July 2, 2015

Girls Squad

last friday i went out with my girl squad, we were having lunch at a mall, a lot gossip,
snap some pictures, and we also went karaoke. i had so much fun with them. 
our dresscode is tartan. i wear tartan shirt with dusty pink outer and also pink dream catcher
by my designer friend. as you can see i also wear ombre lace stocking, i ADORE the color. black slingbag to carry my stuff and of course i cant put my DSLR camera
in this bag but i still insist to bring it. oh the dilema~ dont you all think that small purse or bags are just
way cuter than the bigger one? you kinda need to bring all your stuff with you but it doesnt fit hahahaha i feel you sist, i feel you
so yeah these are some tartan girls pictures coming your way

Stella majoring fashion design, she has girly style that i adore, she often wear light color, skirt, and her bleaching hair is kinda new i think it suit her nicely.

from left to right Olivia FabrianneMaria Istella, me, and Sonya Thaniya
we just finished our lunch and of course took a picture in such a lovely restaurant is A MUST. 
we all having blog to update hahaha i had delicious spaghetti and we all sharing blackcurrent cocktail
none alcohol of course cos i am a good girl. duh
we went outdoor for snapping OOTD pictures around 4.30 pm when sun already went down so it was so TRICKY. its hard to get the right brightness pictures  that we want. thats why im not uploading
many pictures on this post ugh so many dark and blurry pictures. what a struggle being a blogger hahahaha oh yeah you can click their name it will lead you to their instagram. i guarantee their feed are AWESOME.

the main point of this look on this day i just want to wear something comfy and chic. something easy to wear but not too boring so thats why i wore that stocking detail. and someone just gave me those basic blue shoes last week. thank you~ you know who you are. ;)

this is my favorite cutie in town Oliv, I LIKE HER INSTAGRAM FEED! she always changing her look from boyish to girly, sometimes feminine but tomorrow she can be total swag. its NICE to see people who can rock many style!

biggest thanks to a kindhearted security guy who took our picture so we could have full team pictures. a babe with red hat called Sonya. if i could describe her style she's edgy, boyish, sometimes really monochrome, sometimes really colorful. i cant predicting her style because i think her styling is out of the box, she has MANY cool fahsion items that i personally adore, so really interesting to see. this is all of us together there are some other full team pictures but many people walking behind us this is the only one without no one around :( how do you think of our tartan looks? hehehe me and Oliv accidently wore red-purple tartan and Sonya Stella wore green ones maybe we had telephaty when we choosed our outfit color at home hehehe

me and my girls will meet again tomorrow. i'm quite sure it will be another fun day. so as predicted my next blog post will be another street style pictures of me and these fellas again but we will attend OOTD competition invitation by Senayan City called Run For Style vol 2. i hope you guys have wonderful week! even tough we bring 3 pro camera but still . . . a day wouldnt be complete without #SELFIE see ya!

lots of love, Diras.

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  1. I DO REALLY LOVE THIS POST DIRAS!!! Hahahah Anyway, thanks for the compliment <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  2. Aaaa~ looks like you had a great time <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

    1. jangan sibuk sibuk keles makanya ikutan biar rame sayaaang hehehe

  3. nice post :)


  4. Hi Diras finally found your blog!

    Saying hello for future reference, keep up the good work! :D


  5. baeeee you're so so so sweett, thankyouu for all your time that spent with us, ketawa sampe bego :D
    and love this post you're so pretty and cuteeeee here :)


  6. wah asik banget kak kelihatannya <3 <3



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