April 23, 2012

"On the beach, you can live in bliss."

 i dont feel like in the mood for dress up so i just bring my daily shorts,
cropped top & went barefoot. 
i cant wear many accesories coz it could stuck and pull the 
ripped detail on my cropped top. =_='

my brunch is vermicelli with fresh veggies :9~
i always make sure to have as many as possible veggies on my menu everyday,
because i really like it. (^w^)v

Pink and yellow floral dress by Flower Power

 the boat that take me and my boyfie to the middle of the sea for
i was extremely excited. 

 my snorkling instructor and Tanjung Lesung view

honestly this is a bit embarrassing to say that i cant swim
please dont laugh at me (TwT)
but i got those life vest on me so i'm ok,
even i felt really worry at the beginning that i'm gonna drowned
and the sharks eat me but i choosed pink swim shoes
(i dont know what is it called in english), nice light blue vest,
and this is such a beautiful place to die so i get down to the sea finally.

-candid- the sea water hurt my eyes >.< i always love to trying new things so this
 first snorkling experience is AWESOME, i wish i could bring the camera into the water
to show you guys how beautiful it is!!
if you love nature and sea too i really recommended you to visit Tanjung Lesung in Indonesia.
its about 3-4 hours from the capital city.

this is me after 45 minutes snorkling looks exhausted. i feel seasick
because the waves made me up and down.
but it such a fun experience. i'll definitely go
snorkling again someday even sea water made my
hair frizzy !! ^O^'/

my floral bikini ^^ actually this is kids size lol
since i'm size zero its a bit hard to find bikini that i like in XS size.
so being skinny isn't always easy you know >w<'

me and him on the way back, dont you think the trees are refreshing?
its hard to find green, refreshing, & peaceful landscape in capital city :(
so 3-4 hours is worth it for all Tanjung Lesung landscape.
so thats it, hope you like my post dont forget
to leave some loveable comments,
and once again please ignore my sucks english ;)

April 14, 2012

April 7, 2012

Smells Like Bubble Gum :D

chiffon materials, nice cutting, cute color combination.
oh how much i like this dress >w<
you can get this dress and also the vest from Flower Power Shop
xoxo, diraz

Queen of Street Style part 2 : Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung - Coachella Music festival 

Alexa wearing valentino dress with studded clutch.
that bow details on her arm are really pretty (TuT)
I want this dress >.<

lately i'm looking for pink denim jeans like this one,
but its so hard to find my size, i'm size zero >.<

Famous Tribal heels by Louise Vuitton >w<
from 2009 collection.

April 5, 2012

TOP 3 The Hottest Man Alive

NO 1 : Taylor Lautner

Boys gonna say "Here we go again" if girls talk about this "teen wolf" >u<
He's my Number 1 Hottest man alive, i love his tan skin and his sweet smile.
i mean cant you hate her ladies? everything about him is simply "UNBEARABLE" hahahaha
he's the one and only who can make me feel "What the hell am i thinking about, why am i so pervert right now" XD~ 

NO 2 : Ryan Gosling

-Best Kiss Award with Rachel McAdams-

i'm not his huge fan before, but when i watched his acting on Crazy, Stupid, Love
The Ides of March, Drive. the way he smile & the way he look at the girl in every movie
is simply hypnotized me for christ sake! lol
even i was download his video on youtube when he received his "Best Kiss Awards"
with Rachel mcAdam. i always watching it while giggling like hopeless romantic girl >u<'
dont you think his smile is really charming? ^w^


oh i love this actor, he always played womanizer & badboy image.
i watch him on The Hangover 1 & 2, The A-Team, and also Wedding Crashers.
People magazine named Cooper "The Sexiest Man Alive"
i'm pretty agree with that, but i'm sorry Cooper IMO you cant beat
Taylor Lautner & Ryan Gosling as well. Love you hottie!
xoxo, Diraz.

April 4, 2012

Pinkish Snapshot

Some people criticize my hairs, thay said its too long,
but screw it. i LOVE my hair.
if you hate my hair, well i hate you too.
anyway i dyed my hair with Revlon in black color about 3 month ago,
but now it looks a bit brown again.

Red Dress Me

i love this dress, the materials, flower details on shoulder, pretty bow on the back
it make me feel feminine instantly >w<
i'm wearing "Tea Time Dress" by Flower Power Shop

Large Rainbow Pointer