March 28, 2014

Whats inside girl's mind

we girls such a creature who always OVERTHINKING about every small thing,
we keep worry all the time, sometimes we are being too whiny.
 even though we're not always say it out loud but there's pretty many stuff
which bother our mind all the time such as . . .

- does my hair look bad?? i should wash it before i go out sigh~
- omg exam tomorrow morning but i dont want to study
- should i buy that cute top yesterday, what if someone else buy it and it sold out
im gonna regret it later

- how to make him pay attention to me
- why that bitch standing too close to my crush??? stay away he's MINE
- does my nose look oily like frying pan?

- that girl's hair look amazing how can i make my hair look like that
-i'll curl my hair tomorrow so it will look beautifully wavy like that
- fuck it im late and too lazy, let me just ponytail my hair, its so happening on runaway (excuse)

- that chanel bag is so cute!! why cant i be donald trump's daughter so i can buy everything
- #WatchingMovie OMG he is so hot! why actors wont date normal unfamous people, for example ME?
- i want a cute flat tummy but i dont want to exercise, i mean its TIRING

- i'm running out of money but i want to go shopping
- should i cut my hair or not? what if i dont like the result
- should i text him or waiting for him to text me first?

- i should take my diet seriously . . . OMG cakeeeee (>O<)/
- how to make that cool nailart, i want my nails to look like that
- why my legs are so fat??? i hate it

- i need more shoes
- today sunshine is so hot, i hate it
- why its raining i need to be there ASAP, and here goes the traffic

i guess thats all pretty much things that bother girl's mind daily lol
sometimes we need to stop overthinking and complaining about shitty things.
we wont get wrinkles too soon right?
lately if i have anything that bother my mind if i can do something about it, i'll do something to
make me feel better about it. but if i cant do anthing about it just STOP WORRYING and COMPLAINING.
i know its not as easy as it sound but i have some

here are another list
"How to reduce girly complain in your mind"

1. Sleep early so you can wake up on time.
you have more time to wash your hair, do your nail,
mix and match your outfit, and put on make up slowly in PEACEFUL.WAY

2. Wake up early, go outside for a walk (wearing sneakers)
if you are being at home for long time
sit down in front of your laptop too much,
or it feels like your campus / offiice hour leave you no time to exercise.
wake up early, bring your music player and headset, make exciting new playlist,
go for 20 minutes walk and jogging specially in early morning
when air is still so much refreshing.
when you experience something new, it will make you feel fresher,
set you up in a good mood. if you are lazy to go by your
self ask your besties to accompany you,
if you live in Jakarta, go jogging at Senayan in weekend.
let me tell you a little secret. if you are lucky there are several
cute guy jogging at Senayan. i mean who want to look for unhealthy chilidish boys
in a club, im sorry boys i prefer healthy guy who loves exercise ;)
jogging hv so many benefits as we all know it clear your mind,
make your legs skinnier, and also your tummy,
make you healthier you dont get sick easilly if you do it at least once every 3 days.

3. wear colorful outfit or colorful accessories, its all about color psychology dear.
when i feel lazy or wake up with a lot of shitty things in my mind i like to wear something
calming or refreshing to bright up my day like yellow, or light blue.
when im in bad mood i always avoid dark color. i feel like it makes me look more misereable lol
sorry for black color lovers.

4. talk to your besties. everytime i have trouble im not that type of emo kid who want to be alone
and wear dark eyeliner and took selfie. i prefer to meet up with my bestfriend or call her/him and tell them everything. even though it wont solve a thing at least they cheer you up ^^
i love my besties :*

5. "enjoy ME TIME" spoil your self with your favorite product. for me i usually burn some aromatherapy oil and candle that i bought from Bali, streaming classic jazz from youtube,
while put on my favorite face mask.

white polkadot sweater, and brown studded boots

USA caps, Triangle Batik Necklace,
Stardust bracelet set, brown clutch
twitter and instagram : @PopaGoods

purple tie dye stocking


so thats all that i want to share with you ladies,
i hope you like this post. i'll see you again on my next post.
i'll try to make new post every week and post it every fabulous friday!
visit me on twitter @ayu_adiras or my instagram with same username.
bye bye~

