June 7, 2015

Back to campus party

for the sake of my blog i am updating while i am sick, hehehe these are some pictures when me and my friends were attending Carousell Campus Party on saturday evening somewhere at SCBD, Jakarta. i decided to wear plaids because my friend told me the theme is "Back to school" it was a fun evening, just in case if you havent know what Carousell is, it is an application where you can sell your product, i give it a try i really like it. since bloggers usually have quite a lot clothes, and accessories that we just used one or twice for photoshoot. everything is still in GREAT condition and you can get it at lower price. (*O*)b well not only clothes there are pretty much everything on it such as gadget, beauty products, furniture, books, sporting gear, music instruments, car and if you love vintage and unique product there's a catagory for vintage stuff tooo, how cute is that (>w<)/ it is pretty much a pop up store in your hand just one click away. back then i used to browsing on "K" website everytime i need something to buy or sell but i like how easy to use Carousell app <3 

Btw on this evening i came with Rei and Michelle. i knew Michelle for a while but this is actually the first time we met. FINALLY! it was nice to finally meet her, Michelle is my favorite object of the day, i swear she looks awesome in every angle and i also made new friend named Claudia and Marcus (*u*) i cant write to long article this time i'm so sorry i have homework to do, the deadline is tomorrow and its 11.40 pm now. sombody help  hahahaha (TuT)/

Failed picture is FAILED hahahaha

i'll see you on my next blog post.
Special Thanks Carousell team for invitation
Tata, Oliv, Marcus.
Get Carousell from google play and App store!

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  1. seems like there was so much fun there!(;


  2. awwww dirassss :3 it was so much fun meeting you and glad you enjoy the campus party :D
    lets meet again soon xx <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  3. Ga bisa ikut hiksss :(( You seem had so much fun there. Anyway, you look so cute, Dir!

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. love the plaid on plaid look:3
    I have the similiar shirt like you!:D
    Looks so fun yahhh:(((

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  5. seruuuu banget :( sedih kmren sakit jd ngga bisa ikut, next time kita meet up lagii :D



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