February 18, 2015

Girls Day Out

hi everyone finally i make this post. i am about to make this post since early february but it turn
out i finally publish it right now. these are me and friends we were hanging out at
first day of Matropolis 2015 food, fashion, and lifestyle festival. 
me and some of my fashion bloggers fellas just had a chit chat on LINE group
and some of them said hey are out to visit this event because they got VIP invitation.
but one of member Michele cant make it cos she have another stuff to do on this day.
so she passed her invitation to me. thank you Michele.
this is me and margie the monochrome queen. isnt she lovely? :*
we met up at 4.30 pm i was waiting in front of Metropolis gate for her,
she called me but she said i didnt answer cos i was talking to my other friend i didnt see her
and a couple second after i text her like "WHERE R YA?"she was like
"i just passed by but you ignore me" lol poor margie i'm sorry
and finally we met. (#NP Afgan - jodoh pasti bertemu) :P
im sorry i didnt take many pictures inside the Metropolis venue. its a lil croud its hard to
get clear shot so me and my friends decided to take a pic outside the event.

neon green socks by socks gallery, pink high heels by Charles and keith.

pink purse and roses bracelet by my brand PopaGoods
white laces dress by Zara, 

this is my friend Rini, i know her for a while since forever
we capturing each other pictures together, thank you for coming with me and accompany
me for window shopping, had some drink, had dinner, we were also randomly dancing together after
event. there's like an electronic store selling big screen monitor.
and we were playing just dance 2015 while we were waiting for restaurant
waiting list. it was so random and fun >u<
it turn out i beat her on that game hahahha #proud 

Diras being such a jerk uploading this Margie pic.
i couldnt help it hahahahaha look at how she drink her bubble drink >w<
you always look cool and pretty in every pictures, one weird photo wont ruin
your reputation margie hahahahaha sorry >w< on the left is margie's bff named lisa.
i met lisa a while ago i love how she's so straight forward as a person everytime she
had something in her mind it makes her so funny. she always say thing with 
straight expression like a grumpy cat lol i love her xo

Margie, lisa and me

Margie we all are grown up girls dont bring your whole family if
we hangout again next time, its embarassing haahaha

i actually met this girl named Sonya (with red hat) since afternoon but she cant
join us when me, rini, and lisa took #ootd pic cos she have to stand by at her booth
at Metropolis market. we took our pic outside the venue. but she finally join us when her shift is over and bring another friends Desti (ouch skirt), Fresia (red glasses), Stella (pink top),
and my friend Rini also bring Sas Kwan the most handsome of the day lol
thank you sas kwan for captured our pictures since you dont have another choice anymore
hahahaha >u< it feels nice to hangout with friends and meet new people.
i hope it wont be the last time we meet girls and sas kwan, since there are always hype event for bloggers all around jakarta lets catch up again next time (^w^)/


i look like a potato, my lips looks like chicken butt that about to pop some egg oh why~ (*u*')
sorry for beautiful girls as background :P

bye everyone, drop some lovely comment spread some love,
i'll see you again on next blog post.

kisses, Diras.


  1. Your outfit is so cute! I love the popping colors! Your neon green socks and pink shoes look so well together. :)

    Life With Antlers

  2. diras u look so prettyyyy!! adore your dress <33
    btw we shud meet and hang very soon yaaaa~ :p

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

    1. ah chelle bisa aja, nih goceng (>u<)/
      of course but you are so busyyyy hiks jangan sibuk sibuk sih <3

  3. I loooove how you color block the socks and pumps!
    Follow for follow?


  4. Great photos! You look lovely in your outfit, love all about it! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other on “GFC” (blog followers)? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


    "Health & Beauty"

  5. I like the combination of the green socks and pink heels<33 Gonna try it too lol>,<)/
    aaah...bloggers meet up...i wish i live in java island so i can easily attend events like that (tapi aku tinggal di lampung, tinggal nyebrang...doang..kok)
    Wish that we could meet up ASAP ya kak!!:D
    Btw I lol'd at your "i look like a potato, my lips looks like chicken butt that about to pop some egg oh why~" <-That's my exact thought everytime i take selfie with bibir manyun:<

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  6. Great photos! I love your outfit. The shoes and the clutch are perfect!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  7. Love all the outfits <3

    | I'm planning to hold a giveaway, so choose your preference here |

  8. love your white dress <3



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