September 15, 2014

Cloudy Baby

I dont really like doing photoshoot while its cloudy,
the tone in every pictures are just too blueish and greyish -___-'
i should photoshop all of these to make it brighter.
i mean i want my skin to look light as always hehehe
and i personally like my pictures to look warmer
so that the color of every items that i wear
look nice in pictures. i guess i am quite perfectionist hehehe ^^
if you used to take your street style pictures outside 
you must understand my feeling sist (TwT)/
somebody please say that you feel the same way so i dont sounds
like a whiny bitch by my self hahahaha 
anyway this is my new look before i went to campus,
maybe to some of you it kinda look "overdressed" for campus day,
but i always wear whatever i want no matter where i go.
but of course not something too sexy if go around errr . . . not too save area or
if i using public transportation. you know what i mean :)
thanks to my BFF Lintang who gave me this summery dress. so perfect for hot weather.

my dress by cotton on, look-like-denim outer i forgot where i bought it,
i have this outer for quite a while but i remember i bought this one about IDR 120.000
(roughly 12$) affordable right? ^^
my ratan sling bag i bought it for IDR 35.000 I'M SO HAPPY lol
i bought it at Malioboro, Jogjakarta. fashion isnt always expensive ;)
those ombre stocking by Top Shop S/S 2014, studded boots by Forever21 S/S 2014
get my cupcake bracelet set for IDR 89.000 (3 bracelets) by my brand PopaGoods
right HERE ^w^ and currently free shipping for JABODETABEK area.

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keep awesome dolls,
xo Diras.

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September 6, 2014

Skinny chick at the park

"i always so lost and clueless as a person,
but when its time to dress up i always know what i want to be." 

cap and necklace by PopaGoods, shoes by Zara
top and skirt from random boutique at Mall Ambasador, Kuningan.

Faundation and powder by Revlon Color Stay, eyeshadow by Victoria's secret,
lip tint by Faceshop, mascara by Maybelline Volum Express
(even though doesnt make much different on my short asian eyelashes but
yeah i wear mascara everyone lol) beside my make up is quite good enough
i also using photo filter from vscocam application on my i phone. 
i recommend vscocam app the filter is beyond cool. but why this small-font-article keep on going
it supposed to be just me mentioning some brand -u-'

 i am still amateur in make up thingy,
i dont have a bunch of different kind of brushes, i run out of eyeliner and never
put an effort to look for it again hahahaha
 everytime when me and my friend get ready
together she always trim my eyebrow cos she just cant bear to keep seeing my
messy eyebrow, if makeup artist put a false lashes on me i feel like
there's a caterpillar on my eyes ~_~'
and  i never trim my own eyebrow by my self in my ENTIRE LIFE
thats just how careless i am. i already got some complain
back then from my mom, my auntie and my granny they keep asked me why
i never put on make up just like my other cousin since i heard it a couple time
i guess yeah i should learn at least some basic. lately i am getting better cos
i watched some videos on youtube by makeup guru such as Goss MakeUp Artist,
and michelle phan not THAT GOOD but at least better hehehe
. even though i still think makeup is tiring -__-'
how can boys keep looking good without make up, its just unfair.
i know in this post seems like me blabbering unimportant stuff, the fact is YES ITS TRUE.
why you keep reading? LOL no just kidding girls. its just
so many things going on in my mind right now before
this photo session i didnt sleep at all, im trying to find any inspiration for topic,
but my brain just wont work with me so i just type whatever that comes in my mind
dont get bored with my post ok ;)
 i hope you guys like this outfit post, thank you for visiting my blog <3

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xo Diras.

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