May 31, 2016

Pastel Vibe for PAUL & JOE BEAUTE

Hey boys and girls, happy tuesday! here i am again telling you another story about my day as a blogger. So i got invited to attend PAUL & JOE launching at Sephora, Plaza Indonesia. i did a little search before i came to this event. I check out PAUL & JOE instagram which is @paulandjoe_beaute
and everything couldn't be prettier, PAUL & JOE BEAUTE product they are all in pastel color packaging. a woman behind this brand known by the name Sophie Mechaly she was born in 1967. she is a Paris-born designer best known as the founder of the Paul & Joe clothing line. Let's get to know about this brand a little better here are PAUL & JOE history

Launch of a men’s collection called “PAUL & JOE,” named after the
designer’s two sons.
Launches a line of clothing for women.
Working with the concept of “ACCESSIBLE LUXURY” inspired by her daily life as a working mother as well as a creator, Sophie Mechaly’s main design ideas are based on her approach to making clothes, which emphasizes both free and creative expression as well the personality of the wearer.
Collections proposed by Sophie, who has a flair for transforming the retro and warm details she loves into contemporary styles, are full of fun and sprinkled with “JOIE DE VIVRE” (joy of life).
Launches PAUL & JOE BEAUTE. 

and Who is the 'PAUL & JOE Woman'?
Women who are totally self aware and fuelled by an inner confidence. Women who are brimming with so much determination to enjoy life that they may seem a little hedonistic. She is savvy, stylish, and not afraid to address her needs and desires. Women who have these qualities, and at the same time project charm, passion and compassion. These are the women PAUL & JOE is made for.

for all the wonderful massage by this brand i feel so so lucky to get invited as one of PAUL & JOE BEAUTE influencer. and not only good philosophy PAUL AND JOE BEAUTE also pays extra focus on every product quality.

 "It's about having fun. I don't ask for advice,
I just have things I love.“
Sophie Mechaly

 she kinda sounds like me to be honest ;) 

  my outfit of the day is all about summer and feminine style, like i said before i already did a little research for PAUL & JOE brand so that's why i showed up with pastel theme outfit which match perfectly with the background.

Peplum top : forever 21
Bandage orange skirt : @PopaGoods on instagram
Handbag : Charles & Keith
Nude wedges : Marie Claire
Floppy hat & bracelets : unbranded boutique

PAUL & JOE Lipstick L
Rp 250.000,-

Pro :
PAUL & JOE BEAUTE is manufacture in Japan. the lipsticks are magically made/manufactured using an old Japanese candy-making technique called KintarĊ-ame, which involves layers of candy (or makeup) rolled together.  Which is delightful and incredibly amazing.
The candy-making process also means that the interior kitty tubes are still visible all the way down to the bottom of the bullets. a fact that greatly pleases my makeup-obsessed, cat-loving heart. The cat face in the middle work as the color while the round shape work as primer to keep the lipstick last longer on your lips. I also think it’s very cool how the center cat cylinders blend so well with their surrounding primer colors and create a subtle gradient effect when you apply them. and it also smells nice!

awesome Lipstick L ingredients and benefits

  • Cocoa Seed Butter — Emollient
  • Jojoba Seed Oil — Emollient
  • Lavender Oil — Emollient
  • Orange Flower Water — Moisturizer
  • White Lily Extract — Moisturizer and prevents irritation

  • i give this lipstick L 4.5 of 5 stars
    Con : 

    PAUL & JOE sell the lipstick case separately, the design is too cute but it cost Rp 100.000,-
    i give the Lipstick L case 3 of 5 stars

    PAUL AND JOE Lipstick holder
    Rp 100.000,-

    Lipstick is magical
    it hold more than a waxy bit of color, it holds the promise of a briliant smile,a briliant day.
    Both literally and figuratively.

