October 28, 2014

The Youth Pledge

so last thursday i had collaboration with Nostalgia Photography.
we met on 12 pm. we were supposed to met at 11 am
but i came late, so sorry. i amaze how he really passionate about creating
photograph, we were talking about our street style concept.
we want it to be "really street", and really Jakarta with scribble on the wall
and everything. so after we met up at mall we took cab searching for
the right spot. and here it is we stop our cab at some random street under bypass road.
its quite sad that Jakarta street mostly isnt clean
i wish people who live in this city can be more responsible.
i publish this post on october 28, 2014.
in Indonesia 28 october is The Youth Pledge (Hari sumpah pemuda)
it was a declaration made on october 28, 1928 by young indonesian
nationalist in the second youth congrest (kongres pemuda dua)
they proclaimed three ideals

"one motherland, one nation, and one language"

so in the spirit of "Sumpah Pemuda" where everyone wore "blankon"
i also wear my heart patterned headband i am gonna make a swear too.
"i will be forever young, keep creating, keep inspiring be a better person
of my self to people around me." :)

headband naughty, sunglasses by rayban, earings all little things
she needs, tank top and jeans made in Indonesia, bracelet by PopaGoods, shoes converse

if you like these photograph make sure to check Nostalgia Photography 
they have alot beautiful prewedding pictures, human interest
and many more on flickr right here
and if you have any inquiries to them check out right here
or give him a call +628989076703
Nostalgia Photography 
"capture your special moments traditionally"

xo Diras

October 15, 2014

magical school

so i am thinking "if i go to magical school in a castle,
what am i gonna wear?" 
this look inspired by a castle in City of Bones movie but i adapt it into my style.
i think COB isnt that great movie, but i personally really like Jamie Bower. 
its some kind of a movie for girls. that kind of movie with so many romance between
a pretty girl and hot guy. its pretty much twilight boys gonna hate it lol
so yeah enjoy this post xo

unicorn jumper ready stock at PopaGoods shipping for Indonesia.
black plaid skirt well i draw it and requested a tailor to make it for me.
sock by socks gallery. flat shoes by all little things she needs.
its a present from my friend Astrit.(thanks astrit i love it )

triangle gold necklace by Forever 21, ring by popagoods

if  you are too lazy to read my blog kindly meet me on instagram @ItsDiras ^^
dont be shy to say hi, i am following back another fashion and beauty bloggers
thanks for visiting my blog
see you on my next post. have a lovely fabulous day.

xo Diras.

another latest update :

October 10, 2014

Eat art loud

hi boys and girls i am back again with event report which i  visited last weekend.
last weekend i was visited an event called Eat Art Loud at Grand Indonesia Mall. there were
talkshow, games, cooking demonstration and of course bazaar. they had so many booths that sell accessories, unique fashion items, art piece, home decoration, and the most mportant FOOD BOOTHS for culinary lovers. even they serve the food in artistic and unique way. how about your weekend guys? i hope you guys had a fun weekend too like me and my bestie Lintang. pssst actually on that day there were two guys asked Lintang to go out on a date with her but she rejects them cos she want to attend this event >u< (ps sorry guys)

btw some square pics on this post arent mine, it from some instagram account
cos there were so many people it impossible to get clear shots specially for main gate and those Eat art loud background instalation on first picture. so yeah i hope you guys enjoy this post, dont forget to leave some comments if you like it, i'll publish another new post at october 15th, 2014.
i'll see you again in 5 days ^^
kisses Diras.

halo aku balik lagi kali ini waktunya liputan event yang aku kunjungi akhir pekan kemarin,
aku datang ke salah satu event seru di Grand Indonesia yang bernama Eat Art Loud.
Eat Art Loud itu sendiri berisi talk show, demo masak, games, bazaar mulai dari 
aksesoris, fashion item unik, karya seni, dekorasi rumah, dan yang paling penting
banyak makanaaaaan yang bahkan dikemas dalam bentuk unik juga.
akhir pekan kemarin kalian kemana? semoga kalian juga seru seruan kayak aku sama temenku ya.
seperti biasa aku datang event sama teman seperjuangan aku bernama Lintang.
psssst padahal hari itu Lintang diajak nge-date sama dua cowo
yang 2-2nya ditolak karena bela-belain mau dateng acara ini, 
kalau aku sih emang ga laku ngaku aja lol

