December 4, 2014

Bullying and Haters World

If you think i am gonna blabbering about how to make you girls and guys to stop bullying others so maybe that could make you think "Diras is so wise, she is so kind" NO. just to make it fair I am not gonna just play clean and say wise stuff right here without telling my story first.

back then when i was in high school i had some kind of 'mean girl' reputation. I bullied some girls and guys too. sometimes without any reason when i didnt like someone i didnt like her/him thats it i used to say mean jokes to boys or girls. everybody laughed, its funny, i felt like "BAAAM I am The Alpha Person" some juniors prefer didnt come into a canteen or a corridor when me and my friends was hanging around.

We girls have bad habit, most of us we dont really like each other that much because of what? we have some kind of competition in our mind about who look better? who dressed better? who's prettier? who's richer? who has the most handsome boyfriend?

and so on. its not just to girl friends but also strangers that we meet on the street, at the mall, at the club. admit it have you ever staring at a girl who wear super mini dress with your eyes full with hateness? boys are exceptional on this case you might see them with eyes full of lust hahahaha :D

so what are we doing if we see "threat"? in this case a girl who look pretty, she got all attention from guys around her, everytime she walk all eyes on her. i understand none of us want to feel defeat, none of us want to feel worthless. so what are we haters gonna do?

find the weakness
- if she wear mini dresses or shortie shorts lets just call her slut
- if she wear 1 kg make up just say that she's actually ugly its just make up
- if she looks like she has a lot clothes call her "MISS RICH WANNA BE" or in bahasa "Sok Kaya"

will you tell her all of those in front of her? telling all those shitty words to person that you barely know? of course not if we say all of those things in front of her we'll get slap later or maybe she's gonna report us to our teacher. its girls fight we should play it safe and in sneaky way. lets just talk about her behind their back to some of our friends that desperately need new gossip to talk about. how do i know all of these? i am an insecure girl once i felt that way too before and i did all of those coward actions too back then. and let me give you more gossip to talk about dear haters if you read this article.

here are some shitty things that i did to people.
1. Throwed mango juice on someone's face
2. Made a phisically mean jokes to (I was gonna wrote someone so it sounds better but okay) some classmates in front of them probably around 10-20 people.
3. Throwed a flashdisk when my annoying classmate asked for help (okay what i did is way more annoying)
4. used dorm mate's toothbrush to brush toilet
5. throw away my classmate's homework and she was failed on that class

those are 5 things that i want to admit to you girls my blog readers.
Of course there were some bad stuff that i did that i wont share right here cos the list gonna be never ending. i am so sorry that i did that if maybe one or some of my 'victim' read my blog. i am sorry if you ever bullied by some bastard like me. some of you probably happy to judge me right now and congratulation you've got new gossip to talk about. but i really am feel guilty and sorry about what i did.
i already make a promise to my self that i wont make anyone feel bad about them self because of what i am saying. if i just write some suggestion to stop bullying it will be easy. make a campaign about it, post some posters with "anti bullying" theme. So this is my guts admitting that i was wrong. if you boys or girls still bullying your classmate, or anyone you guys should stop. cos it doesnt make you any cooler or prettier. it just shows people that you are insecure, unhappy just like what i did back then.

how to respond if you are bullied by some jerk like me lol
1. dont respond AT ALL
i know its hard, but believe me people who bullying another are STARVING to get your reaction. to make you feel bad about your self, we are here to make you down. if you make even defense move its just make you pissed off later, dont let their negativity make you feel scared, lonely, sick.
2. Love your self
if they bullying you by saying something phisical, focus on the best thing about you and embrace it.for example you are a good friendly person, dont let people telling you ABOUT YOUR SELF cos you definitely know your self better than anyone. for example when someone call you slut and you are not, take it as compliment that they think you are sexy enough to be a slut but you are not one hahahaha
3. Tell your teacher/ parents/ siblings
We are bullying other but of course we dont want to involved into bigger problem like teacher or parents. if you ignore those bully maybe 2-3 weeks they will be bored and stop. but if things get phisically, if its getting more dangerous and they wont stop i suggest you dont hesitate to report to people who you are close with
4. Surround your self with lovely friends
usually bully doesnt always looks like one, they can be your friend in your CLOSE CIRCLE. but they often critictize you A LOT even small unimportant things it make you feel bad about your self. you dont really notice cos this type of bully not offensive DIRECTLY instead SLOWLY BUT SURE. usually they are the alpha male or alpha female in your close circle. So you dont really notice that you've got bully cos he/she seems so nice and you keep want to impress her/him. i mean who doesnt want to hang out with COOL PEOPLE. my suggestion to these type of bully just leave her, being with your real friends who dont need to criticize other to make them feel better.

so now you know how to deal with bullying from a bully right?
i really hope this article can be useful as my apologize cos i was such a worst person. right now from my circle of course there will always be 10% haters who wont stop bothering, but as you can read i had some experience in this stuff. things that i didnt mention is WAAAAAY MEANER than all your meanest words combine together. believe me at the end of the day take a look at your self in a mirror, you are still you, what they say doesnt change anything. when you know you are great there's no need to hate. ;)

last but not least i have no idea why i cant fix the space between this paragraphs,
its completely looks so wide and weird. it looks right on "editing page" but when i click "preview"
the space between paragraph get wider =3= somebody tell me how to fix it. >.<' and as always sorry for my bad english, i am trying my best but since it isnt my first language, you know :)
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