July 14, 2012

Journey to Central Java, Indonesia (Part one)

i was spend my holiday with my boyfie again, YEAY!
 but this time we went for double date with Rio and Manda.
we decided to visit Yogyakarta, Magelang, and Sundak Beach.
i'll make another post for Sundak Beach after this one.
coz if i make it into one post its gonna be soooo long.
we went from jakarta to yogyakarta by car about 22 DAMN HOURS!!
rio drove 22 HOURS. because my boyfie Ai only used to automatic car. =w='
GOSH this is the longest travel by car that i've ever felt.
it soooo TIRING and FUN.
if someone ask me to do it again, i'm gonna say "hell yeah i'm packing!"

this is one of rice field on sunrise that we passed through.we are so tired because normally it takes only 12 to 16 hours from
Jakarta to Yogyakarta. but we're kinda choose the wrong highway so yeah . . . /(= w =)
but even in exhausted feeling it cant stop us from our natural needed
which is camwhoring ^^

 "wow this the trees are beautiful, lets stop to take some photo again" Rio Said.


 "i think we should stop for breakfast,
and take another photos again" 

During the trip we keep joking about Jokowi,
he's a candidate for the next Jakarta Governor.
someone in rio's college told him that he look like jokowi when he wore plaid t-shirt XD~ 

The first day in Yogyakarta we decided to visit Borobudur at Magelang.
its about 2 hours from Yogyakarta. But we stay in Agung Mas Hotel
at Cokroaminoto Street 108, Yogyakarta. its only 240.000 IDR for one night. (July 2012)
affodable price, clean hotel, and they also have waterheater. anyway...
i'll tell you boys and girls about Borobudur in short version that i co-paste from wikipedia. :p

Borobudur  is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist monument in MagelangCentral JavaIndonesia. The monument consists of six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues A main dome, located at the center of the top platform, is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues seated inside a perforated stupa.Evidence suggest Borobudur was constructed in the 9th century and abandoned following the 14th century decline of Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms in Java, and the Javanese conversion to Islam. 
and here's some pictures that my boyfie took

Dynamic Duo Rio and Ai with jokowi pose again (= w =')

the biggest one behind us is a main dome, located at the center of the top platform.

you need to walk about 800 Meters from park area to the top.

and of course you must pay for admission first. its only 35.000 IDR / person = 4 dollars

(*July 2012)

oh i forget to tell you about this beautiful ethnic sarong that i wear.

its javanese batic pattern. every visitors who wants to go up to the platform must wear this sarong. i think this "Sarongisasi" aims to respect the budhist cultural. Ai, Rio and Manda decided to took it off because they think its too "rempong" to walk in sarong.
what is rempong in english, SOMEBODY TELL ME >.<
my english is sucks =w='
for me no matter how rempong it is, i'm gonna wear anything that looks pretty hahaha
and i think this sarong pattern is so pretty, too bad i must gave it back in exit gate >.<

anyway you can also just sit around in the garden or ride a horse
around the main platform. but you need to pay extra fee for horse riding.
actually i REALLY want to ride a horse

but the borobudur closed at 5 o'clock and i am too late for that #CryingInside

but RIGHT NOW i'm in borneo island with my family,
My mom works in Center Borneo. she asked me to visit Orang Utan shelter
maybe next week
when she's not busy. i'm SOOO EXCITED!!
Orang Utan is my 2nd favorite animal after dogs. >w<
so thats it people. leave some lovely comments!

i'm sorry again for wrong grammar, spelling, or tenses.
Love and kisses from Indonesia!

Large Rainbow Pointer