    PAUL & JOE base makeup collection

    from left to right
    - PAUL & JOE Moisturizing Faundation Primer L
    - PAUL & JOE Gel faundation Recharge
    - PAUL & JOE Gel Faundation Case

    In order to give skin a healthy “luminosity” that looks as if it is glowing from within, PAUL & JOE focuses on creating deep, delectable moisture. Gentle and sensuous to the touch, PAUL & JOE products not only supply ample hydration, but they also contain effective quantities of carefully selected, flower-based moisturizing ingredients that hold that moisture in place all day. Leaving it so soft it seems to glow from within.

    and in order to draw out one’s natural skin color at its most radiant and to give that special inner glow PAUL & JOE added generous amounts of our exclusive ‘SECRET D’OR’ – champagne gold frost. It creates the natural luminosity that gives the skin a gentle but sexy luminescence.

    PAUL & JOE Gel Faundation Case i really adore the elegant design, and the color is so unique.
    a mix between beige and light pink. 

    read more : Your beauty way with SHINZU'I Ume

     PAUL & JOE Moisturizing Faundation Primer L detail, beautiful beige case design.
     with flower on it. very girly, chic and modern.

    PAUL & JOE team of the day, there were so many passionate beauty/fashion blogger, and also some talented makeup artist not to mention all the finger food snack were OMG-SO-DELICIOUS and even PAUL & JOE team put more cookies in our goodie bag the cookie shape like a cat! but sadly i cant capture it because they are all went inside my tummy. my happiness is simple you give me cookies and i'll love you forever hahahaha see you again on next article xoxo

    try  PAUL & JOE BEAUTE
    exclusively at Sephora, Plaza Indonesia

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    May 29, 2016

    Natural Brown Eyes feat Max Factor

    this is me and my friends when we were attending Max Factor Voluptuous Mascara Launching Event at Blue Martini, JW Mariott Hotel. They had free photobooth YASSSSS! hahahaha i always excited everytime an event have free photobooth while my friend Ditya (on the left) was so shy but i keep asked her to took picture with me again and again and again! it was fun event, the food was so delicious, there were so many bloggers and makeup artist as well. so without further due here are Max Factor eyes makeup series

    Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit
    (3 eyeshadows and 1 eyebrow powder in 1 pallete)

    under natural sunlight when it was cloudy outside :(

    Although I do believe that the quest for the perfect matte eyeshadow never truly ends, I’m pretty sure that I’ve struck gold with the Smokey Eye Drama Kits from Max Factor.
    Despite being a bit of an eyeshadow snob, there’s nothing like a gem found from the depths of the drugstore brand like this palletes! 

    How to Use

    Start with the medium shade, blend over creases and softly under eyes for a perfect smokey base.
    Sweep the lightest shade across lids blending into the darker shadow.
    Use the darkest shade in the palette to gently define brows

    + The palettes come with three eyeshadow shades (on the left of the palette) and one brow powder (on the right).
    + The mattes formula unbelievably buttery and richly pigmented.
    +Some of the palettes came with extra matte shades other than the brow powders
    + the brow powders that have an amazing formula. I’ve been using them in the crease, on the lid, Not just on the brows!
    + The shimmers though, for me is good enough, i use  the light color no 1 just as base to make my eyelid color even, and i apply no 2 and blend it with 3 horizontally up to my crease for gradient effect eyeshadow.
    + it’s a great size for throwing into your small handbag if you decide to take it away with you which i do all the time for this past month.

    Con :

    +- In terms of packaging. it's plastic and i doubt it could withstand being dropped
    +-The kits also do come with a double-ended sponge applicator, but I personally like to use my own brush.

    I give this palette a 4.5/5! the mattes are INCREDIBLE it last 7-8 hours or probably more.
     I’m impressed with Max Factor and these little eye kits, they’ve done a jolly good job! and next

    Max Factor Voluptuous Mascara 

    Max Factor is very excited to share its latest weapon for bold, eye opening lashes with their new Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara.

