August 24, 2015

Summer Festival

hey readers summer is almost over, i live in tropical country so rainy season is about to come. it was rain twice this past week but before the summer is really over i'm about to share my festival experience. the one and only We The Fest 2015. wohooo~ The annual summer festival with so many awesome performers. but before i talk about it let me tell you about my outfit first. to make my self match with the summer festival concept i wore comfy cropped top, denim short. my top made by cotton with pink flowers and "love" word written on it. pink and white is always my favorite color! i also wore all pink accessories. i was about to wear my flower crown but i guess flower crown is so last year so i choosed my simple green headband.

All accessories by me contact me for further info, Cropped top and boots by H&M, unbranded denim short, studded handbag by Zalora

Here come the festival pictures and story, there were so many talented local and international performers, most performers are bands and DJs. i checked the lineup before i got my ticket, the first time i read my eyes went straight to Madeon. the others are Flight Facilities, Kimbra, Rufus, Flight Facilities, Darius. There were 2 big stages called Clownchella (totally inspired by Coachella) and Banana Palooza. 

i also adore Echosmith. if you dont know, Echosmith is an american band with indie pop genre. They are best known for their hit song called "Cool Kids" but actually my favorite one is Bright because it so smooth and it is that kind of song that you would love to hear when you relaxing while drinking a cup of tea you know wat i mean. click the title i attached the youtube video on it. back to WTF2015 the vocalist Sydney she was so energetic on stage! i was wondering why the hell her voice is still awesome while she moved everywhere while playing instruments. ugh so talented and entertaining, not to mention her cool retro dress and flawless wavy hair. but let me be the first one who say this, if you know this band, am i the only one who think Sydney look like Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect movie? i watched Echosmith and i watched Pitch Perfect 1 and 2. even when they talk i think they look similar!

we all have a wishlist about things that we are going to do before we die. and "watching Madeon" was on my list since about 2 years ago. when i heard his mashup for the first time on youtube. so i feel VERY LUCKY that i FINALLY watched his performance at the end of this festival. the energy, the euphoria in this festival was GREAT, the food was totally average, and of course ridiculously expensive mineral water, all my friends including me were complaining about mineral water price lol i get it that any beverages gonna be overprice but 10 times more expensive than normal price, COME ON~ and lets not stop on that. to get a food and over price mineral water you need to wait in line for 15-30 minutes to change your cash with some kind of token. thats kinda sucks what the f*ck We The Fest,  but beside that everything is awesome. even i tried FREE Bungee Trampoline for the first time. actually i never tried any kind of testosterone game before, i was such a coward. but on that day i thought NOW OR NEVER DIRAS, NOW OR NEVER! and i finally did it. i felt like FLYING even i  asked the Trampoline officer to use HIGHEST trampoline setting. so i fly highest in the sky!

i hope you enjoy this post, i am sorry for some low resolution pictures and my lack of english skill i keep reading english novel but my english hasn't improve yet, be patient grammar nazi, i am a learner. dont forget to leave comment below let me know what you're thinking about my look and about this festival. i'll see you again soon on my next post.

all performers pictures  belong to respective owners

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything" - Anonymous

all my love, Diras.
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August 13, 2015

Me in cartoon world

hi readers, so last weekend i went to two festival, this one is PopCon Asia 2015 at JCC hall, Jakarta.
i am under Japanese Station agency. JS has so many talents including me, so one of JS team asked me if i could attend this event and here i am. i wore JS red and yellow uniform, I LOVE MY UNIFORM!
and take a look at that hat ughhh major love! so these are some pictures of me at JS booth, i also snapped SO MANY selfie together with JS booth visitors, i'm sorry if i cant feature all of you guys. if you see that gigantic phone or selfie tower errr... idk whats the name. you could take a selfie with that thing, after that day was over i felt like i wanna carry that selfie tower with me :(

PopCon had cosplay (costume player) competition, movie talk show, a lot of creative game booth, artist booth who sells comics, digital printing art, oil painting, action figure, origami (japanese art of paper folding), statue, so many merchandise like tote bag, tshirt, key chain with original character printed on it. everything is so colorful, eye catching, i feel like i went to cartoon world, so fun!

so thats is my PopCon event coverage, i know this isn't like my typical street style post but i hope you enjoy this kind of post as well. let me know if you like it or you can also tell me if you prefer my usual fashion post, leave comment below! kindly share the link if you like it. see you again on next post!
Smile more! bye!

