December 27, 2013

Diras meet up with Santa

Helloooo ho ho ho
this is Diras xmas report, 2 days ago on Wednesday 25th December 2013
i visit a mall (as always) i mean what do you expect?
i live in Jakarta, im just another normal big city kid >.<'
but it was a bit different cos its xmas day.
my mood is super nice, their decoration is nicer.

lately i've been singing quite alot but still not really that good but you can hear it
too! just click here for "Snow in California" cover.
the original song is by Ariana Grande.

i spent my xmas with my BFF of course Lintang, and also my boyfriend Ai.
we met up at 3 PM, the traffic is nice since every holiday or long weekend Jakarta people
 usually going out of town,
we're went straight to our favorite sushi restaurant since i havent eat my lunch, 
FYI 3 of us we're really suck on trying something new. we keep visit this restaurant
everytime we hangout at this mall, we're ordering our usuall menu too hahahaha

Salmon sashimi is a must, three of us always order this one all the time ^^
and of course 3 cold green tea. after we're full we went to window shopping all around street wear brand.

we all an expert shopper we're not buying anything in normal price on December,
bitch please cos it will sale 1-2 weeks from now they will update their collection for spring summer.
i mean come on i've been shopping for 10 years straight and im not Donald Trump's daughter :)
we were visiting Zara, Vistoria's secret, and another street wear brand which i cant remember their name,
since their name is confusing and using difficult font. reading is tiring dont make it 
even more harder -__-'

funny thing about Zara, i always find my size on Zara Kids since im really petite, short,
and skinny hahaha i doesnt grow since 15 years old i start to think maybe im midget or something >u<
BUT BUT BUT dont miss one thing Zara Kids has cheaper price.
if i buy Zara coat in Indonesia it cost about 70$-120$, while Zara Kids only around 30$-45$
and also their dresses #YES ^O^b FYI those little white dress that i wore is also from
Zara Kids size 11-14 years old.
after we're tired of walking around and trying out all cool caps, shoes and straike a pose
on every cute xmas decoration that we can find,

we're freakin tired cos this mall is BIG. so my boyfriend asked us if we want
to check out theatre maybe they has something cool to watch.
and we are watching . . . 


xmas couldnt be more perfect.
before the movie start we still have 45 minutes left to spend,
and we were visiting coffee shop,
Ai order for coffee, (ai usuall)
Lintang order for green tea latte, (lintang usuall)
and of course Diras is frozen yogurt with longan topping and
mellon mochi (diras usuall again).
actually i already ask my boyfriend since 2 WEEKS AGO
TO WATCH FROZEN WITH ME, but he said "its a girl movie"
since there's Lintang and me who vote for Frozen, yeah we beat Hobbit 2!!!
#NowPlaying Beyonce

and at the end of the movie its seems like Ai REALLY ENJOY IT.
i already told him its a good movie -__-' GEEZ BOYFIE.

this Mall has some nice decoration but honestly im kinda expect more since this is
the coolest mall in Indonesia please buy a giant sparkling xmas three or something -___-
yeah pleasing diras is so hard ahahaha

Santaaa dont you know i sing a song for you since 2 weeks agoooo,
if you want to hear it too click here to visit my "Santa Baby" cover on soundcloud.

so i guess thats all my xmas report, we went home at 10 pm til the mall is closing.
i hope all of you spent your xmas with your lovely people around you too
and doing happy stuff like me.

closing with my selfie of course, merry xmas and happy new year to you who celebrate it!

sorry again for all my stupid english,
xoxo Diras.

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