September 2, 2015

Sparkling White for Clozette

last thursday i hangout again with Sonya we went to two places. first we had decided to attend Clozette beauty talk show invitation first and we we visited a mall after Clozette event. We had a good time at Clozette event it sponsored by BodyShop, they gave goodie bags to all invitations. Sadly because me and Sonya came late we missed the makeup demo. Clozette also invited Jennifer Bachdim as main guest. it was nice to met her! she's a fashion blogger as well and i like her fabulous dress that she wore on that day. not to mention she's so friendly as well. after Clozette event i went to a mall and there was a bread exhibition. they made a dress from so many breads and it was COOL!

 i wore a casual little white dress. it made from cotton and its so comfy and suitable for Jakarta overheated weather. me and Sonya dress code is metallic. so i thought i should pair metallic color with neutral outfit. thats why i choose this little white dress. and i also picked pink statement necklace to match my pink sequin clutch. what do you think about my look? btw i read a lot of status updated by my internet friends they complaining if someone else "copying" their style. to me if someone else inspired or want to try wearing what i wear, i'm totally ok with that because it means i could inspire other people. i'm not seeing what's wrong with that. what about you? have you ever have someone trying to dress up with your style, and tell me how do you feel about that on comment section below.

me and Jennifer Bachdim

Sonya and Jennifer

all the invitations, sorry for low resolution. 

all pictures credits : Sonya Thaniya and   me

before i end this article i wanna say thank you for Clozette, BodyShop, my bestie Lintang who gave me this FABULOUS sequin clutch that i adore. you know me so well ;) and to you all thanks for keep reading my blog.
love, Diras.

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  1. I like read u blog..^^ in english language. I thing is beautiful... pic nice.. very lovely..

  2. How white dress suites u really well and lil bit of pink to make a girl point on you, i love that match.


  3. Oh my goodness. Could you get any prettier?!

    Love your blog, I'm a new follower. =))

  4. Your dress looking so fit on you, yet so comfy. Not too tight, fit is the right word. hehe


  5. diras looks so pretty <33

    cheer, michelle ~


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