February 18, 2016

Branded fashion VS unbranded fashion

Hey good evening friends, a month ago one of my friend chat me to request this article "so you think fashion is only about branded stuff?" most of my friends usually asked me "where did you get this, where did you get that?" so that was a good question. what do you think about branded fashion or unbranded one?

i've been into fashion for a while, i like fashion since high school there's a long process to find what looks good on me and also realize some horrible look that i wore back then hahaha you can skip that horrible fashion disaster phase by hiring good fashion stylist of course ;) *cough* probably me hahahaha before i answer the main question let me explain what fashion for me.

  • the way i look represent who i am without i need to speak
  • "fashion shows your individual character" i guess i can describe my self as girly and a little flirty ;)
  • if anyone tells you that you are overdressed, EAT THEM ALIVE! hahaha just kidding guys. to me there's no such a thing as overeducated or overdressed.
  • i wear what makes me feel confident. some negative people complain about my cropped tops, or my shortie short being TOO REVEALING. 1st reason do i look like i give a damn? 2nd reason if i wear denim jeans outdoor under direct sunlight its too hot and my legs skin start showing allergic reaction i get red spots EVERYWHERE on my legs. i already asked a doctor he said it because my skin is super sensitive not suitable for hot weather. but mostly first reason is kinda more accurate. now we go to our main topic

NO, i feel perfectly comfort wearing either unbranded or branded stuff. if i spend more money on branded stuff i buy their design NOT their brand. for example i'm not gonna spend 200$ for 1 basic plain tshirt. but if you have A LOT of money and you spent 200$ for tshirt, thats awesome. i dont want to accuse them as spoil. but to me the thing about fashion isnt about how much money you spend to buy expensive stuff. fashion is a self expression, fashion give me confidence about being just the way i am as A PERSON with or without branded stuff on me. as simple as that. i proudly say that this lacey black dress that i wear on this post was MADE IN BALI, INDONESIA. the brand is "LITTLE BINTANG" (bintang mean star it's bahasa indonesia) i support local brand with good quality. i guess this dress make me looks like a little star ;) *pardon my narcism* hahaha if you want to check out their products dont hesitate to stalk their instagram @LittleBintangBali i hope you guys like this short article, leave me some lovely comment maybe? ^^ kisses to y'all! muach have a good day.

love this white lace detail  

Love always, Diras.
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  1. I love that sabrina top! <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

    1. I just read the writing after I comment this post haha and I just realized it's a dress, not a sabrina top. Pardon my mistake dir hahaha

  2. Very well said miss. Diraz
    That lacey dress suit you PERFECT!! =)

    Thank you for supporting my work

    #hidup produk lokal

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  4. I always say Ayu: I love the look based on black and white! With these colors is never wrong. Love your shirt....so adorable!!! Kisses and thank you for your visit and your nice comment,

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  5. I'm surely agree on your article at all, and you always look gorgeous in every outift that you wear <3


  6. you look gorgeous dir! <3

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

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