September 10, 2015

Hide and Seek in Black

               Happy thursday everybody, here i am updating my blog again. i am wearing black from head to toe. something that i am quite sure that i never did it before. i guess because black isn't my favorite color. my first favorite color is pink and white. i can't decide between those two let me put them as equal hahaha what do you think about this all black colors on me? since it's kinda new thing for me if it suit me i guess i am gonna buy more black items in the future.

            Lately i've been busy with my thesis and i am also learning video editor software. if i finally understand it you guys will see a lot of me on youtube. oh yeah and today i went to furniture showroom and bought a new shoes storage. it is minimalist and white. i can keep about 15 pairs of shoes inside it. i am so about my new storage today hahaha its a bit pricey but hey it's a good investment when it comes to keep your shoes clean and durable as long as possible because they make you feel confident and pretty, don't they? so ladies you better treat them well. 

               When i took all these pictures the security on this area told us to not wear professional camera. it happens so many times before. i don't know what is it about indonesian and DSLR camera. because me and Sonya we are kinda used to annoying security who has DSLR phobia so we moved somewhere else to avoid that security guy and keep snapping more pictures in that area. LIKE WE GIVE A FUCK DUDE? hahahaha so these are the result of me and Sonya OOTD pictures while we were playing hide and seek with security guard. enjoy ;)

              There's another thing, if you have been reading my blog all this time and never see me "come alive" this is a video of me playing "Fashion and Style" quiz. pretty much like being in a class and we had several questions to answer, i am wondering when will "Class Today" team will contact me for collaboration again because it was SO FUN! the video ALSO available with english subtitle as well. don't forget to watch MY FIRST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE, tadaaa~ spread some love, drop some comment about my look or Class Today video. i really appreciate that. thank you fellas! muach

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  2. yaaaaayyy we'are so cool yaaa? hahahaha :D
    love the result raass :)

    1. "WE" are so cool" narcism detected. love "The Result" you know you are the one who capture it lol
      thank you dear xo

  3. OMGG~ you look so cool and sexy <33
    looks like you two had tons of fun ;D

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    That's really looks outstanding. :)


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