favorite radio announcer @MrWillz from
Trax FM,
and the whole JS staff who keep take care of me.
love, Diras


  1. Hi! I love your entire 'japanese' outfit here! I also love Japan, I would be so happy if I could visit Japan one day!

    From Bali, Indonesia
    Imme ♥


  2. how cute are these photos! thats awesome you sing as well :) I just changed my blog name and layout, would be great if you could take a look :)

  3. whoaa so kawaii~


  4. look so kawaii
    Nice post and picture ^^


  5. Love it, great looks :)

  6. So kawaii!!



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