March 27, 2014

3 victoria's secret angels, and their street style

"Chic Look"
Ming Xi

i think Mingxi is my number one favorite asian model.
she's also walking for victoria's secret 2013, her real name is Xi Mengyao.
Elite Modellook 2009 finalist. Walked exclusively for Givenchy Haute Couture January 2010,
in March 2010 walked for Givenchy.
she has that CUTEST SMILE and cute eyeshape.
her street style is AWESOME. this girl know how to dress up casually in a cool way,
and doesnt boring at all.

Mingxi rocking cute pair of horizontal cropped top and skirt, and that blue
bag is simply stunning
love that hair flip <3

looks comfy and effortlesly chic with denim outer and playful sunglasses

that red outer is a bit hard to mix. if i have that item im gonna be confused how to
wear it, but this is smart combination.
wear it with basic color so the red outer look stand out.
and doesnt look "too much" Nice look!!!
if you are curious about her click HERE to follow her cute feed on instagram.
and then next . .  

"Sweetest Rock Chic"
Malaika Firth

Malaika was bor 23 March 1994, she's kenyan born british.
after her mother saw a TV special about the model agency.
Firth attracted attention when she was booked as the first colored skin model
in almost 20 years to appear in a Prada advertising.
im so IN LOVE with her unique face >O<
check out her lips perfectly balance her ouval face and look at THAT EYES
and glowing skin.
she's such a cutie!!! i really adore her

this is Malaika on latest Victoria's Secret backstage.
Firth was encouraged by her mother to try out modeling,
after watching an episode of "The Model Agency", which featured a documentary
about the Premier Model Management Her mother called up the agency
and arranged a meeting with them. After attending an open-call casting,
Malaika was signed on the spot.

cute flat tummy that everyone wants, i need that black basic boots
specially its been raining all the time for this past 3 weeks in Jakarta.
black basic boots is a good investment you know, you can pair it with
everything like jeans, shorts, even little black dress and skirt. 

that plaid scarf makes her looks shopisticated, i adore this look!
click HERE to check her official instagram.

"Swag Queen"
Cara Delevingne

Everybody's favorite model Cara Delevingne!
Miss Delevingne was born in London, having 2 older sisters
she was featured in Burberry Spring Summer 2011 campaign and also
become the face of burberry Sping Summer 2012.
Cara's distinctive character and her bushy eyebrow are her trademark,
usually girls models are very boring and act pretty as we all know,
while cara's different personality make her stand out among other models.
she's also walk for Victoria's secret runaway. she looks nice but IMO
she's a bit skinny for VS image. i prefer someone with healthier look on
VS such as Adriana Lima, and Candice Swanepoel.
i know i am skinny too i should defend skinny side but hey
its Victoria's secret standart. 

Miss Cara street style trademark are beanie, or snapback cap.
and i can tell she likes sneakers on her daily outfit.
for colors just like another models she like
basic color such as black, white and grey. sometimes she wear 1-2 colorful item
and still mix it with basic color. i never see cara's street style wearing colorful thing from head to toe
just like Agyness Deyn. To me so far no one can beat Agyness in colorful style.

i love that grey outer, if i have that outer i'll mix it with little white dress,
or do it just like cara in this pic with white tee and jeans. but i prefer denim with light blue color
better than black and ill pair it with black ankle boots with heels
instead sneakers cos im just plainly short like a hobbit lol

this is pretty much my daily look. i also like to wear denim short with tanktop 
considering Jakarta's weather is SO HOT. in Indonesia some girls actually prefer to wear sweaters
on bright hot day cos they dont want to get tan. Mostly girls in indonesia are obsessed to
get whiter skin. If you want to start a business let give you little advise.
sell products which have brightening effect. people will buy it right here even boys.
i heard some of my friends (boys) want to visit doctor to inject vitamin C so they look whiter.
while white people love to sunbathing to get tan skin. your neighbour's grass is always greener huh? >u<'
sorry OOT to much hahaha btw click HERE to follow Cara Delevinge's official instagram

thats my comparison of 3 raising models
i personally loves Mingxi with chic look because even she's just like
another models who wear mostly basic color but the way she combine her items is smart
and always interesting i never get bored looking at her street style photos cos
she keep changing her look from rock chic, to effortless chic, to pretty chic.
so many different concept but always look good on her. 
not all models can do that.
yes Cara is also awesome but IMO her type of swag look getting a little bit
 too mainstream lately. let me know what do you think and who's your favorite?

