March 19, 2016

Make up session with me

At the end of February i've got invited to fashion and music festival called Japan Wave Expo (JWE) at Central Park Mall. i came as a fashion blogger / model guest, there were some beauty talkshow and also performance by indonesian and japanese mucisian as well such as Tulus, Teenabelle, Elle & Jess Yamada, Faint Star,  and so many more. si did collaboration with Kay Collction and Mimi Kwok Make Up artist. Mimi did japanese make up demonstration on me and my friend Rachel, we are from the same agency called Japanese Station based in Jakarta, Bandung. we thought Mimi gonna do make up demonstration on me and Rachel but because we only had limited time on stage the team decided to finished Rachel make up first before we went up on stage. So Mimi did my make up while Bou (MC) did interview with Rachel. i already did all base make up such as faundation, concealer, and powder before i went to the stage so it saved much more time and Mimi did the rest of my make up on stage, SO I WENT ON STAGE ONLY WITH BASED MAKEUP i look like a pale monkey lol 
but Mimi finished it beautifully on stage hahahaha 

There was a rude crew who supposed to took care of me and Rachel called Rezki but he was gone all the time on that day, no one took care of our bags when we got up on stage, he said racist joke as well that i better not telling you right here, he didnt pick up our phone calls, i've got confused when i asked my lunch but he suddenly dissapear but before he was gone he pointed at some food merchant and said "THOSE PLACE SELLING FOOD, GO THERE AND BUY IT BY YOURSELF" but he end up transfered my lunch budget. 2 FREAKIN DAYS AFTER EVENT, when me and rachel asked him to record video with my phone he was so rude he said "NO, RECORDING YOUR VIDEO ISNT MY BUSINESS" and he's gone again (=___=) when Rachel about to go to Travel agent cos she had to went back to Bandung around 8 pm, Rachel asked that person if he could accompany her he just said "NO, i'm lazy", my friend Rachel was confused so she asked another JWE crew and another JWE crew confirmed that Rezki's job description is just taking care of Rachel and me.  and i heard that Rezki want to join Japanese Station where me and Rachel works as a talent, hahahahahaHAHAHAHA all i wanna say is please learn some manner first. beside that rude guy actually another JWE crews were nice i wonder why me and Rachel had such a bad luck lol
i prepared my self that i cant get any photos documentation to update my blog but it turn out one of Japanese Station photographer came, and captured me and Rachel pictures and even make a video documentation CLICK HERE to watch it in bahasa indonesia. 

beside that unpleasant exprience i am glad that Mimi as MUA of the day is so skillful and i love false eyelashes that she put on me, its a Candy Doll eyelashes. i love it so much, and Kay Collection team were so friendly as well. i am also always in a good mood when i am around another team from my agency because they are such a wonderful people that make my job feel so fun all the time! i hope i get another chance again to work with Rachel, JS Staff, Mimi Kwok and Kay Collection.

Mimi explaining Japanese make up trend, lately in japan it is such A THING to wear blush on under eyes just like how Mimi created on Rachel (left) i love how Rachel blue lens looks contrast with her pink blush.
sadly i am not a contact lens person. Take a look at my make up on this picture, so dewy my skin looks healthy, and i love my lip color. i usually doesnt like when MUA put heavy make up on me, i like how Mimi put "less is more look" on me. 

short interview with Bou as MC he asked me about my outfit, this is before make up session begin, i've told you i look like a pale monkey hahahaha

the walk after make up session finished

Mimi Kwok's team also did this ultra cute twin buns at backstage.
y'all know i like to play it save with my hairstyle i was kinda worry
when the team told me about the concept of my look, but it turn out I ADORE THIS HAIRSTYLE.
so unique and i've got some compliments from my friends as well! 

after me and Rachel finished our work we were still chillin around inside Central Park Mall
with another JS staff.

i wore black peplum top and also peplum skirt, playing with volume and a lil hint of pink
on necklace and bag. its my favorite color of course. at the end of the day even though there were
some unpleasant experience i always put this thought in my mind

"Surround your self with lovely people to get rid of any negativity"

Thanks for visiting my blog what do you think about our look?
oh yeah i havent tell my blog readers that I HAVE A NEW YOUTUBE ACCOUNT in english,
basicly its about me doing fun challenge by my self or with my friends, all this time i share my story by pictures to all of you. i thought it would be interesting to share my day with video as well, so i learn video editing and still trying to improve my english as well. i upload new video every monday, please do check it out.

Stay positive, stay awesome! 

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down stage photo : Japanese Station Staff
on stage photo : Martin Kristianto
Mimi MUA : @momogi (i.g)
Kay Collection product : @kaycollection

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog! It is so cute! You are very beautiful and what an interesting life you live! ^_^ Your youtube vid is fun!


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