July 19, 2011

my weekly dance rehearsal 2

my head band just broken :(

my indie idol team called "On! Project", we're singing our original song too.
and also covering another japan idol group
like Perfume, buono, and many more.
here's another candid photos when we practice on sunday.
keep support us guys.


my weekly dance rehearsal

July 14, 2011

fashion people around me 2


another tika photo :) my lovely friend and also talented visual designer,
and last but not least Tito the photographer,
he's architect too just like me, but i never heard tito build house,
office or anything, he's like take photo all the time,
hahaha thats what i called passion ;) 

July 7, 2011

time for edge

i like the first photograph with clown concept,
he's one of my friend, fashion designer student from jakarta.
i love the second one too, he looks so edgy. black just never goes wrong :)

July 5, 2011

balmain spring RTW 2011

i know i know.. its not the newest balmain collection since its already fall,
but i just CANT stop thinking about balmain spring RTW 2011.
its so inspiring, bold, georgeous, young, fabulous!!
and also there's my favorite models too in this runaway
(sasha pivovarova & freja beha). balmain is LOVE!!

sushi dinner at Plaza Indonesia

one of my favorite model freja beha

Freja Beha Erichsen, she was born danmark, 18 october 1987.
i think she's unbearably sexy and cool.she's one of IMG model.
there's a rumor saying that she's a lesbian with another model irina lazarneau.
but whatever if freja bi-sexual or lesbian i want to be her gf too.
i think she's my first girl crush. she just too hot! LOL >u<

me at plaza semanggi, jakarta

fashion people around me

She's one of my friend in my dance team (there will be more post about my dance team later ^^) her name is Tika. her style is kinda quirky, playful, unique, with those bow headband as her statement style. she's such a sweet & funny friend. love ya tika!
photos by https://www.facebook.com/gior.getarcipta and also you can add tika's fb if u like https://www.facebook.com/chromatiqa

Large Rainbow Pointer