xoxo Diras

March 23, 2014

my facial care

Hi girls i decided to make my very first product review! usually i only discuss about my outfit
and fashion show but since you cant seperate all beauty things and fashion so this is it
I've been trying so many facial wash brand from convenience store
and 2 famous skin clinic in Indonesia

my skin type is normal to oily in T area.
sometimes i get monthly lil bump on PMS but my acne doesnt really last longer.
usually just 1-4 days and my face will back to normal again as long as im not touching it.
before i talk about this product im gonna talk about another brands and also
some products by dermatologist and give rate to all of it!!! ^^
so if you live in Indonesia, having acne problem
 and still considering about where is the best skin care
clinic in here, you need to read this post til finish.
i give review to all products that i've been try.

Clean and Clear foaming facial wash

 it smells nice, but doesnt have scrub in it,
i prefer facial wash with scrub cos i feel like it cleansing my skin better.
clean & clear is only clean my face but doesnt leave fresh feel and not lightening my skin.
i give it 2.5 stars from 5

Ponds Facial wash & Biore Facial Wash

its like something i'd love to use if i forget to bring my usual facial wash
and the hotel only provide them in bathroom. its better than not washing my face at all.
i give them 1 star from 5

Natasha Skin Care

maybe some of you know that Natasha is one of famous skin care clinic in Indonesia.
they are pretty much everywhere either in a big malls, or located in nice district.
. i used to use their night cream, day cream, and also facial wash
for like 1 year. actually their acne cream is good it reduce my acne but didnt work as fast as Erha cream. Natasha facial wash its about IDR 70.000 (in 2012)
when i was run out of facial wash and im about to take a bath
i just grab Acne Creamy Wash from nearest convenience store.
i mean who want to drive an hour to get facial wash from dermatologist if you are in hurry to take a bath right??? and it turn out my Natasha Facial Wash doesnt work better than convenience store brand
so i stop using it. its only more expensive.
Natasha toner is also didnt work as good, i stop using it after 2nd bottle.
their day and night cream is pretty good if i wake up in the morning and notice
lil bump on my face if i use this cream it will dissapear in about 4-5 days.
for Natasha skin care if you have acnes problem you're gonna spend about
 180.000-350.000 for once visit (2013 Natasha Skin Care Senayan City,
i give 2.5 stars from 5 to Natasha Skin Care

Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash

Acnes Creamy wash this one is also nice, work so good on normal skin,
dont cause new acne on my face. this product work as good as Natasha Facial Wash.
and of course easier to get everywhere in supermarket and also cheap!!
we all love cheap product that works good right?
 i i give this product
3.5 stars from 5 and i recommend this one if you have
normal to oily skin or problem with acne.

Erha Skin Care

Erha Facial wash is about IDR 70.000 - 80.000 (roughly 7$-8$ in 2013)
i used Erha night cream, day cream, and facial wash about 8 months but right now i dont
have any problem with annoying acnes anymore,
let me answer all rumour about Erha Clinic cos im pretty sure so many
boys and girls in Indonesia curious about this skin care products.

