February 10, 2015

Trip to Pekalongan

Good evening where ever you are,
on this blog post imma tell you about my very first stage performance as #JSNavigator
JS Navigator is a talent under Japanese Station agency. its nice to finally meet this girls again.
Me and these cuties named Donna and Edelyn got invited by "Sekawan Production"
to perform in their event called "Fuyu No Sakura" i am so excited because 
i never go far away by train and so does Donna and Edel.
we met up at Senen Train Station Jakarta on 3 pm also with our manager Isnan and my guitarist Yuda.
Donna havent get lunch when we already on a train. i told her to buy some food at canteen compartment on train but when she checked it, it turn out the food is too pricey.
so this babe take off the train and go to nearest convenience store while i am hangin on train door
til she came back so its not moving and left Donna behind hahahaha i am a loyal friend am i? :P
so when finally Donna came back and she bought SO MANY snacks and it turn out cost as much as the food on train compartment LOL geez stupid friend is stupid. cleaning service at train station even asked me "miss why you hangin on the door?" hahahaha anyway we spent about 5 hours on train from Jakarta to Pekalongan. i sit with donna and finally Edel join us to gossip. when we arrived at Pekalongan Train Station around 10 pm two guys named Bagas and Vikko from Sekawan Prodution already waiting and ready to give us a ride to Sahid Mandarin hotel. but in the middle of our way we stop at convenience store and Bagas bought us three different kind of shampoo because none of us bring any shampoo and we are so WHINY cos we use different brand. omg Sekawan Production really taking care of us nicely. thank you so much Vikko and Bagas. 
Finally we touched down our hotel at 10.00 pm i thought we are about to sleep but our manager said to get ready and have a meeting with sponsored. so we went out again at 10.30 pm to "Goedang Kaos" store. i am so excited to show you the concept of this store. Goedang Kaos have a really nice interior with Vespa, and classic Pekalongan "Becak" The owner explain us about he use Pekalongan traditional language as their concept, make the design and print it on best quality tshirt. he also served us "Kopi Takhlil" (Takhlil Coffee) and delicious banana cake :9 me, Donna, and Edel learned some Pekalongan Language, cultures, and also Pekalongan culinary. 

after we visit Goedang Kaos store Vikko and Bagas took us to eat.
we were heading to get late dinner at 12.30 am
we tried "Garang Asem" its pekalongan recipe,
kinda like beef soup but it taste a bit spicy and sour. i really like it <3
i wish i could find this in my city >.< after we finish our dinner
we finally heading back to our hotel, hit a shower and have face mask
before we finally sleep around 3.30 am. i woke up early in the morning to
do check sound with Yuda my guitarist, and the run down goes by
stage interview at 11.00, first performing at 1.00 pm, after first performing we had lunch at
Chinese restaurant at the hotel together. i love how Fuyu No Sakura audience
are so excited to see our performance. even tough it was raining but finally the rundown goes by again
around evening and we had our second performance at 5.00 pm.
i really tought the audience already go back home since it was HEAVY RAIN.
but it turn out everything went fine. it was my very first perform as solo singer.
i feel like i need to practise more and more to be better and better again. ^^
after we finished our second performance
and we took some pictures with event crew, another performers, and some audience.

peaceful breakfast with pretty view <3

thank you for really comfy tshirt Goedang Kaos doesnt it look nice on us? :3 i was actually want that black tshirt which Donna choose but when we visited Goedang Kaos store they run out of size. around afternoon in the middle of my practising session an event crew bring the black "Megono" tshirt to our hotel and give it to me. HOW GENEROUS IS THAT (*O*)/
Goedang Kaos's concept is to promote their city through "pop design" printed on high quality tshirt using their traditional language. even tough Pekalongan known as "Batik" city, but Goedang Kaos prefer to promote their city with something more friendly to youth people. in my country usually old people use batik to attend wedding ceremony. February 1st, 2015 was a nice day to me. i wish i could go back to Pekalongan again cos everybody are so warm and friendly. because me and Donna have an exam on monday february 2nd,2015 so we had to go back right after we finished our perform.
its was such a fun and great experience to me. here are some pictures
#JSNavigator at Pekalongan. enjoy :)

photo by @kacaangijo

yuda, vikko, and #JSnavigator

hahaha i love a friend i can be weird with ^^

thank you so much for audience who coming and watched our
performance IN POURING RAIN but still excited like there's no tomorrow!!
 you guys are awesome (>O<)/ i'll see you again when i see you Pekalongan.

this post sponsored by

if you need people to make your event
all around Pekalongan click the link above
to contact one of the guy.
twitter : @goedangkaos 
phone / whatsapp : +62896.1709.6133
Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto_landungsari no 74
Pekalongan 51129
get same comfy tshirt like me and Donna >w< hahaha <3

and last but not least of course my lovely agency

special thanks
Isnan, Yuda, Bagas, Sahid Mandarin Hotel

forever yours, Diras.
email : popagoods@yahoo.com

read more, "kepo"more >u<


  1. Yeay! I hope we can meet again in the next event. thank you, Hopefully next year we can bring more JS navi to Pekalongan :)

  2. cool! looks like you had so much fun!


  3. looks funn! :D
    btw, just followed your blog~ follow me back maybe? thanks :))

    cheer, michelle

  4. Still waiting u come back to Pekalongan ^_^

  5. Lovely pics! Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)


  6. what a nice trip! :D and you girls are so cute and pretty! xx

    From Bali, Indonesia - with love, Imme ❤

  7. that looks fun! ♥ hopefully we can follow each other, lemme know if you did so I can follow you back too! much love! :D


  8. looks like you guys had grant time there... cute photos!


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