August 26, 2014

summer fling

its been a while since my last update sorry.
my SLR memory card got stupid virus. i lost a lot pictures T.T 
i was so upset sigh~ but this is quick update from me,
let me know what you think. if you want follow back from me just drop a
comment if you already follow me. thank you so much fo so many nice feed back
on my "Ethnic diversity" post. i'm trying my best to visit your page if you leave your url.
please ignore my black roots i havent dye it again yet.
so far i still dont have any clue what color i want to put in after this bleached hair,
i've got quite many suggestion from brown, purple, and usually boys want me to get 
my black hair black lol. so yeah if i finally decide it you guys,
my blog reader will be the first to know. >w<
ok then see ya on my next post, 

xo, Diras.

another latest update :

Large Rainbow Pointer