May 19, 2014

Too much love in the air

last weekend 11 of May is Dog Does Disco 2014,
an event that i've been waiting for. if you live in Jakarta maybe you know that it
such a thing for this past 3 years. there are band performance, charity fashion show,
dog fashion show, dog contest, etc the most important is this was the biggest event for dog lovers.
wohooo ^O^

this is the main gate i came here around 2 pm, i got lunch first with my BFF til 3 pm
and i was playing around the park to see the event.
as always many dog owners came and bring their doggies and puppies.
i have one puppy named Ariel but she stayed at home (sorry ariel)
i cant take her out to play more than 30 minutes, 1 hour is already maximum limit,
after that when Ariel is too tired she's gonna ask me to carry her.
sorry Ariel. anyway this is my look

sometimes when i go out with my friend Lintang we always try to decide
what color to wear so we look match hehehe this time i pick something red and white.
i pick it randomly before i mix and match my outfit for these day,
it turn out the finish look isnt so red and white, the pink looks more dominant hihihi ^^
this is my old fringe cropped top, i barely wear it.
i already thought that Dog Does Disco is outdoor, the weather in Jakarta isnt so friendly
i'm gonna be sweating. i dont used to be outdoor. there's 2 condition where
i suddenly let my self being under sunlight.
1. being at the beach outside Jakarta
2. Big event like this

 You can follow her by twitter right here
i usually meet a bunch of group or besties who dress up the same
like all girly, or some gank influenced by punk or grunge or all kawaii look.
everytime me and Lintang pick the color it will end up VERY different.
she has rock chic look, bold and she like basic color lately.
while i describe my style as playful, comfy, usually colorful.
im a girly girl i like pink, bright colors.
i never clasified my style as "kpop, jpop, or western look"
i like to see how people rocking current trend but
for me i prefer something that isnt so mainstream.
so thats why it become my own personal style. ;)

i have a funny story about Lintang's leather jacket by Pull and Bear.
me and her usually go out shopping all around street wear brand
in Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia. we saw this GORGEOUS leather jacket together,
its 50% off. when Lintang tried it for the first time we were speechless looking
at her reflection in a mirror. how this jacket is A TEN. how it suit her perfectly!
the cutting, its genuine leather, how the cutting is perfect,
how the design copied Balmain perfectly lol.
from IDR 1.400.000 to IDR 699.000 (roughly 70 US$)
i told her to buy it or she's gonna regret it later. she didnt buy it
ON THAT DAY omg. the SADDEST PART IS Pull and bear
didnt have my size T^T it breaks my heart into pieces TIL NOW.

finally she went back without buying this jacket, til she DREAM ABOUT IT.
if i said buy it, it totally worth it lah, she supposed listen to me.
and the day after that finally she went back to another pull and bear store near her home,
and finally bought it. YEAY im so happy for her. i couldnt decide either i am
happy or i am beyond jealous. hahahahaha
on these day when Lintang show up wearing this jacket i kept staring to her jacket.
i swear i kept STARING. i couldnt take my eyes off of her cool jacket hahaha
i think she match it perfectly with those white and red top, black jeans and ankle heels.
everytime i go out shopping with lintang and everytime i saw leather jacket
i always compare them with her jacket even though when she's not wear it T^T
when it doesnt as great as these pull & bear jacket i wont buy it,
i swear i feel defeat hahahaha
if you are a trully shopaholic maybe some of you understand that
you are not the one who pick your clothes in a boutique.
somehow they "pick you" like these leather jacket & Lintang are
meant to be together lah, you dont need any boyfriend anymore lol >u<

these are my details i bought this dream catcher when i visit Malioboro, Yogyakarta.
isnt my cropped top cute? hehehe ;) i accidently saw it at Mal Ambasador, Jakarta
when i were hangin around with some friends.
my bracelets by popagoods my skinny jeans i stole it
from my little sister's storage, major PINK touch bag is a gift
from someone. wohooo see through black bra hehehehe :P *Act sexy*

walking around hunting for cute puppies to camwhore with

cihuahua and bulldog

cute beagle love his owner, isnt it lovely <3

dont under estimate the power of blogger or photographer trying to get 
nice shots everyone. i would sit on a street, climb a gate, climb a tree
 while people watching awkwardly
i dont care as long as i can get nice shot.
look at left pic of me and this golden retreiver, this dog look so happy
arent we look nice hehehe
sneakers by Nike, headband by PopaGoods

back then i was thinking to wear ankle heels but after i rethinking
how we should walking around Central Park mall all day long and probably
step on a grass, i wont let my heels get ugly cos of dirt.
so thats why i pick pink sneakers that match with my bag <3

too many cute puppies, i think this day is one of my happiest day this year,
i never regret everytime i visit Dog Does Disco event. if you are dog lovers
maybe if you live outside Jakarta like Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung
you should try to visit next year. too much love in the air just like this post tittle ^w^

let me tell you something this one is Samoyed puppy, she's only 5 month.
The Samoyed  is a breed of dog that takes its name from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia.
you need to know that i've been wanting Samoyed
for this past 2 years since i have Ariel my maltese. i want bigger size of white dog.
(too bad puppy doesnt available in pink hahaha)
when the first time i look at her, I WANT HER SO BAD.
i asked the owner where did she get her, i already get the breeder contact.
but the problem is i need bigger home for this breed. i hope someday i'll get my samoyed.
look at my expression on left pic how i look at her like that
how much i love this beautiful creature.
a little kiss for this baby :* xo

random guy carrying his dog. ugh its quite nice shot but this guy is walking while was trying
to capture this shot. its so hard to get un-blur pic when the object is moving.
sorry im not photographer >.<

this is another samoyed this one is bigger than the first one, and cute fluffy
pomerian who want people to capture her pic hahahaha super cute
look how small and puffy she is <3 please excuse my messy hair everyone,
its outdoor event i was getting sweating.

thanks for Lintang who help me so much capturing my pictures,
i offer her to camwhore with puppies but she didnt want it, she's more
like cat person while i am dog person >w<
a little advise if you like capturing pictures or camwhoring like me, go out
around 3-4 pm while the sunlight looks warm like in this pic

this is around 5 pm, sunlight already getting darker but i still excited
hunting for picture while Lintang looks quite tired cos of her ankle heels. poor her >.<

people think that pitbull is danger and fierce it turn out this one is so SHY,
even i pinched his cheek, he still trying to avoid me. he didnt want to
sit close to me hahahaa pushy diras is pushy,
i was like "COME HEREEEE I NEED NICE SHOTS" he was like
"NOOOO stay away bitch" LOL

more and more puppies, look at those dog with sunglasses how fancy is that >u<
i guess this is all my full report from Dog Does Disco 2014.
i hope you guys and girls enjoy this post as much as i do. 
oh yeah i just change my instagram username from @AyuAdiras
to @itsdiras cos i think its easier to remember.
you can also meet me on twitter with same user name like my new one.

next post will be another event report, byeeee
xoxo, Diras

Large Rainbow Pointer