August 31, 2011

color hungry on sunday afternoon

another hangout day with some friends @ central park mall, jakarta.
today dress code is colorful but tika show up with hippies,
but still in nice style so she still appear in my fashion blog,hahaha (love ya tika!) ;D
today i wear double tanktop, some colorful bracelet,
shoulder bag from my boyfie (kisses :* and also nike sneaker. 
i call it marshy because the colour combination kinda like marshmallow color >w<
this is such a beautiful day, i had spaghetti with mushroom cream for my dinner.
i like tika headband and boots anyway.
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i'm newbie blogger, i have pitiful number of followers XD~
love ya all, xoxo

August 29, 2011

my very first time me hangout with flat shoes

as you can see, yes i wear my flat shoe to the mall.
i went out with my boyfie, he accompany me to buy some food.
i really really didnt feel comfort this day.
i try to hangout with flats. and my day went flat too :'(
it ruin my mood. til my boyfie mad at me too because i cant stop
angry and complaining about ALMOST ANYTHING that i can see,
i'm just not used to it -__-' but when the camera on for my blog,
1, 2, 3 the smile coming (>u<) 
and after that i became gloomy again.

1. full photo flat shoe

2. half photo flat shoe

3. YUP i crop it all! >u< see its better this way

oh little black dress

yeah yeah its another day in Plaza Indonesia, as you can see i braid all my hair to right
side but it loose, and it look a lil bit messy but i was too lazy to fix it up :p
i like my lil black dress i think this item can make you effortlessly chic and pretty.
and also i wear my 12cm high heels, if you know me you'll always see me in
high heels or sneakers. a few days after this  'plaza indonesia day'
i went out wearing flat shoe for my very very first time.
i always checkin when there's a mirror beside me, and i feel like
i want to go home as soon as possible. it ruin my mood,
 i really didn't feel comfort at all. =__='
i'll upload some photos from the ''flat shoe day' later.

keep fabulous girls, xoxo

August 2, 2011

wedding dress inspiration

the layer is so freakin beautiful and also the high heels . i'm in love with it!!

just like another girls, my biggest dream is to wear beautiful wedding dress.
i was attended my aunt's wedding when i'm about 5 y/o
and i just cant take my eyes of her wedding dress.
no, no i'm not gonna married soon of course
i need to finish my architecture study first (^w^)v
hope someday if i get married i can wear such a gorgeous
wedding dress like this, and maybe i'll invite you too. hehehe
keep fabulous everyone!
love, diraz ;)

my photograph

photos by : gior getarcipta

August 1, 2011

my indie idol group performing on the stage :D

here's some photos when my idol group called "On! Project" opening clas:h event,
its international cosplay event which was held at balai kartini jakarta (24/07/2011),
about 2000 people came from many regions from all age range.
we wore dress with flower pattern, colourful legging, and flat shoes.
honestly i really want performing with high heels,
but i'm the only one that used to wear high heels like anytime.
so its better for me to agree with flats than imagine someone fall on the stage while performing.
WE HAD SO MUCH FUN in this event,
i like the stage, lighting, and also the crowded is rock!

on! project photos by : black rabbit photography & kameko otakography.

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