    Pro : 
    +I have thin, short eyelashes but this really lengthened them and I liked the open-eyed look they gave me.
    + i love the new 'helix' shaped brush helps to lift lashes, a helix shape that enables 360° application, spiralled with intricate looking wide fins and long bristles. The fins load the formula and grip lashes for lift and volume while the long bristles separates and combs the lashes at the same time. It’s like the car wash rotating brush rolls only on a much tinier scale.
    + it drew attention to my eyes.( In a good way )
    + easy to remove but I have found that my usual cleanser removes it with no problem.
    + The brush separates the lashes while its coating them with the volume and hold formula evenly without clumping
    Con : 
    -The mascara that I usually use has a thin brush and this was a 'fat' brush. it is a bit hard to handle at first, it takes a bit time to get used to it
    - It did get a bit of getting used to and got a bit on my eyelid and had to wipe it off afterwards. My advice if you have this problem is to preserve it will be worth it.

    i rate this Max Factor Voluptuous Mascara 4 of 5


    Pro :
    + I was able to create a neat both thin and thick line without any smudges 
    + The pen is easy to control
    + easy to remove from the eye without leaving any darkness behind.
    + The consistency of the eyeliner was perfect and didn't crease
    + it lasted throughout the day.
    + didn’t make my sore or itchy which sometimes happens. 
    + it’s slim and it was not watery like other I am impressed
     +Would definitely buy this and recommend to friends

    i give this Max Factor Masterpiece Eyeliner 4.5 / 5

    i'll see you again on my next article, muach!

    available in :
    Centro : Plaza Semanggi dan Summarecon Mall Serpong
    Glow Plaza Indonesia
     Debanhams : Senayan City, Kemang Village
    SOGO : Central Park, St. Moritz, Pondok Indah Mall, Lippo Mall Puri, Kokas, Alam Sutra
    Metro:  Gandaria City, Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall

    Bali, Bandung, Bekasi, Samarinda, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya,
    Makasar, Medan 

    for more location detail in Indonesia Click HERE
    Max Factor Indonesia facebook click HERE  

    "My eyes are my favorite part of me, not for what they look.
    but for what they see"

    all my love, Diras.
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    May 24, 2016

    Your Beauty Way with Shinzu'i Ume

                             Konnichiwa minna-san~ pardon me on this post i only write in bahasa Indonesia. But you guys still can enjoy some pictures ;) selamat siang semua pembaca aku baik yang setia maupun yang gak setia hahahaha ciee lagi kepoin blog aku ya, Kali ini aku mau berbagi cerita tentang Shinzu'i Ume. beberapa saat lalu aku beruntung diundang datang ke acara launching produk Shinzu'i Ume di salah satu kafe dessert di daerah Senopati, Jakarta Selatan. Pas di jalan mendung dan macet banget guys. Tapi aku tetep semangat datang karena aku tahu bakal ada teman teman aku juga, dan aku kepo banget sama rangkaian produk whitening dari Shinzu'i Ume. Pas aku di taksi kejebak macet lalu aku turun naik ojek biar cepat. Eh pas naik ojek HUJAN DERAS, jadi aku menepi pakai jas hujan dulu dari pada sampai lokasi basah kuyup kayak habis nyemplung kalimalang.

    Nah pas sampai disambut team Kawaii Beauty Japan selaku E.O yang ramah & penuh senyum. Jadi semangat lagi deh meskipun habis kehujanan ternyata sudah mulai 30 menit acara talk shownya oleh beauty blogger cantik bernama Jean Milka dan SURPRISINGLY kok MC-nya familiar TERNYATA CHIKA PING talent 1 agensi aku sebelumnya aku kenal Chika karena jalan di fashion show yang sama, ih KANGEN! kalo gak direncanain malah ketemu, persamaan antara pertemanan dan percintaan yaitu kalo jodoh gak kemana ;)

                        Nah disitu ada Jean menjadi host yang diwawancara Chika tentang berbagai tips memutihkan dengan rangkaian produk Shinzu'i Ume, selain itu ada berbagai kuis dengan banyak hadiah mulai dari boneka beruang pink lucu sampai kalung emas! Selain itu para tamu yang hadir dibagi menjadi beberapa kelompok tiap kelompok beranggota 4 orang dan kami berlomba bikin vision board ala majalah dinding gitu, terbuat dari guntingan majalah dan berbagai pernak pernik yang disiapkan tim Kawaii Beauty Japan. Terus aku juga jadi punya banyak kenalan teman-teman baru. 