oh iya, beberapa foto yang berbentuk persegi di post ini hasil aku
unggah ulang dari beberapa instagram orang lain yang berkunjung ke Eat Art Loud juga.
karena pas aku datang benar-benar ramai.
ga memungkinkan untuk dapat clear shots karena penuh pengunjung.
semoga kalian suka post ini ya sampai ketemu lagi di post aku berikutnya

muah! Diras


See ya' ^u^/

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for more event report check out

October 5, 2014

Unpleasant day at Bintaro Xchange Mall

-scroll kebawah untuk baca artikel dalam bahasa indonesia-

hi dolls i am back, this time im about to share to all of you my another street style look dont be bored hehehe ^O^ if you ever visit my blog before you might wondering "why there's only 2 street style pictures on this post" well there's quite unpleasant experience behind it. i want to share with you my fellow bloggers and readers.

so last Sunday i was visited this (kinda new) mall at South tangerang called Bintaro Jaya Xchange with my lovely photographer xo. so this mall have a park where i want to snap some pictures of my look (as always) we were using SLR camera. when he was about to open his camera, i want to standing in front of BJX small gate, where they have green walls with pot plants on it. suddenly there was a security coming and say

security : "you cant use that type of camera right here" (while he is pointing at the green wall)
me : "excuse me, why?"
security : "thats the rule"
me : well okay~
(its quite annoying someone just forbid you to do something without knowing the excuse)

so we were moved to another side looking for another spot, and after the only two photos was captured with those straight path as my background that security came again.

security : you cant take a pict here!
me : i tought you said that we cant take a picture with those green wall so we move here. Whats wrong?
security : you cant take a picture with that camera in THIS WHOLE MALL AREA *pointing at SLR camera* but you can use phone under 10 mega pixel
me : okay okay~ chill
(i took out my phone i was thinking to use my phone camera well better than nothing right?)
security : YOU CANT USE THAT, STOP! (blocking the camera)
me : well you said that i can use a phone as camera. I am taking a picture of MY SELF, why can i? This camera is under 10 mega pixel. And i let you know that i am taking a picture of MY SELF, NOT YOUR BUILDING (While showing him a pict of me inside the SLR camera) ok now i dont use this SLR camera, i am using my phone.
security : you cant. you need to ask permission to our manager. You must fill some file if you get approval from our manager then they will sign it, give it to me and you can take a picture.
me : what??? Wait . . wait i am confused. Just to make it clear, i cant take a picture of my face using my phone right now? IN THIS ENTIRE MALL AREA.
security : yup
me : is this some kind of rules really exist? look at those people i can pointing at another 10 people who CURENTLY TAKE A PICTURE USING THEIR PHONE RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT.
security : yeah they shouldnt do that too.

i was so pissed off seriously but i remember my mom told me
a couple days ago to be more gentle as a girl.
i was holding my self to not swore AT ALL. I am such a good girl lol
its quite hard but yeah i did it. ^^ i just left that security alone, but i still pissed i went to their Bintaro Jaya Xchange management's office to complain about their security. i was waiting for quite a while cos there was NO EMPLOYEE inside the office room.
So i need quite a while to a security who work in office to call someone so i can talk to and FINALLY A MAM SHOW UP.
i was telling her the whole thing including showing the ONLY ONE PICTURE
of me inside my SLR camera. this is what she said

Her : we are allowing our visitors to use a camera phone to take picture, but not using SLR camera
me : why your security told me i cant even use my camera, even blocking my phone when i am about to gave it to my photographer? He gave me wrong information.
her : yeah you can use a cellphone camera.
me : why i cant use SLR camera to take a pic of me? I never having problem with SLR camera inside a mall before in ALL OTHERS MALLS.
her : thats just our rule. I believe every malls has their own rule
me : yeah but your rule SUCKS, and your security CLEARLY gave wrong information to me causing this level of discomfortness. Dont you want to give i dont know maybe more training or at least just tell him that he gave wrong information to visitor?
her : i believe he just doing his duty.
and once again i believe every malls has rule. you need to fil a paper if you want to take a pict with SLR camera i'll sign it.
me : i respect your mall rule Bintaro Jaya Xchange. ok i will fill whatever paper so i can take a pict. i also believe blogger has our own way to make a honest review about everything.

