January 25, 2015

Fun Weekend

so i had meet up with these awesome girls named Margareta Vania (the tallest one with beanie) another fashion blogger from Jakarta and also Olif and Tata from Carousell Team. this is my second meet up with Margie,
i know this girl from fashion blogger bazaar called "INFARE (Indonesia Fashion Care) read the post RIGHT HERE and this was the second time we meet. brown haired girl called Olif and a girl with black blazer called Tata. Olif and Tata are girls behind "Carousell"application. if you dont know what it is, its an application where you can sell product and buy product straight from your mobile phone.
many fashion bloggers use this app to sell stuff. its available in android google play and also iphone app store. if you wondering whats the different between Carousell and other online store website or app,
they have different concept. i check out some of their products its kinda like "Etsy" so many unique and artsy fashion products, local brands, even food and another awesome homeade products with awesome quality. so if you are that kind of people who are anti mainstream but you are too lazy to download it directly cos you dont believe my opinion hahahaha you better check out their facebook HERE for a sneak peek ;)

so this night we had pizza together and talk a lot about bloggers gossip specially south asian bloggers indonesian, singaporeans, malaysian, specially BLOGGERS WAR between XiaXue vs GushCloud
if you are curious you can read the gossip source right here i love meeting new people with similar mind, interest and vibe. its always nice exploring new personalities, make new friends and laughing together. not to mention other restaurant costumers all around us keep checking us cos we were SO LOUD hahahaha sorry for that. right now Olif and Tata already go back to singapore i am looking forward to gossip with them again, and also Margie. all pict of us are repost from Margie blog doesnt it lovely 3 awesome ladies and a hobbit? hahahaha btw  CLICK HERE to check out margie's fashion blog and see her inspiring monochrome style. and these are some of awesome products that you can shop at Carousell

they are quirky and cute at the same time right? :D go download "Carousell" app if you want them.
anway how about your weekend? i hope you guys have a nice weekend too as mine. you know what i have a perform schedule on february 1st 2015 as a solo singer at Pekalongan "Fuyuu No Sakura" event. you have no idea how nervous i am about that thing. i keep practise my voice
everyday as often as possible,
since i am a newbie i really worry about it. please wish me luck for my first gig >.<
click here for event campaign. there's my weird face on the poster hahaha

last but not least sorry for my poor english hehe i am just a learner. i'll see you again on my next blog post dear dont forget to leave a comment and spread some love :3
thank you for visiting my blog.

Love, Diras

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  1. it's cute that you refer to yourself as "a Hobbit" .. that leopard cardigan (if i'm not mistaken) looks cute!!

    Slumber Talk

  2. Sounds like a cool weekend!

    - Che


  3. Too bad I couldn't join you all.. Looking forward for the next meet up!


  4. Wow you girls look absolutely amazing! Glad you had a fun weekend!

    xx glamdevils.com / miradevils.blogspot.com

  5. You girls look amazing! Great! :) and i love the book!


  6. nice outfits, love the shoes :)


  7. Seems u guys had so much fun!


  8. Cute shoes!



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