February 6, 2015

How To Be Pretty?

Hi Diras is back, another fashion diary again. i had photoshoot collaboration with Kemal Pasya from Nostalgia Photography at Ancol, Jakarta. 
last weekend i also had a nice trip to Pekalongan, Central Java for work with my girls.
i'll make super long blog post about it after this one. 
this is the first time i had photoshoot around night. i used to do
photoshoot by day cos the lighting is just easier. i feel like
i look nicer during day light hahahaha or maybe its just my insecurity.
back then i used to be such a VERY insecure girl.
if you know me personally right now you might think its kinda impossible
cos i am such a confident chick >w<
so when i was at Pekalongan, i was with 2 friends of mine standing on the stage
and there's an interview section. here come a girl asking three of us,
"whats the secret to be that pretty?"
and one of my friend answer the question "she always cleaning
up make up intensively berfore she go to sleep"
i dont want to answer cos i think thats quite hard question since
i dont classified my self as A PRETTY GIRL, i classified my self more as a HAPPY GIRL.
but if anyone think that way i feel thankful for that. 
so i dedicate this post just to discuss how insecure i am back then, how can be in
that situtation, and how i handle it til i become the way i am right now. :)

for a girl who admire fashion a lot, we cant never seperate fashion and beauty.
i watched fashion shows on TV a lot since i was in junior school, i admire fashion and beauty
campaign, i am such a detail oriented person when i admire a model
i LOVE how they are so sleek as a ribbon, i love their (extention) wavy hair,
i adore how tall they are, their eyes are brighter than stars, their perfect nose shape (probably
plastic surgery), and also with those skinny body they still have big boobs size (definitely boobs job)
i cant stop compliment them (>w<)

its easy to feel insecure and find 1000 things that i dont like about my self if i keep comparing
my self to "the perfect ones" so i start critizise my self cos i am short, dont have the brightest biggest eyes, dont have perfect nose shape, i dont have wonderful wavy hair everyday, its getting even worst if
my monthly acne bump shows up. i dont want to get out from my house,
if my friends asked me out i found one hundreds reasons to stay.
i feel terrible about my self, i want to change everything about me. believe me i've been
through that sad time. 

some of you probably gonna laugh at me
right now cos i was being DRAMATIC and over reacting. actually i told this story about my insecurity
to another friend of mine. when i was still insecure i thought he will understand. you know what he said

"you know you are pretty and you just say that to get attention from people"

so i shut my mouth up, and i never tell him another important issue anymore since that day.
it was hurt SO MUCH. when you feel a thousand shitty things about your self and people
say that thing about you. this things about me being insecure is happen about 3 years ago.
til one day i met up with my bestfriend Rayi, we are BFF since high school.
we cant meet all the time cos we live far away each other.
so when i met her i told her the whole thing what i feel about my self, she is like another half of me.
and she said
 "your neighbours garden are always greener than yours isnt it?
do you think why boys keep hitting on you if they dont think you as an attractive person"

just two sentences, bring me back to the way i way i am right now. 
having caring people all around you really does feels amazing. 
this post for all boys and girls who feel insecure about the way you look, if you feel too skinny,
too ugly, too fat, cos you feel like society always judging you with their eyes.
this post for you who feel like you are not worth it, bookmark this link so everytime
you feel down check out this post. at least you know you are not the only one who feel that way.

these are top 5 secret how to feel pretty and awesome :

1. be with people who makes you feel better about your self

2. critizise your self in a hundreds way. but LOVE it at the same time. 
live the fact that you cant pleased everyone at the same time.
 sometimes people say mean stuff by online,
behind your back, your haters or anything. for example i critizise my self as short,
small pug nose, small eyes, flat breast, and so on so once people say mean stuff about me i already know that anyway. but at the same time i dont want to change any single part of me ;)
at least i am still better than other people who try to bring me down to make their own self feel better. 
"when you know you are great there's no need to hate" 

3. Be kind to others.
i am not that type of religious person but its just my mom tell me that when you do good things
to other then good things will come to you and so does the opposite.
when i told her some haters talk about me behind my back she
just said
  "if they talking bad stuff about you
you are still awesome the way you are it doesnt change anything. have you ever see
people talking bad stuff about others while look happy and pretty? its ok sweetheart let them
get wrinkles" LOL solid.

4. Respect your self
my parents are not that type of overprotective since i was in high school. even tough
i am free, but there's still some line that i wont crossed. i dont drink too much alcohol,
i dont do drugs, i am not smoking. i dont give a shit about future risk suck as liver, 
heart attack, and so on. i care about current outcome such as "i smells bad if i am smoking
(excuse me i am a girl, i want to smells like a thousand roses >u<),
alcohol makes aging faster (look lindsay lohan), drugs make us stupid, even tough
i am already stupid but at least i am trying not to make it worst hahahaha you know what i mean.
i am not playing as Diras the angelic, if you are smokers, drug users, alcoholic i am not judging
at all, sometimes i drink too but not too often. i am just sharing my secret "how to be pretty?"
if you like this artice then great, if you feel like i am fake than its great too"

we are all about to die when its time for us to die, til that day come i let you live
the way you want to and so am i and i want to live an awesome live. if you feel like getting wrinkles
and grey hair faster is awesome good for you. ;)

5. Stop Compare
right now when i look at those models on runways, beauty commercial,
supermodel on fashion campaign, they really beautiful and awesome. just because
i stop being insecure doesnt mean i stop admiring those PERFECT MODELS.
even tough i am not as perfect as them i am good just the way i am.
if i see victoria's secret model i always thinking
"omfg they are so gorgeous, what am i supposed to do to be like them?"
first i can working on my abs then i exercise to make cool abs.
is that better than writing mean comment on youtube saying
"anorexic, boring models, where are the real women, blablabla"
suck it up you are uglier than them. the way girls saying that just make them look even more
pathetic not only outside but also inside. come on we all know
VS angels are perfect even tough so many plastic surgery but the result is great (-w-')
beside that about being tall as model there's nothing i can do about it but even tough i am short,
i am a cute shortie tough ;) hahahaha so yeah if you follow this "top 5 step how to be pretty"
i am not guarantee that you can be pretty in instant, but i do believe that 

"beauty might bring happiness, but happiness always bring beauty"

Kisses Diras,

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