So what i regret about Bintaro Jaya Xchange :

1. NO PROFESSIONAL CAMERA RULES. you guys so paranoid that SLR camera maybe could causing i dont know maybe FINANCIAL LOSS or your mall design get copy by another mall or developer. are you afraid of another developer copy your BRILIANT path design???? Or maybe the AMAZING street lamp??

2. I expect at least 1 people STAND BY in their management office to responsible in everything so i dont need to wait quite long cos the security said there's NO ONE STAND BY ON SUNDAY. we all know malls gets most visitors on holiday. how can NO ONE stand by?

3. BXchange management wont rebuke their security even though SHE KNOWS the security gave wrong information 

4. after LONG proccess (arguing with security, waiting in their management office til someone show up, arguing with a girl from BXC management) they FINALLY give permission to take a pict, guess what?? it was already 5 PM. the sun ALREADY GOES DOWN. those permission is USELESS.

5. Bintaro Jaya Xchange management doesnt know how to handle unsatisfy costumer.
so i tweet their account wishing someone else smarter. their twitter admin also WONT APOLOGIZE.

so yeah i only have two pictures of these look, i did photoshoot before at Bintaro Jaya Xchange just once before this, i didnt get any trouble cos there was NO SECURITY around
and i also didnt look for them cos i didnt know this such a rule is actually exist lol
 my fellow bloggers believe me you never value your fun day hangout at Jakarta malls
til you find the suck one lol.
so when i search bintaro xchange mall on twitter i found that they made 
with keyword Bintaro Xchange Mall and "Mall di Jakarta" 

and you the BXchange management, yeah you.
whats with that "Mall di Jakarta" hashtag?
i have no idea why you guys really want people to think that your mall located in Jakarta?
dont lie about your geographic location, thats sad.
but i am sure you guys are nice people you just didnt check the map ;)
they invite all blogger. how ironic SLR camera is blogger BFF.
well the contest actually expired but
i keep submit this one anyway. finger crossed everyone lol.

as the closing i wanna say thank you so much to all comfortable malls
i want to give shoutout to all of you.
these are my fashion post when visit
The vintage mall Plaza Senayan
Central Park where hundred of humans bring SLR camera every events
and they dont even give a fuck >u<
The fancy Grand Indonesia
pretty much all malls in jakarta.
 lessons for today Bintaro Xchange Mall
"treat people the way you want to be treated so you can still get nice review
from bloggers without need to make any contest or offer us any with gift"

 i had twice bad experience when i visit bxchange maybe i'll make post about another one
if  am not lazy. on my next blog post, i'll make an event review,
#EATARTLOUD at Grand indonesia. see you again ^^

hai semua aku balik lagi, kali ini aku mau share ke kalian outfit aku lagi, jangan bosen-bosen ya hehehe kalau kamu sebelumnya pernah mampir ke blog aku mungkin kalian bertanya tanya" kenapa post ini cuma ada 2 foto' ada cerita tidak menyenangkan dibaliknya yang mau aku ceritakan ke kalian teman teman bloggers dan pembacaku.
minggu lalu aku mengunjungi salah satu mall yang termasuk baru yang namanya Bintaro Jaya Xchange sama fotograferku. di mall ini ada tamannya dimana aku mau mengambil beberapa foto narsis aku disitu. kami pakai kamera SLR pas aku mau berdiri di depan dinding yang ada tanamannya tau-tau satu satpam dateng.

satpam : disini ga boleh foto pakai kamera itu (sambil menunjuk ke arah dindingnya)
aku : maaf kenapa ya?
satpam : peraturannya memang begitu
aku : oo ya sudah deh

rasanya cukup memuakan ada orang tau-tau datang dan melarang kamu tanpa alasan.
kemudian aku pindah ke tempat disisi lain. baru mengambil 2 gambar terus satpamnya datang lagi.

