January 19, 2015

Invest in your beauty

i am that type of active girl. i always need to do something, create something,
i keep starving for idea, i keep moving all around cities.
If i stay at home without meeting my friends at least once or twice
in a week i feel so alone. thats the thing about extrovert person >.<
 lately i've got a lot of stuff going on,
crazy school schedule, exam, a ton assignment, my music project, my work. 
i'd be so pleased if i have free time where i could just spoil my self,
how do you spend your free time at home?
for boys i bet you guys mostly love gaming.
i do enjoying gaming to, lately i've been playing Minecraft
and Grand Theft Auto once in a while. but mostly i prefer
to take care of my self. playing around with beauty products.
i am not really into make up because i think its fun but kinda tiring.
i ALWAYS accidently pinch my eyelid everytime i curl my eyelashes
with eyelashes curler. i HATE that thing!!!!! i feel like i was trying to 
love make up, but they are just simply decline to love me back :'( oh why . . .
anyway so these are some of my very favorite beauty stuff. cos they are just simply love me back.
dear make up, its enough between us its not you, its me.
right now i am so moving on from you. sayonara~

1. Nail polish
i like to play with nail polishes a have a bunch of nail polish collection,
boys think painting nails for 30 minutes til 1 hour is completely useless.
but the thing is dont be too "self centered" sometimes we girls
just dressing up for our self, or to pissed of other girls.
we girls, we just feel prettier with our sparkling nails.
and when we have meet up with other girls they are gonna see how pretty our nails are.
and how well maintenance we are.
deal with it boys! (=3=)

2. hair brush HELL YEAH!
sometimes i like to brush my hair i am not even trying any hair tutorial
cos i failed all the time. you know that feeling when you watch hair tutorial
on youtube, you think "oh it looks VERY EASY i could do that"
and when you give it a try you just totally FAILED no matter how many times you try.
if you feel like you are the one who keep fails on hair tutorial,
dont worry dolls i am here for you. *big hug* (TwT)
but even tough i cant styling my hair, it looks COMPLETELY NORMAL,
NOTHING SPECIAL AT ALL i like to sit down
and just freakin brush my hair in front of mirror for like 20 minutes
while listening to music, lypsinc to some songs, pretending i am 
a rapunzel (2013), pretending i am princess Elsa (2014)
if i brush my hair long enough in front of mirror
there will come fantasy guitar, sometimes with fantasy drum too hahahaha
anyway even tough there's NOTHING i can do about my hair
but to brush it.
yet i still obsessed about it sorry i am not sorry of being this weird. (>u<;)

3. Body Loation
either boys or girls i think we all need body loation specially it keeps raining lately,
i feel like boys shouldnt be shy if they having or use body loation regulary.
because i think it feels nice when someone hold your hand and they just
have such a smooth skin, it makes us girls want to keep close to you ;)
to me body loation is VERY ESSENTIAL BEAUTY PRODUCT.
i'll make a post about my body loation that i'd recommend to you.

4. Face Mask

we all know as people who lives in big city we cant avoid polution all the time,
direct sunlight that could make sun spot on your skin, so its important to invest in
our beauty, i am not that type of girl who like to visit salon all the time for
face mask, body massage, manicure or whatever. i dont feel good everytime
spa therapist give me massage ITS HURT specially when i only half size of
normal human being hahaha i am 155 cm/ 40 kg. but i like to do my own
face mask at home. my face skin is sensitive, i prefer to use natural product
that doesnt contain chemical things. about 2 month ago i tried green tea serum.
it didnt work well AT ALL. it caused acne, some big acnes.
i am so pissed off since i read some reviews about that serum,
EVERYBODY said its good. and its a famous brand as well but turn out it
didnt suit to my face skin
so i didnt use it anymore, i kinda scared to buy any product from that brand anymore.
but right now my acne is calmer cos i use homemade tomato face mask.
since last week i give a try to this one face mask called
Nature Leaves 

Disclaimer : blue aztec background isnt mine, i save it from google just to decorate my pic so it look nicer :D

if you are curious what is Nature Leaves Mask it is face mask brand, they basic is
"Go Nature" so its organic and also guarantee that this mask doesnt contain any chemical stuff.
at first i admit i kinda doubt a little that this mask will work on me.
since i have very sensitive skin, it makes me REALLY CAREFUL
everytime i pick new beauty treatment products specially for face.
this NL Mask is for all skin type. but it also available for oily skin type (pink packaging)
i used to make my own homemade face mask using tomato and honey.
but its a bit tiring cos i need to keep buying fresh ingredients to supermarket every week.
so i really looking for face mask that work good on me.

NL Mask packaging comes in aluminium jar, with blonde cartoon girl on top of it. so cuteeee <3
it contain 50 gr honey and green tea. when i open it, it looks like green powder.
on the back of packaging it claims :

Nature Leaves Mask
- tighten your skin
- make your skin smoother
- antiocsidant
- prevent acne scar
- brigten your skin

lets give it a try!

from this generous mask you are gonna need only 1 table spoon!
put it in a bowl or anything, put a little water like 2 table spoons,
stir it til it looks like paste. dont put to much water or its gonna
hard when you put it on your face.

it looks like this after i gave a water and stir it.

and of course i spread it all over my face.  my skin does feel tighten when i am
waiting for it til it dry. thats something that i dont get when i use my tomato face mask.
and it feels good. it feels like i have a baby skin. >w<
i wonder how my skin looks like if i keep using it for a couple more times.
it smells like green tea, organic, but back then when i use green tea
from another brand it doesnt smells as good as NL Mask.
it smells like no others. after about 15-20 minutes.

what i think about NL Mask after 3 times using it in a week :
- it does tighten my skin
- it smells really good and authentic
- it does makes my skin feel smoother after i washed it off
- i have 2 small pimples on my forehead and it gets smaller and smaller
- affordable its only IDR 60.000 you can use this mask for like 15 times or maybe more
count it by your self, so affordable isnt it?? >O<
- they are shipping it so fast to me
- but so far it doent makes my skin brighter but well if it really
make my skin brighter in only ONE WEEK i am gonna worried if its contain
mercury or something hahaha
- something that i know for sure is this organic face mask is TOTALLY SAFE
for my sensitive skin

thing that i dont like from this mask, i barely cant find it, its just
if i could give a suggestion maybe NL Mask should write the ingredients
on the packaging, so people who are careful like me can read and know what it contain.
thats it for this "Baby D beauty Essential" post.
dont forget to invent on your beauty.
or if you are a guy, and you feel like maybe your girl need face treatment,
or you just want to spoil her
if you buy this NL Mask for her i am sure, she will thankful for you ;)

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  3. Waa the packaging is really cute.
    I play make up and write for my blog on my free time :D
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