Love, Diras.
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August 5, 2015

how to snap pictures like fashion bloggers

Hi all, i was thinking what topic that i want to discuss on this post, since i keep updating my OOTD with these girls you already know our routine. as usual we went shopping, snapped some pictures, and chillin at restaurant. so i wanna discuss something else that maybe could help you to snap better pictures for your social media maybe instagram, path, facebook or anything.
first of all i am not a professional photographer, i just like capturing pictures and also get captured. you know to keep this blog going and also my instagram. if you maybe want to improve your pictures quality i hope these 5 tips could help. if you are professional photographer who has better result than me, maybe you could leave some comment and give me more tips so i could improve mine as well. 

1. Choose your outfit
i like to prepare my outfit at least one night before my meet up with my friends. specially if i hangout with another fashion bloggers. me, olivia fabrianne, sonya thaniya, and maria istella we usually discuss our some sorta "dresscode of the day" because you could look good as individual. but when you look match as a team its even better, cuter, cooler hahaha our dresscode on this post is "Oversized Sporty"

2. Great Camera
bring your pocket camera with good resolution. me and this girls every each of us used to bring our own personal camera. so yeah everytime we do our OOTD photoshoot we bring 4 professional camera.  its exciting to me how the tone came out different in every camera. me and sonya have Canon, oliv with FujiFilm, Stella with Sony. but if you dont have pro camera thats ok you can use your smartphone camera but make sure you are at a place with natural sunlight so you dont need to struggle with bad lighting.

3. Background
all of us we are quite picky when it comes to background. mostly we like monochrome background, a great spot with not so many people around and the most important is go OUTDOOR. you can create glamorous awesome pictures in a photo studio, but remember 
"the best fashion show is definitely on the street, always has been and always will be"

this tips is really subjective when i'm posing alone i prefer natural pose, like walking, laughing, smiling. 
you should match your pose with your outfit as well for example if your outfit theme is dope you gotta look cool and fierce. if your outfit look fun or summery you gotta smile. you know what i mean.
and another thing your outfit need to get clear shot. yes you can snap some portrait picture but thats optional. to me OOTD is head to toe shot dont argue with me on this one hahaha
i think this tips number 4 is the most hard because it need practise, i takes time to get used to pose naturally in front of camera. knowing your good angle. if you feel like you doesnt look good in photos just keep practising. eventually you'll get there. i'm not saying i look perfect in photo its just i personally feel satisfied with how i turn out in a photo.

5. Have fun!

this is IMPORTANT. some friends of mine they are so worried when someone's about to capture their picture. they THINK TO MUCH such as "what if i look ugly, should i smile? should i stand still? what am i supposed to do?" GET OVER IT. i was there back then i feel so afraid that i dont look good in a picture. be confident, capture MANY PICTURES, so when you look fugly on some pictures DONT UPLOAD, DELETE, case closed hahaha so i'm about to close this tips with another quote because i am such a tumblr sl*t forgive me for that.

"beauty might bring happiness, but happiness ALWAYS bring beauty" so KEEP SMILING and be happy

from left to right Oliv, Stella, me and Sonya. 

i hope you guys enjoy this article, dont forget to leave some lovely comments, share the link if you like,
tell me if your pictures getting better because of my tips, i'd be glad if i hear that. and again sorry for wrong grammar, spelling, etc english is my second language. dont be judgemental grammar nazi hahahaha 
love, Diras.

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