"people say that Erha product is addictive?" YES ITS TRUE.
"does it expensive?" yes more expensive than Natasha Skin Care.
"does it work better than Natasha?" it reduce my acne just like Natasha cream,
Erha cream works FASTER than Natasha,
specially their night cream. 
"how can you stop using it if its addictive?" when im still ACTIVE USERS i
use it everyday but i decrease it in about 3 month til i finally can stop using it.

all those cream is about IDR 70.000-80.000 each (2013)
 to get Erha cream you need to
meet their doctor, the doctor will make prescription for you
and you need to pay IDR 150.000 for that,
and they also charge for "counter service" idk why.
its only IDR 15.000 but its pretty weird
they charge you for cashier fee
(2013 Erha Skin center Mall Metropolitan Bekasi)
 IN NATASHA SKIN CENTER they give consultation with their doctor FOR FREE.
to see a Erha doctor usually you need to be in waiting list for like 1-2,5 hours and after you finally get ur
prescription about what cream you should buy, you need to wait AGAIN about 30 minutes - 1 hour
 so they can prepare your cream and all things that you need.
usually they give you 2 day creams, 1 night cream, 1 facial wash,
sometimes they offer you toner, and they are commercial brand they have
so many product such as sunblock, loose powder for acne skin, hair products blablabla
but if you dont want to spend too much let me give you advise, just take their day creams
and night cream, their facial wash is optional it work good on my face
but not really give big contribution to cure my acne. i can change it to "Mentholatum Acnes"
it work the same. Erha facial wash is just more expensive. 

for once visit you're gonna spend about IDR 300.000-450.000 (30$-45$ in 2013)
sometimes they give you pills, but my mom is a doctor too she said its just regular antibiotic to calm your active acne. so i dont take their pills.
the next visit if you want to get ur usuall products again you still need to pay for IDR 150.000
for consultation fee even though maybe they are not giving you any new prescription. yeah thats sucks.
and finally here comes my favorite facial wash

"Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete"

since right now i dont have any big problem about acnes anymore just like before,
i prefer this one better than "Mantholatum Acnes" facial wash.
i personally so obsessed with orange and lemons. i eat 2 orange everyday.
as we all know it contain vitamin C which is good to our skin.
make skin looks brighter and healthier, of course you still need to workout and sweating
 to make your skin even more glowing. so if some of you trying to get whiter skin,
you better eat a lot fruits that contain vit C, to me its just more make sense than using body loation.
(but of course i still use body loation)

when i have lemons in cooler i usually use it for face mask because i watch some youtube tutorial
about how to make your own homemade face mask. all you need to do is just squeeze your lemon and use 1 tea spoon of sugar as your scrub and put it all over your face. use it like once every week, but since
i try Garnier facial wash i was thinking "hey i can ABSORB all lemon benefit on my face everyday!"
yeay!! (^O^)/ 

the packaging says that multi action brightening
exfoliates & brightens.

yes it isnt brightening on your first try, but if you keep using it i feel like my face feel smoother
and it really exfoliate and make it look brighter just like my homemade lemon mask (o>w<o)
the best benefit about this product IT SMELLS VERY REFRESHING!!!
so after long tiring day i'd love to clean up my make up using this and feel so much fresher.
(but dont put ur hope too high just like all facial wash brand this one also cant remove
your waterproof liquid eyeliner, i still need to clean it with
baby oil first, lets keep REALISTIC people hahaha)
i used to complain a lot about facial product just like you read, but ive got nothing to
complain about this one.
the price is adorable,
i can get this product so easy in every supermarket,
dont need to wait freakin 2 hour in dermatologist's waiting room

it looks yellowish white with scrub in it ^w^

lets read the packaging promises carefully.

fine exfoliating beads (true)
lemmon essense to intensively cleanse (true)
visibly brighter (after using it a while its true)
clarify skin (true)

how to use it  : tied or blow your bangs, gently massage on wet face, lather and rinse with water, pat your face gently with your favorite towel (optional <3 ) 

and TADAAAA it gives me nice and clean feels but it wont give you that sparkling effect,
i just being "lebay" >u<
i hope you girls enjoy MY VERY FIRST REVIEW. i know i complain a lot about some brands
but hey we need to be objective and picky for the sake of our face skin. its crucial right??? i give it 4.5 from 5 pink stars ^O^ yes color does matter everyone >3<

 ok i'll see you again on my next post.
im not sure if it will be another outfit post or another beauty product review.
let me know if you like this type of post. sorry for my poor english skill.


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