satpam : kalian ga boleh mengambil gambar disini
aku : tadi saya pikir ga boleh foto di area green wall disana. kenapa ya?
satpam : kalian dilarang foto pakai kamera itu di seluruh area mall ini baik ditaman maupun didalam mall juga. kecuali pakai HP dibawah 10 MGP.
aku : iya iya santai sihhh

(terus aku dengan kecewa keluarin hp dan mau foto pakai hp aja, dari pada ngga sama sekali kan)
pas aku mau nyalain hp tau tau di blok lagi sama satpamnya

aku : tadi katanya boleh pake kamera hpp dibawah 10MGP ini kamera aku 8 MGP
ada apaan lagi deh? saya juga ngambil foto diri saya sendiri
cuma buat update blog dan sosial media,
bukannya foto gedung mall ini ya ampun deh -___-' nih liat kalo ga percaya!
(sambil menunjukan foto sebelumnya yang di kamera SLR
satpam : ga boleh ga boleh kalian harus izin dulu ke manager saya
kalau mau foto, nanti ada formulir yang harus kalian isi kemudian harus ditandatangani
pihak manager kemudian tunjukin ke saya nah baru boleh foto
aku : HAH? APA? tunggu tunggu gua bingung ini gua yang salah denger apa gimana.
 jadi kalo gua mau narsis muka gua atau baju gua, pake kamera atau hp gua,
gua mesti ijin dulu sama manager lo?
satpam : iya
aku : ini peraturan begini beneran ada ya??? tuh bapak ga liat saya bisa tunjuk
lebih dari 10 orang yang lagi foto foto di area ini sekarang
satpam : iya mereka juga harusnya ga boleh.
aku udah kesel banget mau maki-maki itu satpam, tapi 
untung aja inget nyokap baru telpon beberapa hari sebelumnya
dan ceramah ga boleh suka marah-marah dan kasar jadi cewe.
emang susah nahannya kalau pas ketemu orang begitu, tapi aku ga maki-maki lhooo hahahaha 
suatu pencapaian besar buat aku. cieee baik banget ya Diraaaaas lol
terus karena aku ga puas sama si satpam itu aku dateng ke kantor
 managementnya yang pertama pas nanya satpamnya DIBOHONGIN
katanya ada di lantai paling atas. terus pas tanya satpam lain 
TAUNYA DILANTAI DASAR. lalu aku tunggu di ruang tunggunya 
lama karena GA ADA SATU PUN YANG STAND BY dikantor itu
 menurut satpam yang jaga dikantor itu.
setelah aku tunggu akhirnya muncul juga ibu-ibu yang aku ceritakan semua
dan aku tunjukin juga itu isi foto di SLR yang cuma 2 buah juga.

Ibu X (lupa namanya) : kami mengizinkan pengunjung untuk memakai kamera hp tapi memang untuk kamera professional ga boleh
aku : kenapa saya ga boleh pake kamera aku untuk foto diri saya sendiri? sebelumnya saya ga pernah tau kalau ada peraturan macam begini di SEMUA mall-mall lain?
Ibu X : Saya percaya kalau tiap mall punya peraturannya sendiri sendiri, kalau kamu mau foto disini bisa isi formulir dulu yang nanti kami approve baru boleh foto
aku : berarti kalau pake HP boleh kan??? pihak management ga ada teguran untuk satpam tadi yang salah kasih nformasi ke saya sampai menyebabkan tingkat ketidaknyamanan seperti ini?
ibu X : kami percaya satpam kami hanya menjalankan tugasnya saja
aku : baik kalau begitu nanti saya isi formulirnya, saya menghormati peraturan mall anda tapi saya rasa setiap pengunjung juga bisa mempunyai pendapatnya sendiri-sendiri. peraturan mall anda memuakan, tidak perlu ditutupin kan peraturannya? nanti saya bikin review di blog saya. jangan khawatir kalau artikelnya sudah jadi nanti saya tag kalian ditwitter, atau instagram atau facebook atau semuanya. terima kasih.