    Setiap varian produk Shinzu'i Ume mempunyai 5 pilihan wangi yang berbeda. di belakang aku dan Jean itu poster karakter dari Shinzu'i Ume

    vision board bikinan kelompok aku

    Ini waktu acara sudah mau selesai aku menyempatkan diri foto sama MC of the day, Chika

     Para pemenang kuis semua tampil cantik sesuai dress code pink & putih

    Semenjak acara Shinzu'i Ume aku bertekad gak boleh malas merawat kulit tubuh aku terutama di area sikut dan lutut yang warnanya lebih gelap dibanding area lain. kondisi kulit aku memang termasuk berkulit cerah tapi seperti layaknya hati ini sering kali merasa kering kalau kurang perhatian #TSAAAHH #RollDepan #RollBelakang xD Sebagai blogger aku sering harus foto kurang HITS kan kalau lututnya & sikutnya hitam 'buluk' gimana gitu :(
    Maka dari itu sudah 2 minggu sebelum aku tulis artikel ini aku RUTIN BANGET cobain rangkaian Shinzu'i Ume body cleanser, body scrub, & body lotion yang SEMUA merupakan rangkaian skin whitening alias pencerah kulit. Biar aku bisa berbagi pengalaman perawatan kulit aku ke kalian. Berikut 3 produk Shinzu'i Ume yang sekarang ini rutin aku pakai :

    varian keiko
     (harga Rp 31.800,- Mei 2016. Klik nama produknya untuk
    kunjungi website distributor resmi Shinzu'i Ume di BukaLapak )

    Sabun cair Varian Keiko ini mengandung herba Matsu oil dikemasannya meng-claim membantu mengubah pigmen melanin penyebab kulit gelap menjadi leukomelanin yang lebih cerah. ekstrak bunga sakura yang membantu regenerasi sel kulit jadi tidak kusam, tampak bening dan kenyal.

    pro :
    + awal sekali pakai setelah mandi kulit aku benar-benar terasa lembab tapi ya gak sekali pakai langsung putih YA GILE LU, mandi cat aja kalo mau sekali putih hahaha
    + wanginya lembut bikin nyaman kayak efek aromatherapy gitu.
    + sabun aku sebelumnya merk lain setelah mandi rasanya kering jadi aku suka tambahkan minyak zaitun sedikit cuma efeknya pertama repot, ke-2 seminggu sekali biasanya kalo malem ada jeritan makhluk astral dari dapur, aneh banget. makhluk itu suka bilang


    karena body Cleanser Shinzu'i Ume ini memberi hasil lembab jadi gak perlu tambahan olive oil otomatis  jeritan makhluk gaib dari dapur pun hilang.

    con :
    -  kalau belum terbiasa setelah mandi rasanya licin bukan kesat seperti sabun lain jadi seolah kayak bilasnya belum bersih padahal udah. Karena efek licin dan lembabnya aku gak merasa butuh body lotion lagi cuma biar makin maksimal tetap aku pakai dong loationnya.

    varian Iseiya
    (MY VERY FAVORITE harga Rp 14.800,-

                Produk ini mengandung Adzuki Beans atau beras jepang membantu mengangkat sel kulit mati dan membersihkan pori-pori dengan menarik keluar pori penyumbat, kotoran dan bakteri yang dapat menyebabkan noda pada kulit. Umumnya sih orang luluran paling seminggu sekali, tapi karena aku suka banget wanginya body scrub ini aku pakai 2 hari sekali. Berikut pendapatku setelah 2 minggu pakai ini

