March 1, 2016


if this is the first time you read my article you're gonna see a lot wrong grammar lol but imma keep writing my opinion about this LGBT issue anyway. first i'm Diras a fashion beauty blogger from Indonesia. The largest moslems country in the world.

here's the thing, 1 of indonesian ex-minister Tifatul Sembirang tweet this
"Muhammad SAW said to you who cought any gay action, kill them"

some public think its a hate speech, but he denied it he said
"what we supposed to do if some people think that sharing knowledge about Quran and hadist is a hate speech?"

first of all i am straight, you all know that so many gay guys works in fashion and beauty industry, but backthen before i jumped in this fashion beauty community, i am not used to be around them as well. but living in one of the most religious country i saw how people treat gay people, transgender people. specially in junior school or high school most bully are boys.
so you guys disgust by the fact that another boys with a dick like another dick? laughing, staring, or physicaly abuse them so YOU FEEL MANLY about your self? thats what cowards do.
looking for weaker people to make them feel superior. because i did excape from a bully, hate speech in my own way. i am at this point where i dont give A FUCK anymore about what haters say about me and i am completely happy about my self.

but seeing people try to make other fell less worth it MAKES ME SICK. dear Tifatul Sembirang you should see your self in a mirror? because i dont think you are THAT ATTRACTIVE to get flirt from girls, women, OR EVEN A GAY GUYS and this is objective opinion not an insult. from a scale 1 to 10. you are 1, but the way you're thinking MAKES YOU -10. 
so Tifatul think he's sharing KNOWLEDGE? i agree all people or religion can have their own opinion, but as i grow up I LEARN TO SHUT MY MOUTH WHEN I DONT HAVE ANY GOOD OPINION TO SAY. 

some people confused about their sexual orientation, most of my friends who are gay wont come out to their family. I KNOW HOW IT FELT LIKE TRIED TO MAKE SOCIETY HAPPY. i went through dissaproval opinion, hate speech, people tried to bring me down PHISICALLY MENTALY in my own case not in sexual orientation. you realize when i make this post i put my self to be a HATEABLE PERSON probably this whole country could hate me, BE IT. i dont care getting hate from a whole country to make 1 people happy about being him/her self. BE YOUR SELF is the most mainstream quote that tumblr kids and instagram kids put on their caption. but it is the hardest thing to do when you have huge barriers.

dont get me wrong i still  think that boys should be with girls. but there's 1 thing that I ALWAYS REMEMBER. i cant stand in between someone else HAPPINESS. so if you are going through confusing time about sexual sexual orientation if it makes you sad, angry, depressed, worthless. DONT EVER FEEL THAT WAY. Never feel wothless about your self. because i know how it felt like. everytime you feel down you can come back to this article and read this. i am constantly remembering EVERYBODY including Tifatul Sembirang to be happy. all gay people have every right to come out to your friends to your family. happy people build people up. if any of you trying to bring people down, while they did NOTHING to you, you guys seriously has something to fix in your mind, in your heart.

if you are gay or transgender thats ok, if you are gay and if you want to change it the only reason supposed to be for you self. dont do it for anyone else in this world because sexual orientation is INDIVIDUAL RIGHT. dont change for your parents or friends if that will make you feel sad inside. because the real family is those people who stand by your side when no one else want to.

spread love not war!
xoxo, Diras.

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  1. beautiful words dir! <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. LGBT kalo ga di beri pencerahan ntar bisa bisa mengulang sejarah kaum nabi luth alaihissalam...

    1. cuma tuhan yang berhak menentukan arti kata "cerah" bukan religious society.

    2. Hewan saja tidak ada yang LGBT :3

  3. Love your sentence on your last explanation. Spread love, not war. Anyway you look so adorable as always Dir.

    Saturation Boy

    1. aaw thanks for reading this article dear xx


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