May 31, 2016

Pastel Vibe for PAUL & JOE BEAUTE

Hey boys and girls, happy tuesday! here i am again telling you another story about my day as a blogger. So i got invited to attend PAUL & JOE launching at Sephora, Plaza Indonesia. i did a little search before i came to this event. I check out PAUL & JOE instagram which is @paulandjoe_beaute
and everything couldn't be prettier, PAUL & JOE BEAUTE product they are all in pastel color packaging. a woman behind this brand known by the name Sophie Mechaly she was born in 1967. she is a Paris-born designer best known as the founder of the Paul & Joe clothing line. Let's get to know about this brand a little better here are PAUL & JOE history

Launch of a men’s collection called “PAUL & JOE,” named after the
designer’s two sons.
Launches a line of clothing for women.
Working with the concept of “ACCESSIBLE LUXURY” inspired by her daily life as a working mother as well as a creator, Sophie Mechaly’s main design ideas are based on her approach to making clothes, which emphasizes both free and creative expression as well the personality of the wearer.
Collections proposed by Sophie, who has a flair for transforming the retro and warm details she loves into contemporary styles, are full of fun and sprinkled with “JOIE DE VIVRE” (joy of life).
Launches PAUL & JOE BEAUTE. 

and Who is the 'PAUL & JOE Woman'?
Women who are totally self aware and fuelled by an inner confidence. Women who are brimming with so much determination to enjoy life that they may seem a little hedonistic. She is savvy, stylish, and not afraid to address her needs and desires. Women who have these qualities, and at the same time project charm, passion and compassion. These are the women PAUL & JOE is made for.

for all the wonderful massage by this brand i feel so so lucky to get invited as one of PAUL & JOE BEAUTE influencer. and not only good philosophy PAUL AND JOE BEAUTE also pays extra focus on every product quality.

 "It's about having fun. I don't ask for advice,
I just have things I love.“
Sophie Mechaly

 she kinda sounds like me to be honest ;) 

  my outfit of the day is all about summer and feminine style, like i said before i already did a little research for PAUL & JOE brand so that's why i showed up with pastel theme outfit which match perfectly with the background.

Peplum top : forever 21
Bandage orange skirt : @PopaGoods on instagram
Handbag : Charles & Keith
Nude wedges : Marie Claire
Floppy hat & bracelets : unbranded boutique

PAUL & JOE Lipstick L
Rp 250.000,-

Pro :
PAUL & JOE BEAUTE is manufacture in Japan. the lipsticks are magically made/manufactured using an old Japanese candy-making technique called KintarĊ-ame, which involves layers of candy (or makeup) rolled together.  Which is delightful and incredibly amazing.
The candy-making process also means that the interior kitty tubes are still visible all the way down to the bottom of the bullets. a fact that greatly pleases my makeup-obsessed, cat-loving heart. The cat face in the middle work as the color while the round shape work as primer to keep the lipstick last longer on your lips. I also think it’s very cool how the center cat cylinders blend so well with their surrounding primer colors and create a subtle gradient effect when you apply them. and it also smells nice!

awesome Lipstick L ingredients and benefits

  • Cocoa Seed Butter — Emollient
  • Jojoba Seed Oil — Emollient
  • Lavender Oil — Emollient
  • Orange Flower Water — Moisturizer
  • White Lily Extract — Moisturizer and prevents irritation

  • i give this lipstick L 4.5 of 5 stars
    Con : 

    PAUL & JOE sell the lipstick case separately, the design is too cute but it cost Rp 100.000,-
    i give the Lipstick L case 3 of 5 stars

    PAUL AND JOE Lipstick holder
    Rp 100.000,-

    Lipstick is magical
    it hold more than a waxy bit of color, it holds the promise of a briliant smile,a briliant day.
    Both literally and figuratively.

    PAUL & JOE base makeup collection

    from left to right
    - PAUL & JOE Moisturizing Faundation Primer L
    - PAUL & JOE Gel faundation Recharge
    - PAUL & JOE Gel Faundation Case

    In order to give skin a healthy “luminosity” that looks as if it is glowing from within, PAUL & JOE focuses on creating deep, delectable moisture. Gentle and sensuous to the touch, PAUL & JOE products not only supply ample hydration, but they also contain effective quantities of carefully selected, flower-based moisturizing ingredients that hold that moisture in place all day. Leaving it so soft it seems to glow from within.

    and in order to draw out one’s natural skin color at its most radiant and to give that special inner glow PAUL & JOE added generous amounts of our exclusive ‘SECRET D’OR’ – champagne gold frost. It creates the natural luminosity that gives the skin a gentle but sexy luminescence.

    PAUL & JOE Gel Faundation Case i really adore the elegant design, and the color is so unique.
    a mix between beige and light pink. 

    read more : Your beauty way with SHINZU'I Ume

     PAUL & JOE Moisturizing Faundation Primer L detail, beautiful beige case design.
     with flower on it. very girly, chic and modern.

    PAUL & JOE team of the day, there were so many passionate beauty/fashion blogger, and also some talented makeup artist not to mention all the finger food snack were OMG-SO-DELICIOUS and even PAUL & JOE team put more cookies in our goodie bag the cookie shape like a cat! but sadly i cant capture it because they are all went inside my tummy. my happiness is simple you give me cookies and i'll love you forever hahahaha see you again on next article xoxo

    try  PAUL & JOE BEAUTE
    exclusively at Sephora, Plaza Indonesia

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