    Pro :
    + body Scrub pertama di Indonesia yang bisa dipakai TANPA DIBILAS
    +scrubnya lebih halus dibanding beberapa body Scrub merk lain sehingga kalo diusap ke kulit gak sakit
    +  benar benar mengangkat sel kulit mati dan debu debu di lapisan kulit terluar kamu. Jadi pas di gosok ke kulit beberapa saat produknya menggumpal sekaligus jadi berwarna abu abu & kotoran kotoran terangkat disitu maka dari itu kulit jadi lebih cerah. Aku pakai ini tiap 2-3 hari sekali pas diulang berikutnya dia tetap jadi menggumpal tapi warnanya gak sekusam sebelumnya. Jadi semakin kamu pakai bertahap makin cerah & kenyal kulit kamu.
    + harga terjangkau
    + wangi lembutnya tahan lama bisa kurang lebih 2 jam! kalau aku abis pakai ini 1 kamar wangi bahkan aku berdiri 2 meter dari adek aku keciuman lho wanginya kata dia.
    + effortless! body Scrub lain aku biasanya harus gosok lebih kenceng sampai kulit aku agak kemerahan sedangkan ini cukup pelan aja sudah bekerja dengan baik.

    Con :
     - kan ini bisa dipakai dalam keadaan kulit basah atau kering aku coba 2-2nya kalau basah dia jadi tetap melembutkan saja tapi kalau kering melembutkan dan "exfoliate" alias mengangkat sel kulit matinya lebih baik dibanding basah.

    varian Yozora
     (harga Rp 19.400,- Mei 2016)

    Shinzu'i Ume Body Loation ini juga mengandung herba matsu oil dan ekstrak bunga sakura mengklaim membuat kulit lebih putih, tampak kenyal, dan lembab.

    Pro :

    + mengandung UV protection aku gak usah takut photoshoot OOTD outdoor dibawah terik matahari
    + KEMASANNYA IMUTTT well okay emang kemasan gak mempengaruhi hasil but still I am a girl aku suka warna putih dan pink dengan motif bunga sakura!
    + seperti yang ditulis dikemasan aku setuju ini melembutkan sebelumnya kulit di paha aku kering dilihat dari dekat agak kelupas gitu ewww emang ngaku sih sebelumnya malas pakai loation tapi sesudah 1 minggu pakai ini tiap hari udah gak mengelupas lagi
    + harga terjangkau

    Con : yang ini gak ada pokoknya suka, sampai aku pindahin ke botol kecil biar muat masuk tas kecil aku.
     JADI suka aku pakai ulang ditangan kalau lagi ngedate biar tangan aku lebih wangi, lembut dan gandeng-able wkwkwk 

                      KESIMPULANNYA : Hasil pakai dapat berbeda-beda di tiap orang karena kondisi kulit yang berbeda tapi ini adalah honest review dari aku hasilnya setelah 2 minggu pakai rangkaian Shinzu'i Ume menurut aku, aku setuju ini melembutkan dan bikin wangi dengan SEKALI PAKAI sedangkan untuk memutihkan & mencerahkan mulai kelihatan efeknya di aku setelah 1 minggu jadi memutihkan secara bertahap. Kalau ini habis pasti aku beli lagi gak bakal nyesel.

