April 28, 2015

i feel sexy in a pair of Converse

Hi boys and girls Diras is back featuring another bloggers again of course i mean who else hehehe im sorry that i keep changing my blog language from english to bahasa and right now i decided to change it into english again. after 3rd times posting in bahasa i thought i would gain more indonesian readers, it turn out it is but i also losing traffic source from america according to blogger traffic source. so yeah this time i'm sure i choose english as my main language on this blog. thanks for understanding dear my indonesian readers.

on this blog i'm about to tell you about my saturday with my friends. we met up at a mall, we had lunch first, spending some time to gossip with my girls named Stella and Olivia doing photoshoot for a while because three of us need pictures to update our blog. it was so bright and hot and you must be wondering why am i wearing sweatshirt on a hot weather day. of course first its about esthetic hahahaha i'm in the mood for monochrome tone. but second i has sensitive skin i'd get reddish sun spot on my skin if i'm spending a lil time under direct sunlight of course not because im afraid getting darker skin tone. because lucky me if i visit beach and get a little tan i'll definitely get lighter skin tone again after 2-3 weeks. after we had lunch and doing OOTD photoshoot we were visiting some street wear brand boutique as predicted ;) because Oliv was looking for new outfits, she said that she want to spend some money that she got from chinese new year angbao ^^

when me, stella and oliv taking picture of each other there's something weird happen, there was a guy probably about 30 something years old walk toward us and watching us for like 20 minutes in silence. as you can see those corridor where we had photoshoot was quite. no one around except us and security who stand at the corridor entrance. it was soooo strange having stranger suddenly came from the other side of corridor and "join" us and after a while he finally asked us "do you all like karaoke?" and three of us were looking at each other in VERY AWKWARD WAY til Stella answer him "errr no thanks" and there was awkward silence again til that stranger said "i have a free karaoke voucher for you guys" and stella decline again while giving him awkward smile but he walk towards stella who stand quite near from him and give her 3 vouchers and he's finally walk away. THANK GOD ughhhh so creepy :'(

unfortunately around 5 pm Oliv had to go back but another friend named Yoga join us to check out EVEN MORE BOUTIQUE hahahaha fashionista cursed, and then we hangout at coffee shop and had gossip again. Yoga works as stylist, Stella is majoring fashion designer its nice to sharing story with them about blogger news, local brand, trend, fashion school and so much more. it was such a fun day i'll always looking forward to spend time with them again. if Yoga read this, how much i wish you come sooner so that creepy thing wont happen to us (=__=") 

from left to right Stella, me, and Oliv thanks to kind hearted security who capture our full team photo. you guys better click stella and oliv name if you want to stalking their beautiful style. (^w^)b and these are some behind the scene pictures

damn Yoga come sooner next time so you'll be in full team shot >u< i always like his daring style. believe me so far i CANT find another fashionista in Jakarta with same style like him. so unique!

me and Yoga looking good with monochrome tone yesssss!!! we had another great shot together but our outfit palette didnt match. but it quite good tho check it out right here
thats all guys, i hope you like this post leave a comment, share the link, spread some love! :Di'll see you on my next blog post

all my love, Diras
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still want to stalking me? hehe
check out another street style pictures down below
OOTD Kids (my personal favorite)


  1. looks like you had great time <3
    anyway i love your #ootd here :D

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/


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