 yang aku sesali tentang mall Bintaro Xchange ini :
1. peraturan ga boleh pakai kamera professional, mereka terlalu paranoid takut rugi secara finansial atau mungkin desain mallnya WOW banget jadi takut dicontek. karena jalan setapak mereka (yang jadi background aku) KEREN BANGET apa lagi lampu jalannya MASTER PIECE, picasso aja kalah.
2. aku berharap paling tidak 1 orang penanggung jawab stand by dikantornya jadi aku ga perlu nunggu lama si satpam kantor telpon beberapa orang yang pada ga angkat ga tau pada kemana. mall paling banyak pengunjung kan hari libur, MASA GA ADA 1 ORANG PUN PENANGGUNG JAWAB STAND BY?
3. Pihak mall Bxchange menolak untuk menegur pihak keamanan yang JELAS JELAS SALAH MEMBERI INFORMASI dan menggangu pengunjung.
4. setelah proses lama debat sama satpam, nunggu orang kantornya ada yang muncul, debat sama orang kantornya, isi formulir buat diizinin foto, di approve dulu AKHIRNYA BOLEH.
tapi semua prosesnya selesai jam 5 sore GA GUNA MATAHARINYA UDAH TURUN. 

buat apaan ????
"BASI MADING UDAH SIAP TERBIT!!!!! (cinta, AADC movie)" 

5. Bintaro Jaya Xchange TIDAK TAU CARA MENANGANI PENGUNJUNG YANG GA PUAS sama pelayanan mereka. pas aku komplain via twitter berharap ketemu orang lebih pinter sebaga adminnya taunya TETEP GA ADA PERMINTAAN MAAF.
malah bales "terima kasih sudah memilih mall kami sebagai lokasi foto kamu"/HAAAHHHH????? 

Yeah akhirnya cuma ada 2 foto deh buat street style kali ini, sebelumnya aku photoshoot sekali dan lancar-lancar aja karena GA ADA SATPAM seinget aku, dan aku ga nyariin juga karena ga tau kalau peraturan konyol begini taunya beneran ada.
 percaya deh sama aku kalian temen temen blogger dan pembaca
 ga pernah menghargai hari seru kalian di mall-mall nyaman lain sampai kalian rasain yang MEMUAKAN kayak aku gini. pas aku cari twitternya Bintaro Xchange taunya aku nemu mereka pernah bikin kontes untuk para blogger untuk bikin review tentang mall mereka. pakai kata kunci #MallDiJakarta dan #BintaroXchangeMall
buat kalian pihak managementnya ya. kok wajib pakai hashtag #MallDiJakarta sih? jelas jelas
lokasi kalian di tangerang, banten. ga ngerti kenapa kalian mau banget dibilang Mall di Jakarta,
ga usah bohong sih soal lokasi. menyedihkan ya. tapi kita semua kan harus positif thinking
mereka sebenarnya ga bohong, cuma belom ngecek peta aja dari proses pembangunnannya. hahhahaha selain itu mengundang blogger buat bikin review dan wajib pake foto,
ironis banget aja secara kamera profesional itu teman baiknya para blogger. jadi yeah ini submitan review jujur aku tentang mall kalian. SEMUANYA DOAIN YA SUPAYA AKU MENANG. hahahaha
sebagai penutup aku mau kasih shoutout untuk mall mall nyaman lain dimana aku selalu narsis pake slr untuk blog post aku yaitu E.X Plaza Indonesia, Grand Indones ia, Plaza Senayan, Central park, Gandaria City, Senayan City yeah well sebenarnya SEMUA MALL LAIN kecuali Bntaro Xchange. pelajaran buat kalian BXChange.
"perlakukan orang lain sebagaimana kalian mau diperlakukan jadi kalian tetap akan dapat review bagus dari kami para blogger tanpa perlu bikin kontes yang diiming-imingi hadiah"
ada 1 lagi kejadian ga enak di mall ini yang mungkin berikutnya akan aku bahas kalo ga males hehehe. blog post berikutnya aku bakal bahas #EATARTLOUD festival di Grand Indonesia. Sampai ketemu lagi dolls!

#BintaroXchangeMall #MallAgakNyerempetJakarta
xoxo Diras

Large Rainbow Pointer