                      Kecantikan itu datang dari semua warna kulit yang terpenting itu kulit kamu sehat  & gak kusam Shinzu'i Ume membantu kamu mencapai itu & tentunya yang terpenting juga cantik dari dalam. kurang kurangin komentar ke orang "KOK ELU ITEMAN?", atau " IH FILTER SELFIE-NYA LEBAY BANGET ASLINYA ITEM TUH" Inget ngatain orang item gak bikin kamu jadi lebih putih. di Indonesia banyak orang yang mau lebih putih, di negara barat banyak yang mau kulit sawo matang yang eksotis. Definisi ideal cantik cuma perkara geografis saja. Dari pada mencela lebih baik saling bantu berbagi tips kecantikan. Sampai ketemu lagi di post aku berikutnya semoga tips aku kali ini bermanfaat buat kamu. Arigatou~

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    Special thanks to Gusto for cutest pyjamas!

    May 21, 2016

    7 Timeless Fashion Items

                      In the art of shopping you might wanna spend your money wisely, unlike trendy seasonal items which you can wear probably just 1 season or 1 year and when the trend change it become tacky and so-last-year. So it's definitely a good idea to buy these stuff just in case if you are planning to shop and have no clue what to buy maybe this article could inpire you. I do browsing to gather all of these unisex items that i think they look awesome on both boys and girls, so here they are 7 Must Have Fashion Items

    (blue font for bahasa indonesia)
                    Dalam urusan belanja sebagai shopaholic sebaiknya kamu menggunakan uang belanja kamu dengan bijak. Salah satu caranya dengan menginvestasikan beli produk fashion yang gak lekang batas waktu alias bisa dipakai kapanpun, tahun kapan pun, musim apapun. Memang produk yang lagi ngetrend itu menggiurkan tapi kalau aku pribadi kadang merasa sayang kalau dibeli cuma bisa dipakai beberapa kali di 1 musim saja, setelah itu numpuk di lemari gak dipakai karena seiring musim dan tahun berganti produk ngetrendnya sudah ketinggalan jaman, alias BASI! Nah di artikel kali ini boys and girls aku mau kasih tau kalian 7 produk fashion tak lekang waktu diantaranya sebagai berikut :

    1. Lace Up Boots

                        These classic items is my favorite footwear. i think high heels are sexy but boots are just so comfort and perfect for rainy season. even on summer i still wear it the different is i wear thicker boots on rainy day with wool inside it while my summer boots is more sleek without wool. perfect footwear for rock chic style!

                      Sepatu boots bertali  yang gak lekang waktu ini favorit aku banget. Memang high heels memberikan kesan seksi tapi sepatu boots nyaman banget apalagi cocok untuk musim hujan seperti akhir-akhir ini. Aku sendiri pakai sepatu boots kapanpun kalau musim hujan biasanya yang didalamnya bahan wol jadi lebih hangat, sedangkan kalau musim kemarau aku pakai yang tipis tanpa wol, jadi lebih tipis. Terutama kalau aku ada acara di mall yang luas yang membutuhkan aku pindah jalan jauh, dari pada pakai high heels sampai lecet lebih baik nyaman tetap no 1.

    2. Basic black blazer

                       This item is really must have item! you can pair it basicly with EVERYTHING. pair it with casual t-shirt for semi formal look, or you girls can pair it with blouse for formal look. Even it looks great with some dress as well. i love how Olivia Palermo wear it with printed short. so stunning!

                     Ini blazer hitam polos hukumnya wajib untuk punya. Mudah di padu padan dengan apapun bisa pakai kaos untuk gaya kasual, atau dengan kemeja untuk tampilan formal, bahkan bisa juga dipakai bareng dress yang girly. Aku suka banget bagaimana fashionista Olivia Palermo memadankan blazer hitam polos dengan celana pendek bermotif, KEREN!

    3. Basic Black Sunglasses

                      Now i am start to think why every items that i pick on this article are black hahaha but hey it's the coolest color! for this past 2 years monochrome style is such a HUGE TREND in my country Indonesia. Some cateyes sunglasses or round frame (harry potter) sunglasses sure look cool right now, but they are seasonal. if you want something that you can wear next year and another year after that and also another one, even 10 years after 2016 if you didn't  accidently drop it to the floor and stepped on it they might long last because sunglasses made for eyeswear not something to step on. i also recommend you dont put it in your bag without case and sit on it in a car, i swear they might ruin. you might wanna invest to buy basic shape frame with black glasses because it's match easily with any outfit.

                      Baru sadar kenapa semua produk yang aku pilih di list ini berwarna hitam ya hehe, tapi keren kan pilihan aku? 2 tahun terakhir ini di Indonesia musim banget gaya monochrome sih. Nah untuk urusan kacamata aku menyarankan kamu pilih bentuk frame basic seperti difoto dengan kaca berwarna hitam. Memang kacamata bundar ala geek dan harry potter lagi musim , begitu juga frame berbentuk cateyes tapi aku jamin musimnya cuma sesaat tertentu aja. Kalau kamu mau kacamata yang kayak cinta aku gak lekang oleh waktu ikutin deh saran aku, frame basic, warna hitam! Selain itu juga mudah dicocokan dengan berbagai gaya.

     3. Stripes T-shirt

                      Stripes t-shirt never goes wrong! check out how cool David Beckham wear it with blazer perfect for semi formal event while Taylor Swift wore it casually. Steal her style! wear basic stripes t-shirt with bold red lipstick to make more statement and voila~ all eyes on your fabulous lips!

                       Kaos garis-garis itu gak pernah salah! Keren ya om David Beckham pakai kaos dengan blazer sebagai outernya! om kapan cerai? #eh hahaha Sedangkan Taylor Swift memilih gaya kasual tapi tetap tampil berani dengan lipstik merah menyala. Tiru inspirasi gayanya pakai kaos bergaris dengan lipstik merah biar kalo kata Afgan Wajahmu Mengalihkan Duniaku ;)

    this is how i styled my stripes top, i was attending fashion people gathering with my friends, i wore long cardigan on top of my stripes top, it was a lovely day so many awesome stylish people check out more about this look right HERE
     Nah ini aku waktu pakai kaos garis garis, dengan cardigan panjang dan celana pendek denim. aku pakai outfit ini untuk hadir ke acara gathering komunitas pecinta fashion di Jakarta. Meskipun acaranya di Jakarta tapi banyak juga para fashionista yang datang dari JABODETABEK bahkan bandung! kalo mau baca cerita lengkapnya berserta liat foto-foto acaranya silahkan klik DISINI

     4. Plaids Flannel Shirt

                       this is me when i was attending an afternoon party invitation. It was casual party i decided to wear double plaid. Purple one as a dress, and my outer is actually a boy shirt. Plaids flannels shirt never goes out of style dear.

                      foto ini sih sudah pernah rilis sebelumnya tapi repost lagi gpp yah, mau mengambil contoh kemeja flanel kotak-kotak. Sore ini aku sedang hadir undangan acara kasual di SCBD sama temanku tapi meskipun acara kasual aku tetap suka tampil rapi sih hehe Aku memakai dress kotak kotak dengan kemeja kotak kotak cowok sebagai outernya waktu itu dalam rangka dress code-nya "BACK TO CAMPUS". Just in case kamu kepo mau liat lebih banyak foto acara ini atau mau liat detail aku seri look yang ini klik DISINI ya, Awas jangan diliatin lama lama ntar naksir, nge-LINE guweeee, "Cewex Leh keNal gaxxxxx? ANaq manah?" wkwkwkw just kidding dude boleh naksir kok aku juga suka kalian para pembaca blogku (>w<)/

    5. Denim jacket 

                            right now denim jacket is still on my wishlist, i actually saw some but they are over priced, they are 60-90 USD, ugh that little broken heart feel when you check the price tag :( btw who doesn't love Kendall Jenner street style? i love her Model-Off-Duty signature style, her style says "i woke up like this" effortlessly stunning! i also like the boy style on the left, basic white tee, denim jacket and beanie are meant to be together.

                              Saat ini jaket jeans masih dalam daftar yang aku mau beli nih, sempat lihat beberapa sih tapi mahal hiks 700ribu-900ribu bikin patah hati liat tag harganya. btw siapa yang gak suka sih sama gaya Kendall Jenner, gaya andalannya tuh model-off-duty gitu, tampak keren tanpa keliatan kesan gua niat banget dandan! Aku juga suka gaya street style cowok yang sebelah kiri (maaf ga tau namanya), kaos putih, jaket jeans, dan topi kupluk  tampak sangat serasi dan CHIC! Dan 1 hal yang paling penting di panduan gaya cowok yaitu gak terlalu heboh alias lebay.

    6. Cap or Snapback 

     sweater by "YOUNGSTER APPAREL"
    custom sweater for boys and girls.
    shipping for indonesia all sweater are IDR 139.000

                    i have a bunch of cap collection, it's casual, easy to wear and cool at the same time. Dont let your casual style look boring, wear some accessories accessories, caps, bracelets, sunglasses or wear eyecatching footwear.

                Aku punya cukup banyak koleksi topi jenis cap. menurutku topi itu memberikan kesan kasual, gampang di padu padankan, keren dan gak ada ceritanya topi ketinggalan jaman. Jadi bisa dipakai terus menerus. Nah supaya penampilan kasual kamu gak membosankan bisa ditambahkan pakai aksesoris seperti topi, gelang, jam, atau sepatu dengan desain yang menarik. Sehingga di satu tampilan yang kamu kenakan itu ada "center of attention"-nya.

    7. Basic White Shirt or White Blouse

    all celebrities street style pictures belong to respective owners

                               i think from all of these pictures you get the idea that i like boys with neat style hahahaha what else can i tell about white shirt It's actually a bit tricky for boys, i like when they wear body fitted shirt not too loose and not to tight as well. So buying formal shirt online isn't a good idea i personally suggest you to fitting it before you buy it. White blouse on girls looks chic and lovely, perfect for spring summer style. You can pair it with pencil skirt for formal look or wear it with short just like how Cara Delevingne did. lovely summer look!

                              Do you already have all of these stuff? which ones you already have? if you don't have these timeless items yet, you already know what to shop next ;) i hope you guys enjoy this kind of fashion advise article if you dont know much about fashion i hope this article could help you a bit, i'll see you again on next post. leave a comment below if you want me to check out your blog, bye guys

    (in bahasa indonesia)
                             Dari semua contoh foto diatas kayaknya kelihatan yah kalau aku suka gaya cowok yang rapi hehehe nah kalau untuk kemeja putih sebenarnya agak susah susah gampang. Aku menyarankan kalian pilih kemeja yang pas badan, gak kesempitan gak kelonggaran. Bisa diliat difoto semoga kalian ngerti ya maksud penjelasan aku. Jadi aku menyarankan kalau kemeja itu belinya langsung si toko atau butiknya aja biar dicobain dulu. Karena kalau beli online itu rawan sekali kebesaran atau kekecilan. Sedangkan untuk cewek cewek nih kalian bisa investasikan uang untuk belanja bouse polos putih. Tentunya mudah dipasangkan dengan rok pinsil untuk tampilan formal, ataupun celana pendek seperti Cara Delevingne yang sangat cocok untuk dipakai di musim panas. 

                             Nah gimana sudah punya belum 7 produk diatas? kalau menurut kamu produk fashion apa yang tak lekang waktu atau gak akan ketinggalan jaman? kalau belum punya produk diatas sekarang sudah tahu kan apa yang mau dibeli kalau kalian keluar untuk belanja berikutnya?^^
    Semoga kalian suka tips fashion ku kali ini ya, terutama untuk kalian yang belum tau banyak tentang fashion semoga bisa bikin kalian lebih pintar pilih produk fashion. Sampai ketemu lagi di artikel aku berikutnya, jangan bosan bosan mampir ke blog aku, daaa~xo

      xoxo, Diras.
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    instagram : @itsdiras
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